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Top 10 Promotional Products For Financial Industry

by Designhill Tweet - in Promotional Products

Financial Industry

Last updated on January 6th, 2022

Promotional products have proven their worth as a cheap but effective marketing strategy for business promotion. Many surveys have repeatedly acknowledged the importance of the giveaways for enticing the clients and consumers to a business.

Financial industry also has used promotional merchandise as a tool of marketing and business promotion. However, client retention is one problem that financial industry, like other industries, finds it hard to tackle due to increasing competition.

Many business owners find it difficult to retain their financial clients. Tough competition from new and established businesses is responsible for the companies losing their grip over their clients.

To keep the clients loyal to a business in the financial industry is a tough task. But promotional products are helping the businesses in retaining the clients. According to a survey, 45% found it easy to retain the clients from the financial industry.

27% of the distributors said that retaining of financial clients is somewhat difficult, while 23% found it neither difficult not easy. So, a majority of them found the task of retaining the clients difficult. 5% thought that it is indeed a very difficult task to keep the clients.

These stats leave us with the fact that the client retention is overall something that the business owners need to pay attention to for business growth.

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Which promotional products did the distributers like to giveaway to the financial clients? To that question, 75% of them said that their favorite gift items were writing instruments and desk/office items.

70% of the distributers preferred apparel as better giveaways to attract the potential customers. Drinkware items were the first on the list of the 60% of the distributers. Among other items such as tech, bags, hardware and health/wellness related gifts were popular for the distribution.

So,Here Is A Select List Of Promotional Products

1. Customized Pen

Though most of your clients use computers in this digital age, still everyone loves to flaunt a stylish pen when there is a need to write some papers, fill in details and to sign documents offline.

A pen made of modern technology is surely a proud thing to keep in the pocket to make a statement of style and class. A gift of branded and customized pen to your potential clients will surely speak volumes about your financial company.

Make sure that the pen has your company’s logo design nicely engraved.
Customized pen

2. Calculators

Corporate calculators are excellent personal marketing products for daily use in offices. Buy a stylish and branded calculator for boosting your brand visibility. Make sure to customize the gift with your company’s logo and mission statement if any.
Calculators logo

3. Business Card Holders

Promotional business card holders are appreciated and welcomed by the recipients as a useful gift. The cardholders keep many business cards, debit cards, credit cards, etc such things safe and handy for timely use.

Prefer buying business card holders of quality design and style with your logo printed on it nicely.
Business card holders
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4. Staplers

Staplers are essential to working in a financial office as there are always many papers to attach together in a nice way.

Branded and attractive staplers grab your clients’ attention immediately to your business if there is your company’s logo printed on it. A stapler as a business tool will be in use for your clients throughout a day, enhancing your brand’s visibility.
Staplers logo

5. Conference Bags

Your clients from financial industry attend conferences regularly and need bags to carry vital documents. Give them conference bags customized with your logo and colors.

They will keep such a branded item with them for many months, possibly years, as a convenient way to keep and organize the documents.
Conference bags

6. Drink Bottles

Branded drink bottles are excellent promo gifts to draw your target consumers’ attention to your financial company’s business and brand.

The promotional bottles are perfect for tradeshows and conferences especially those held outdoors to stay hydrated. With your corporate logo printed these bottles become effective marketing tools for boosting your brand visibility and brand awareness.
Drink bottles

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7. Coffee Mugs

When your potential customers need a much-needed coffee break, they should be drinking out of your gift of branded and stylish coffee mugs.

They will often take the hot beverage in office or home. With your corporate logo on the custom mug, you will be enhancing your brand’s visibility.
Coffee mugs

8. Mouse Pads

Many of your clients use mouse pads to move the mouse to operate a computer for daily works at office and home.

Mouse pads make useful promotional merchandise as the pad is always in front of the eyes, making your financial company’s logo visible to the client. Buy an attractive and stylish mouse pad for distribution.
Mouse Pads

9. Power Banks

Power banks provide all the required power to your smartphone and other mobile devices on the go.

The clients in situations such as traveling with no charging facility around always welcome these useful gifts when a device suddenly needs to be charged. Customize the power bank with your logo and brand message.
Power banks
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10. Leather Notebook And iPad Holder

Your promotional gift item of a leather notebook and iPad holder to the potential customers is an effective way to turn them loyal to your business.

Make sure that the gift is made of good quality leather so that the recipients can proudly keep and flaunt the gift. Your company logo will boost your brand visibility and image.
Leather notebook and iPad holder

These promotional products should be there in the list of the gift items that you would like to distribute as part of your marketing campaign.

Make it a point to buy attractive, stylish and branded items that the recipients can keep with pride. This will help in building a nice brand image of your financial company.

Lastly, Instagram has redefined web design, and staying in tune with the social media trends is the only way to ensure that your website remains attractive to the users.

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