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Top 15 Freelance Banner Designers For Hire In 2023

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Banner ad Design

Banner Designers

Last updated on January 16th, 2023

The banner is one of the most effective forms of online advertising. Most websites now display these ads in various sizes, as part of the visuals we see on the web. However, banner designers create these ads with extra care in order to achieve substantial target goals.

Most businesses today want to resort to online advertising. They know that the majority of people use digital media to get updated information and buy things online. That has compelled all brands to explore web banner ad design as a way to attract potential customers.

There is no doubt that banners for advertisements are key to brand awareness. It is a way to make people know about your new business. If people are seeing your brand across the online platforms, they start trusting your business.

Banner ads are amongst the most seen visuals on any website that users visit. There are top rectangle banner sitting on a majority of websites. Then, there are banners on the side panels of the sites. This makes these advertisement types a hot favorite with businesses.

In the modern world, people’s attention span is fast decreasing. It has now come down to a time-frame of a mere few seconds. This means that if a graphic design product can catch the eye in two to three seconds, then people might look at it for more time. Otherwise, chances of a design making an impact on viewers are very few.

Key Features Of Impressive Banner Designs

A banner has to be no less than impressive in its design. Not only should it attract the wavering attention of viewers, but also make them click the CTA. These twin tasks make the designing aspect a challenge for a graphic designer. So, here are some key tips for banner designers for creating impressive banners.

i. Use Unique Fonts

Make it a point to use fonts that look unique to viewers. Fonts have the characteristic of giving a personality to any design. In a mobile banner ad design, the right selection of fonts, or typefaces, is essentially basic to follow.

For example, if a brand deals in manufacturing toys, then the banner will have comic fonts. But if the ad is for an electronic company, formal fonts will be used. A banner for a fast-food company is most likely to have lesser formal fonts that are clearly readable.

ii. Incorporate Brand Colors

Each brand associates itself with one or two main colors. For example, McDonald has yellow as a dominant color in its visuals. The designer should research a client’s business to find out which colors it prefers.

You can take a look at the logo design of the client’s business to find out the brand colors. Then, think of including them in the color scheme. But ensure that the design has only one or a maximum of two colors.

iii. Create Symmetry

Symmetrical designs naturally attract us as it appeals to our senses. Every element of the design should complement the other elements. That is key to creating pleasing banner ads.

iv. Add Some Surprising Elements

How about incorporating some unexpected elements in the ad? For example, use some animation or graffiti. This will help in driving customers’ attention to the website banner design ad and business.

Here Are The Top 15 Freelance Banner Designers For Hire

01. Ramelan550

Ramelan550 is one skillful banner designer who can design banner ads as per your specifications. So far, the designer has won 11 design contests in various categories, banner designing being one of them.


02. Ahsan Hashim

Ahsan Hashim is a prominent designer who takes an interest in creating banner ads. The designer has 11 design contests on Designhill. This reflect that this promising designer has the skills to create amazing banners as per your specification.

Ahsan Hashim

03. Studio 1 Hub

Studio 1 Hub is amongst professional banner designers who you can trust to create visually appealing banner ads for your business. There are 29 contests registered as wins for the designer on this platform.

Studio 1 Hub

Looking For a Banner Designer?

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04. Azmy#creative

Azmy#creative is a prolific designer from Indonesia with skills to create a wide range of visual identities. The designer has 17 contest wins against his name on Designhill. His portfolio displays high-quality design works that give us a glimpse of the talent.


05. Rbm Creation

Rbm Creation comes with amazing design skills to create a host of visuals for different brands. The designer has so far won 21 contests by delivering impressive design solutions to various businesses. You can trust this designer for creating your company’s banner designs.

Rbm Creation

06. Alian Morales

Alian Morales has created a wide range of winning designs for businesses in various industries. The designer has won 6 design contests and can be fully trusted to handle any project involving a banner ad design.

Alian Morales

07. Vicky Ariandi

Vicky Ariandi is the freelance graphic designer you can rely on to build your brand recognition accurately, using banner ads. The designer has a nice profile, has won a contest so far and is active in creating a range of design products.

Vicky Ariandi

08. Govind Anal

Govind Anal stands out in the crowd of graphic designers for his unique design style. He has won 8 contests in different design categories including banner designs.

Govind Anal

09. Designnash

Designnash is another trustworthy designer who can be your excellent choice to hire for creating nice banner ads for your brand growth.


10. Maisi Eliza

Maisi Eliza has won 3 contests to this date on Designhill, that speaks well of his promising skills as a designer. He has provided graphic design services to many clients to their satisfaction.

Maisi Eliza

11. Karthika PI

Karthika PI is a professional graphic designer who has worked for many clients from varying backgrounds. She is an arts graduate and has won 3 design contests so far.

Karthika PI

12. Bodomolzid

Bodomolzid carries 10 years of graphic design experience. This designer is a good candidate to work on your banner project on one-to-one basis.


13. Yantoro Li

Yantoro Li is another good freelance banner designer who has substantial experience and skills to create unique banner concepts for your project. So far, the designer had 2 contest wins in his name.

Yantoro Li

14. Victoria Hustack

Victoria Hustack is  an US based graphic designer who is very interested in creating banner designs. She has won 3 design contests  till date, that makes her making her a candidate worthy of your attention when looking for a banner designer.

Victoria Hustack

15. Jek

Jek is amongst  those credible freelance banner designers who can help convert your viewers into customers through your banner designs. This designer has won 12 design contests that speak extremely well of her skills and expertise.


Why These Designers?

We picked these banner designers for their skills and mastery over their art. Here are some of the key reasons we thought they deserved to be there on our list.

a. Great Design Quality

We gave preference to the designers over others for their focus on maintaining high-quality parameters. A glimpse at their design portfolio is good enough to know about the quality standards. Their designs are simple and attractive and give us a great viewing experience.

b. Design Experience

Most of the designers have many years of experience, which reflects how worthy of trust they truly are. Clients can confidently offer their banner ad design work to them given their past experience and skills.

c. Professional Approach

It is important for a client that the designer works closely in a professional manner. No client will like a designer delaying the work unnecessarily or making excuses. These designers are known for their timely completion of works.

These are the major banner designers from our compilation. You can confidently work with them on a one-to-one basis to create effective, unique and specialy banner ads for you.

Besides the option of hiring one of these designers, you can also explore other effective options at Designhill. This marketplace runs plenty of design contests on a daily basis  for business owners from all across the world.

Just launch your contest to create banner ads with prize money for the winning designer. You will be flooded with dozens of new design ideas shortly.

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Wrapping Up

Banners play a key role in creating brand recognition and driving customers towards a business. But it requires the experience and skills of banner designers to come up with new design ideas. After all, the choice of colors, typefaces, images, etc can make or break a design. These designers are, therefore, great choice to hire for creating impressive banner ads.

Find a Banner Designer

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