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Top 5 Letterhead Template Design Practices To Trend In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Letterhead Design

Letterhead Template Design

Last updated on January 4th, 2023

A letterhead is perceived as a means of communication, but it is more than that. Besides being a powerful business communication tool, it conveys a brand’s image and vital information about the business. Needless to say, it should be beautifully designed.

Businesses often look for letterhead templates that can express their brand identity effortlessly and make the communication seamless. If you’re looking for letterhead for your business, here we acquaint you with top practices in letterhead design that are in trend in 2023.

Here Are The Letterhead Template Design Practices That Are Going To Trend In 2023

01. Be Industry Specific

Every industry has its specific audience, and you must keep it in view while getting your letterhead designed with the help of a letterhead maker. A letterhead template with a beautiful design may be great for the art and beauty industry, but it won’t be right for the accounting industry.

So, you should know what works best for your industry and choose a template design accordingly. You can find industry-specific letterhead templates online.

02. Get Color Conscious

A letterhead looks stunning with thoughtful use of colors. A designer should know which color to use where to highlight the main features. A judicious mix of contrasting colors can further make your letterhead templates look stunning.

The color requirements of the header and footer are different, and your designer must understand them. Besides, you should understand how to use background colors while keeping the text readable.

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03. Put Graphics At Use

Almost all kinds of letterheads use graphics. Businesses use graphics in the header or footer, or both. Mirror drawings or patterns can also be used on opposite corners of the letterheads to give it a fancy look.

The use of watermarks is increasingly becoming common, and you should also use them to protect your brand and impart its authenticity. While adding graphics to your letterhead, you should prefer using icons and shapes congruence with the brand’s voice. You can also find such a letterhead template online.

04. Geometry Is Important

A business letterhead can be further made beautiful with intelligent use of geometry. For consistency, you should use the same geometry you have used on your website.

Some companies use asymmetrical shapes in their header, while others scatter their header and footer with brand-related geometrical shapes.

However, these rules are not binding, and a creative designer can use them to make sense. However, you can also get free letterhead templates and fill them with your brand-related shapes.

05. Keep It Simple

Great designing skills, creativity, and tasteful use of colors are all important, but the golden rule of keeping things simple still holds good here. You should use creativity, colors and follow the best practices but shouldn’t overdo it. The end goal of having a letterhead is facilitating communication.

So, keeping it short, sweet, and simple could be a great idea. If you also believe in keeping things simple, you can download a letterhead template and customize it to meet your expectation.

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