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How to Tackle Restaurant Banner Design Blindness

by Michael Crawford Tweet - in Banner ad Design

banner design

Last updated on October 26th, 2021

Banner blindness is a major issue for designers. They have to think of different ways to deal with this problem. But what is banner blindness? When your potential customers reach to a website, you expect them to see your restaurant banner ad right away.

Since the ad is at the top of the website in a rectangular or a square shape, you think that the ad is the first thing they should be seeing. But that is actually not the case usually.

When visitors reach to a website, they are actually looking for some relevant information and not your ad. So, they have an instinct to scan the web page for information and so they naturally look for the concerned details first.

In doing so, they start reading the information and scroll down the page, completely avoiding your banner ad at the top. This is known as banner blindness and to tackle it the designers have to create a banner that can catch the visitors’ eye instantly.

Here are a few exceptional ways to design an effective restaurant banner ad for your business with the intention of inviting more clicks from the viewers.

Design a banner that stands out

Your restaurant banner ad must be unique so that it stands out. To catch the eye of the website visitors, the banner has something that grabs the attention instantly. The banner should incorporate some elements that are impossible to be overlooked.

So what grabs the attention?


Pictures are a great solution to attract the visitors’ attention. Since you run a restaurant business, your restaurant banner design can incorporate pictures of happy faces that indicate to your great food and satisfied services.

Pretty faces always attract people and this is true also about the faces you put on your restaurant online banner ad. But use a picture in which someone is looking straight in the visitors’ eyes as this ensures an eye contact with them.

banner designThis online banner campaign from fast food restaurants owner Mcdonald conveys its message through images of satisfied customers and images of the fast food served at the restaurant.

Attractive offers like Free, New and Sale

A person visiting a website is likely to be attracted to your restaurant banner ad if he or she has some attractive offers to have from your business. If the visitors see an offer of 80% discounts on some foods or services from your restaurant, the interested people would like to click on the banner to know more.

Your ad may have offers that say -Free, New, Sale and Discounts and so on. So, such offers are a good trick to compel visitors’ to drop in at your restaurant banner ad or visit your website.

This is a banner ad addressed to the children who are asked to treat their dad for Free.

banner design1

Make your banner look funny

To catch the viewers’ attention, your restaurant banner’s capability to make people laugh is much desirable. Restaurant and food are the two words that are synonymous to enjoyment. Taking this clue, make your banner a little funny.

To ensure this, design some funny images in the banner. You can include funny animals, funny people and funny situations to evoke some laughter from the visitors who are otherwise serious people seeking some serious information from the website.

This banner ad is a great example of the funny ad with a serious message. The company wants to advertise its product that is to make home odor free. The picture says it in a funny way and makes the message interesting.

humourous Banner design


Create an interactive banner

An interactive banner works well for bringing the viewers attention. The banner should encourage visitors to take some action. Something useful to the people will be good to incorporate in the restaurant banner.

You can include a calorie calculator on the design so that people have some engaging activity and then they can also be lured to your website or restaurant. When someone clicks on your calculator, the person can be redirected to the designated landing page of your website for your restaurant business.

A banner that looks like a text ad

People ignore an ad that is boring and serious. They want something funny and so you should create a restaurant banner that does not look like an ad. To ensure this, you can create a text banner without graphic elements.

Such a text ad will have only few interesting sentences. Such banner catches the attention due to its usefulness and funny words aimed at the audience.

Due to the useful details available on this banner ad below, the visitors are attracted to the banner and they are likely to click it for more information.


Blend with the website

Another way to get the viewers attention towards your restaurant banner ad design is to gel it with the website. This helps in making your banner look like a part of your website and so the visitors read through your ad and find it useful. So, try to incorporate the style of the site in your banner ad so that it becomes a part of the frame of the web page.

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