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Top 15 Freelance Book Cover Designers For Hire In 2023

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Book Cover Design

Book Cover Designers

Last updated on January 16th, 2023

Books are the resource of information and knowledge in all walks of life. But books are also products that needed to be sold with a strategy. So, the first thing that a buyer looks in a book is its cover. The cover should give a hint of what content is inside of the pages. This brings us to the importance of book cover designers. They are professionals responsible for making the covers attractive and help to sell books.

When designing a book, a professional graphic designer takes care of all the design aspects to create a cover that drives customers’ attention. Remember that there are plenty of books in a store and catching the attention of buyers is not easy.

Moreover, the buyers want to get some indication of the story or main content of the book. This is where a book designer plays a key role.

To design unique book covers using a custom book cover size, the designers look for some contemporary trends. Now, talking about the trends, here are some of the main ones that modern designers are following to create the covers. To catch buyers’ attention, the cover designers use big elements.

Previously, only famous authors’ names were in big size fonts. But now even new authors’ names are in bold letters. Other hallmarks of such bold designs are large titles and bold colors.

But it is up to designers to involve a technique of their choice considering the specifics that a client has provided. As a client, however, when you are looking for a designer or a team of them to work on your different book cover projects, you should hire only experienced and promising designers.

Here Is A Select List Of Book Cover Designers Who Have Shown Their Skills And Expertise In Creating Unique Covers

01. Designs-e Creatives

Designs-e Creatives has done many graphic design projects including the designing of a book cover. The designer has won 2 design contest and one of them is a cover design for a client. Given the vast repertoire of skills, the designer is a perfect choice when you want to hire the one to create the cover.

Designs-e Creatives

02. Marko Vekic

Marko Vekic has created some of the best book covers. The designer is well-versed in modern design skills. To this date, the designer has 24 contest wins, which reflect the capability to create something new when it comes to attracting a buyer’s attention toward a book.

Marko Vekic

03. Avitin

Avitin is one of the prominent designer that you would like to hire for your book project. This designer has 27 design contest win to his name. You can trust the designer’s skills and expertise in creating remarkable covers that stand out in a bookshelf.


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04. Antitled

Antitled is your best choice when it comes to creating custom book cover design that is remarkable in many ways. With massive 42 contest wins, the designer is your trusted professional to come out with unique cover ideas for your book.


05. Strezout7z

Strezout7z is a professional graphic designer with great design skills. The designer has won 101 contests that include book cover designs. You can fully trust the professional to work on your project so that it stands out.

Book Cover Design

06. Jay Design

Jay Design is a highly experienced designer with a great set of skills needed especially to create unique designs that stand out from many other cover designs. The designer has won a massive number of 88 design contests and is worthy of any client’s attention.

Jay Design

07. Pixiegraphicz

Pixiegrahicz is another trusted designers to create book cover art as per your specifications. You can hire this graphic designer to have the covers that are unique and stand out in a bookshelf.


08. Yonbr

Yonbr is amongst the impressive graphic designer who you can trust to come up with brilliant ideas for your book cover project. The designer has won 10 contests by competing hard in different categories.


09. Rgraphic@design

Rgraphic@design is another great dependable designer to create the cover art. The designer won 41 design contests in different categories including book covers. You can depend on the professional when it comes to branding your the covers with impressive visuals.


10. Abir Hasan

Abir Hasan is an upcoming but talented designer who can create a great  custom design for your book that is needed to attract buyers’ attention.

Abir Hasan

11. Vighnesh Acharya

Vighnesh Acharya is a promising and skillful designer who can create unique designs as per your specifications. With 9 design contest wins behind him, it can be said that he knows the ways to create new visuals to promote a brand.

Vighnesh Acharya

12. Alfonso Sanchez

Alfonso Sanchez is one of those freelance graphic designer who is dependable for their skills to create unique designs. You can hire him confidently to work on your design project.

Alfonso Sanchez

13. Rangga Adibirawan

Ranggra Adibirawan is a prolific designer who has so far won 11 design contests in various categories including book covers. With the right skill set and experience, this designer can give you unique cover designs.

Ranggra Adibirawan

14. Ereonâ„¢

Ereonâ„¢ is another promising graphic designer who can give you some impressive book cover designs to ensure buyers’ attention.


15. Ricardo.oliveri

Ricardo.oliveri works as a graphic designer and is equipped well with the capability of creating something impressive and unique for clients. The designer has won a book cover design contest.


So, these are the key cover designers clients can trust when it comes to creating unique designs. With their experience and skills, they can do wonder in designing the covers that drive buyers’ attention.

Designhill is also a platform to launch design contests. While clients always hire a designer to work on a one-to-one basis on a book cover project, there is another way as well to get the design work done.

They can launch their design contests with an attractive prize. In this way, many designers will come up with their own unique cover design ideas. Clients then can pick on winning design out of many.

Wrapping Up

An attractive design is essential for selling books. Book cover designers play a key role in creating unique covers that can hint at the content inside of the book pages. These talented designers are skillful professionals. With their experience in the field, they can create great designs.

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