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Last updated on October 12th, 2018

Real estate business owners compete hard in the vast market to draw the consumers’ attention and to build a brand identity. Competition in the market increases with every passing day, which forces the real estate companies to chalk out some aggressive marketing strategies. They also must keep an eye on their small marketing budget . So, a marketing strategist must come out with a plan to ensure maximum brand visibility within the budget. Promotional products have proved their usefulness for business promotion in a cost-effective way. On the other hand, consumers love them. We are not saying this, the stats say so! Have a look:

  • 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74% have at least one in their workspace, 55% have at least one in their bedroom. (
  • 83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message. (
  • 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years. (
  • Promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone. (
  • Before receiving a promotional product, 55% of people had done business with the advertiser. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of people did business with the advertiser. (

Real estate companies garner much-needed attention of the potential customers by enticing them with promotional products. However, like all other marketing strategies, you should plan picking the promotional merchandise carefully. If you distribute the items that people find useful in daily life, chances of engaging them with your real estate brand go higher.

Here Are the Top 10 Promotional Products That Can Turn the Recipients Into Customers of Your Real Estate Offers.

  1. T-Shirts

    A t-shirt offered as a gift is a surefire way to ensure that your real estate logo and brand is visible consistently to the customers. They will wear your t-shirt with a logo and brand message of your company. This way, they will become a walking advertisement board of your business, since many thousands of people will see the company logo on your t-shirt design.


  2. Personalized Pens

    Everyone loves to have an attractive and branded pen. People may be doing most of the work today on the computer, still, they have to use the pen to fill documents, sign papers and many need it for daily paper work. A personalized pen is a popular promotional product. But make sure that it is of high-end quality and branded. For maximum impact, pick a useful pen such as a Raptor pen, Body Message Pen, stick pens, click pens and twist pens. Do not forget to personalize the pens with different messages.

  3. Magnets

    Magnets can be stuck to the surfaces such as on a refrigerator. A magnetic business card will be kept at one place to remind the client of your business. Similarly, a house-shaped magnet with your contact information will draw the attention of your clients consistently. You can also distribute calendar magnet so that your customers can see real estate logos all the time throughout the year.


  4. Customized Key Chains

    People keep the key chains of cars, bikes, homes, offices etc with them for most of the time. Your chances of maintaining a consistent visibility for your business are higher when your potential customers have their keys dangling in your gift of key chains. An elegant house key chain made of a metal with sophisticated design will be a great gift. The recipient will keep such a key chain for a long time. Many varieties of key chains such as a house-shaped measuring tape keychain and a stress ball house key chain are available at cheaper prices.

    Real Estate logo

  5. Tumblers

    Tumblers make useful promotional products for people as they can sip the hot beverage. These items of daily use ensure greater visibility for your real estate logo and company’ brand message. Give the potential customers attractive stylish tumblers they can keep on the tables proudly. You have many dozens of traveler tumbler options to choose from for the desired brand visibility.

  6. Office and Home Products

    A wide range of office and home products are ideal promotional products you can explore to catch your clients’ attention and drive customer to your business. For example, offer gifts such as a house-shaped bank, mints, bag clips, stress balls, mouse pads, umbrellas, and so on. Your logo and the brand message get maximum exposure as the household items increase the visibility of your business due to daily use.

    home products

  7. Drinkwares

    The drinkwares are useful giveaways for business promotion. You can distribute BPA-free water bottles, stainless steel bottles and plastic tumbler mugs and many other such items for daily use. These products will help you get the high number of impressions.

  8. Customized Power Bank

    The power bank is a basic need of modern consumers for charging the smartphones and other mobile devices. Most of the people carry the power banks while traveling. Your real estate clients will love to have one such gift of a stylishly designed power bank. They will use the charger frequently many times a day, making your real estate logo and business visible throughout a day.
    power bank

  9. Customized Lamp

    Real estate agents and brokers can use customized lamp as an eye-catching promotional merchandise to spread awareness about a company’s business. The lamps are durable and last for many years. Their frequent use ensures a high number of impressions and you get more clients to your real estate business.
    Customized lamp

  10. Cell Phone Wallet

    People misplace things in the modern super speedy world. They need smartphones always around all the time. You can help them in keeping their mobile phones safe and at one place by offering cell phone wallets. Other than the mobile phone, your potential customers can put credit cards, cash and business cards in the wallet for quick access.

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These promotional items are bound to make a memorable impression on your target consumers. As the items will be with them for a long time, visibility of your real estate logo increases and in turn, it helps in building your brand identity.

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