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10 Tips To Create Innovative Letterhead Templates

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Letterhead Design

Innovative Letterhead Templates

Last updated on January 11th, 2022

Letterheads convey a business message to clients. But more than that, companies use letterheads to create a long-lasting impression on potential customers and win their trust. Therefore, businesses of all scales need these marketing materials to establish brand authority. Considering that, letterhead templates can help in creating unique letterheads and take your brand to the next level. In this article, we’ve shared what are letterheads, what are the benefits of using letterheads in businesses and what are various tips to create innovative letterheads in minutes.

Letterheads are amongst the first means of a formal conversation made by companies with their clients. But, besides conveying a message to clients, today’s letterheads serve many purposes such as to writing invoices, sending notices of meetings, tendering legal announcements, issuing inter-departmental statements, and delivering information to clients or parties. Even individuals use letterheads for personal purposes.

What Are Letterheads?

A letterhead is the top part of the letter paper or stationery. It usually comprises the company name and address, contact details, and most importantly the company logo. Most such letterheads are thus company pads that are specially designed to give the letter a formal and professional look.

We can say that a letterhead is the pre-printed part of letters, notes, memos, etc. documents. With the company logo and address at the top, it helps in giving the company’s message legitimacy.

What Is A Letterhead Template?

A letterhead template is your medium to create multiple letterheads as per your business requirements. With the help of the templates, your company can send out many letters to clients frequently.

Letterhead Design

You can even create letterhead templates by considering the backgrounds of clients and the issue you are putting forth in your letter. So, a template can deliver you a letterhead in a few clicks.

All you need to do is to create the template with your brand visuals such as colors, fonts, etc. to create the letterhead each time you need it.

Why Letterheads Are Crucial To Businesses?

Letterheads are not there to merely convey a formal business message to clients. More than that, in the modern competitive business world, letters function as visuals that leave a positive first impression on the recipients. So, these are a vital factor in winning a client’s trust and faith in a company’s business.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Businesses Need Letterheads

i. Shows A Level Of Professionalism

Every company wishes to project an image that showcases its professional approach in conducting its business. A business letter on bare paper will make it look like a personal letter. Therefore, letterheads become an effective way to build seriousness and a sense of urgency about the content you write in the letter.

ii. Advertises Your Business

Since a letterhead has your company logo at the top along with brand colors, it becomes your business advertisement. The recipient is your potential client who sees your logo every time they open the letter to assess your offer.

iii. Provides Contact Details

Your letterhead has your company’s physical address, email, phone numbers, etc. contact information. Such details are important for clients to get in touch with your company.

iv. Serves As A Legal Document

A letterhead is usually considered as a legal document as it is an official correspondence with clients. It represents the entire company and its business.

v. Promotes Your Company

A letterhead functions like your salesperson in promoting your business and company. It helps hook the potential clients by an attention-grabbing design to build a pretty impression on the readers of the letter.

After you are well aware of the significance of letterheads for your business, equally important is to know how to create a letterhead. Incorporate the right design elements so that every time you use the template to generate letterheads, you get the best results.

Letterhead Maker

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Here Are The Tips To Create A Professional Letterhead Using Letterhead Templates

01. Give Basic Details

Your letterhead must display three basic details. These are your company’s name, logo, and contact details. All of the three details must be prominently placed right at the top of the stationery. But it can also include some social media details of your company.

You need to consider your letterhead size as well. The standard sizes for the USA and Canada are 215.9 by 279.4 mm, or 8.5 by 11 in. In most of the other countries, the standard size is 210 by 297 mm or 8.27 by 11.7 in.

Give Basic Details

Similarly, pick the right grid for layout. There is no doubt that a letterhead is not as complex a design as that of a magazine cover or poster. Still, choose a simple grid that breaks up the page into different rectangular or square section of information.

The grid should be able to put the crucial information such as your logo at the top third area horizontally. The central third should contain your body of the letter text.

It would be better to first consider various letterhead template examples to know what basic details of size and other elements should be considered.

02. Give Your Letterhead A Borderline

Although it is not an essential condition, you can give a new and innovative look to your letterhead bordering it. A colorful border can enhance the look of the letterhead.

Give Your Letterhead A Borderline

Borders make your content look special and important as you can draw the reader’s attention to the content. A well-thought-of border functions like a picture frame that showcases a photo or painting. But make sure that the border looks modern.

03. Experiment With Geometric Shapes

If you want to add some style to your letterhead for impression, then think of some geometrical shapes. This is your way of creating an eye-catching letterhead design that speaks about your taste, sophistication, and style.

Experiment With Geometric Shapes

By creating some simple but repetitive triangle shapes with a punchy color palette, you make letterheads stand out from the competition. Think of creating a 3D effect also with these shapes. But make sure that the geometric style of your letterhead also carries on the envelope as well for design consistency.

04. Create A Contemporary And Stylish Header

A conventional letterhead header usually is the one that looks heavy and broader. But you can innovate here to give your header a new style. How about using a simple flag spot header. With such an adaptable letterhead templates, you can send letters to corporate clients and employers.

Letterhead Design

If you intend to use your letterhead to create a memorable brand, spread the header across the top of the layout. This should be done especially if you have a logo or signature.

05. Use Colored Column

Think of coloring your vital information on the letterhead templates. You can give your website address, phone number, and logo in a colored column. With this measure, you can highlight the information to catch the readers’ attention.

Letterhead Template

Moreover, you should divide into a columned structure which gives the letterhead an elegant and visually pleasing look. Keep the page wider and shorter as per the US letter-sized layouts. So, a combination of color and column structure will surely help your letterhead templates stand out.

06. Consider Your Audience

When you create letterhead templates, make sure that you have the reader or recipient of the letter in mind. This helps in adapting the style accordingly. For example, if you are sending the letter to a legal firm, use a minimal and monochrome design that gives the letterhead a measured and professional look.

Consider Your Audience

Similarly, if the client is not a design-savvy, then a letterhead without colors and borders will be a good choice. This is because such clients can easily photocopy and share your letter with others.

But in case the letter is for an art gallery, for instance, then create a stylish but minimal template to impress the gallery team. If you want to impress a more informal company, then add a bit of personality to the letterhead design.

07. Make Good Use Of Colors

In your efforts to create letterhead templates that look simple, you may be completely or restricted using colors. But know that even the use of multiple colors is just acceptable in designing letterheads.

Make Good Use Of Colors

With the liberal incorporation of colors, you can manipulate the psychological impact it should have on the readers. A potential employer or client will notice the colors first.

Know that yellow, blues, and reds are the primary colors that lift our mood, implying that the reader will think positively about you. However, avoid using a rainbow of colors if your business ambience is formal.

08. Select The Typeface Carefully

Besides colors, another crucial design element that makes your letterhead templates stand out is the typeface. Larger font size is your surefire trick to draw the reader’s eye to the important details you placed at the top of the letterhead. Your company name must always be in larger fonts.

Select The Typeface Carefully

Also, remember that there should not be variations in the use of typefaces. This means that use the same one typeface everywhere on the letterhead. But consider your brand personality as well.

For instance, if your business wants to reflect a formal environment and professionalism then the Times New Roman may be the perfect choice for a formal font. On the other hand, the Arial font expresses casualness.

09. Include A Photo

Letterhead templates with a photo look trendy, modern, and effective. So, think of including a photo in the header to give it a stylish look.

Any image such as a geometric design will serve the purpose well. If the geometric shape is attractive and unique it creates a futuristic look of the letterhead.

Include A Photo

You do not have to incorporate some portrait shot and instead try a landscape shot to give the letterhead design an extra dimension.

10. Ensure Design Consistency

Business letters usually accompany two more vital stationeries – envelope and business cards. A company slips its business card for the client or recipient of the letter in the envelope.

Ensure Design Consistency

Therefore, the same design elements of your letterheads should be present on your business card and envelope. This design consistency is important to win the trust of your customers.

So, pay heed to these suggestions to create innovative letterhead templates. But if you find this a tedious task, then explore another equally effective alternative. That is to switch to Designhill’s letterhead templates.

Designhill is the leading creative marketplace and it offers you many unique ready-to-edit templates to generate business letterheads in trendy style.

Just pick the right template out of many and start creating a letterhead for your business. All you need to do is to upload your company logo etc to the extensive library of the template. Use the drag and drop feature of the template to import photos, fonts, colors, etc elements from the library to your letterhead.

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Wrapping Up

Letterheads must be unique designs to make a memorable impression of a business on the readers or clients. This is why innovative letterhead templates are important. The templates make it easy to create letterheads in just minutes. But the templates should have your brand colors, fonts, the right size, stylish layout, etc. So, come up with the templates that are unique and specific to your brand requirements.

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