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Top 15 Promotional Products For Not-For-Profit Organizations

by Designhill Tweet - in Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Last updated on April 17th, 2024

Businesses worldwide consider promotional products as an effective and cost-effective ways to catch the attention of the target audience. It also applies to the non-profit organization when they intend to generate awareness about a social cause. But some useful giveaways help more in motivating people.

Businesses use promotional items to take products or services to the masses. But non-profit organizations can also increase awareness about a social cause by distributing some useful giveaways.

They can attract donors or attract volunteers to do some selfless work for a community. For instance, you can get all of your volunteers to wear some imprinted shirts that have your organization’s logo.

Many non-profit organizations face fundraising problems. They do not get enough financial support from governments. So, they depend on building public trust to get support. This is where promotional products can help.

Promotional products for non-profit organizations help build awareness about a cause. The usefulness of promotional products for brand awareness is now well documented and cane be acted as non-profit communications resource.

According to a survey, nearly half of the time, promotional products create a desirable impression of the brand or organization.

Non-profit organizations use unique promotional products to increase awareness about their cause. They can generate more awareness by this marketing medium than by using the conventional ones.

Traditional media such as print advertisements and television are not only costly for nonprofits, but they are less effective as well.

One of the advantages of promotional items is that they are tangible. They’re cost-effective too when considering cost-per-impression. So, your nonprofit organization can achieve its set goal.

Nonprofits can convey their appreciation of donation by offering these giveaways. There is a wide range of promotional products that you can choose. But make sure that the item is useful and its quality is good.

A useful item that is lacking in good quality is almost equal to not giving a gift as the user will soon throw it away. The success of a promotional product in grabbing the user’s attention can be achieved only if its quality is excellent.

Here Are Top 15 Promotional Products For Not-For-Profit Organizations

01. Custom Tote Bag

Custom tote bags are one of the most sought-after giveaways. Most businesses make good of these items that people love to have with them to carry things.

Non-profits get the extensive exposure that these bags provide. People can use these bags in their daily lives for carrying groceries, gym clothes, and school supplies etc.

But create your own types of tote bags to make them unique and attractive for the users. You can opt for canvas tote bags, printed tote bags, multipurpose tote bags, and many other types. Make sure that the bags look trendy and stylish.

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02. Personalized Petite Loop

Most Smartphone users will more than welcome a gift of Smartphone accessory. A personalized petite loop is one such cost-effective promotional product that you can customize. Most such loops come in satin ribbons and create a nice loop.

You can screen print your logo and organization name on one side of the loop to generate awareness about a cause. But to customize these loops, you need to have some graphic design ideas that will make it look a nice and pleasing visual for the users.

03. Customized T-Shirts

You can give customized t-shirts as giveaways to your volunteers of the organization. We often see volunteers of nonprofit organizations wearing some promotional printed t-shirts.

With such t-shirts, an organization can create its identity easily and in a cost-effective way. For your donors and supports also, t-shirts are a good choice.

But make sure that you pick the right t-shirt design that speaks well for your non-profit organization. Have some slogan written on the t-shirt to convey your message for people.

04. Promotional Tumbler

Tumblers are everyday items that people keep with them during travel and at home. Modern tumblers come in a wide range of designs and colors, which makes them even more useful and attractive.

Since these items are mostly used throughout a day to quench thirst and take cold drinks, they are ideal promotional products. They can increase the visibility of your non-profit organization and the cause it is fighting for.

You should customize a wide range of tumblers by printing your organization’s logo on it. Every time people will drink from the tumbler, they will see your logo and recall your cause of the organization.

After getting such useful and quality items, the donors and others would like to do something good for you.

Before you use the promotional products, make it sure that your organization’s logo is capable of conveying its message. So, ask your logo designer to create a logo that is an impressive visual with the right colors, typefaces that depict your brand.

05. Logo Awareness Bracelet

People like the products that they can wear often. Bracelets are amongst such items that you can think of delivering as gifts to your audience on the sidelines of an event. These are one of the most useful giveaways for brand exposure. These bracelets have just your nonprofit’s logo.

So, your clients, volunteers, donors and others will see your logo whenever they wear these wristbands. You can choose these bracelets in a variety of colors. With these bracelets, you can give your organization a brand identity.

06. Promotional Lip Balm

Lip balm is another most useful promotional product that you can think of giving to people and clients. Not just nonprofits but all types of organizations and businesses can benefit from promotional lip balms for brand promotion and generating awareness for a cause.

Choose the colors carefully. These are undoubtedly the products you can rely on for drawing the attention of your audience.

07. Branded Aluminium Water Bottle

When thinking of water bottles, most people like to prefer aluminium bottles for their sophisticated looks and durability. But if you choose branded aluminium bottles, people will lap up these gifts from your non-profit organization.

However, if you find these items expensive, then distribute them only to a few donors on a special event as a token of appreciation for their support.

These are little costly items which you would like to offer to your donors and other clients who may be new to your organization. So, when you give your business card to your valuable clients, you can give them a costly gift like an aluminium water bottle.

While the client will be impressed by your excellent business card design, the bottle giveaway will help win the client’s heart.

08. Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are useful to hold badges, name tags, car keys, and other items that you want to have with you most of the time. These are the items that people use to show off their passion and field of interest.

They will gladly accept this giveaway gladly. In fact, they will keep it with them for many months if the gift is attractive enough. Indeed, you can use these lanyards as your own way to advertise your nonprofit.

09. Branded Hand Sanitizer

Everybody loves hand sanitizers to keep hands clean from dust or any pollutants. These sanitizers are used both in commercial properties like office and home.

So, as long as the sanitizer is in use in a place, it will show your organization’s logo on it to the users. If you pick branded hand sanitizer for giveaways, it will generate more goodwill for your organization due to the high quality of the product.

Just make sure that charity logos are printed nicely along with a mission statement on the promotional products.

10. Coffee Mugs

Personalized Coffee mugs are undoubtedly one of the most used products in homes and commercial places. If you give these mugs to people who crave for caffeine more often, they will grab it with both the hands.

They will be using the mugs not only every day but very close to their body and in front of eyes. So, your logo and organization can enhance its visibility with this product.

You would like to print a message of your organization on attractive custom mugs. To design the message, you should hire graphic design services of an expert designer.

So, the design work has to be completed satisfactorily before you start the nonprofit marketing campaign.

11. Pens

Pens are usually used as an effective promotional product that most businesses prefer for brand promotion. Give ballpoint pens that are stylish, unique, and colorful as office supplies as they are always required.

In fact, many surveys have revealed that pens are the second most sought-after promotional products. These giveaways are best when it comes to picking a product for high return-on-investment.

But is your logo appears equally great with its fine details on a small ballpoint pen? If not, then seek help of a graphic designer to recreate the logo.

12. Promotional Stickers

Stickers may not be something that you give as a gift, but you can stick them on a surface as your effective medium of advertisement. Promotional products are surely low-cost means of generating awareness about the cause your nonprofit is fighting for.

However, your sticker design must be unique and memorable so that it catches the attention of potential donors, clients, and volunteers.

13. Scratch Pad

Scratchpads are still relevant in this digital age of email. In company meetings, these pads are still found on the tables so that the members can take notes. The pads are being used in many office works. So, your clients will surely like to have these pads as giveaways.

14. Wireless Mouse

Another useful promotional product to market your nonprofit organization is a wireless mouse. This mouse eliminates the need for some long cord to connect with the computer.

This also makes a desk space less cluttered. This versatile device is thus highly useful to workers in the office and at home.

15. USB Hub

In many modern computers such as Windows and Apple computers have just on USB-C port. Therefore, a USB hub can be used to connect laptop fans, speakers, mice, and other devices to the computer without hassles.

By giving this to your clients, you are helping them in doing their work effortlessly.If a business logo design appears on these products, visibility of your brand is ensured as these are always in front of the users’ eyes.

These are the mainly used promotional products for the not-for-profit organization. Make sure that each product has your organization’s logo printed on it, which is the primary purpose of the giveaway.That is the way to increase awareness about a cause or your nonprofit.

Before you buy promotional products, check your logo that will appear on the giveaways. The logo must be impressive and unique. You can design your nonprofit’s logo with Designhill at a low price.

This is a leading marketplace where hundreds of talented designers are accessible for various design projects. You will have your logo in a short period at affordable prices with the site.

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Promotional products can help convey your nonprofit’s message to the people, and it enhances its reach amid target audience. Just as you put your logo on these giveaways, you can generate awareness about your organization and your social cause.

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