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Top 10 Book Cover Design Trends For 2023

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

Last updated on December 12th, 2022

Books are the greatest source of useful information and stories, which too need to be sold aggressively with some clever marketing strategies like other products do. This is where a book cover design comes in the picture. A book cover must stand for the essence of a book’s content and it should be a memorable design.

It is important that a book cover design is in line with new trends. People like to see graphic designs that are trendy in terms of use of colors, typefaces, style, concepts, and such other elements. Like other trends in graphic designs, book cover design also undergoes rapid changes with the time.

Many cover designs come and fade away after few years. Each year we witness some new changes in the cover design and book cover size as each book cover is mostly designed to compete with others in the markets.

Here Are Top 10 Book Cover Design Trends For 2023

01. Bold Typography

Typography has always been a crucial element in creating unique graphic designs, including book covers. Bold typography has been in use for past few years. There is no reason that this trend will slow down in 2023.

To draw the attention of potential readers and customers, the designers will continue the use of bold typography. In fact, bold typography will be aggressively used as a means of catching the readers’ eye.

Remember that a book can attract the attention if our eye can see the letters instantly. This is the reason that most book covers have the use of typography.

Bold Typography

The designers will rely more on the capitalized fonts. Such fonts become a statement for the content of the book. Even less popular authors also are expected to have book covers designed in big fonts across the cover.

We can say that the emphasis will be on organic touches in order to make the print look more lively. So far, clean typography was the focus of the designers.

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02. Minimalistic Cover Designs

Graphic designers are now more inclined toward creating simple designs that everyone can understand immediately.

So, they choose minimalistic approach as a way to design book covers. You will find book covers that have only the book and author name mentioned in the cover in small letters.

Then, there are books whose covers have only one image and one color. This is in contrast to the book covers which entire surface was laden with patterns and letters once. Instead, minimalistic design style allows you to focus only on one central element.

Cover Designs

Another feature of minimalistic book cover designs is that there is a lot of white space left on the cover. This is done in order to create a focussed impression. This way, the designer brings a focused attention of the viewer toward one element that depicts the core content or story of the book.

03. Use Of Hand-Drawn Letters

For past few years, illustration and graphics were used to create book cover designs. This trend was especially followed for books that were about mystery and children’s stories. Such covers also had handwritten letters.

logo design

In 2023, the trend of using hand-letters will continue. Because of widespread use of illustration, we can expect to see cool and edgy cover designs. We can see book covers with hand-drawn and hand-written elements. This will help in giving the cover designs a customized look.


04. Some Retro Elements May Come Back

It may also happen that some book cover designers may return back to the 70’s and 80’s styles of designing. We can already see the return of TV shows of that era and many elements from those bygone days are being projected in the public memory.

graphic design

Some nostalgia is involved here in the designs. So, in 2023, we can expect fonts from the seventies. We can also expect the use of vibrant colors. We have already seen brochure designs created in the elements belonging to the bygone era of the seventies and eighties.

05. Use Of Collage

Another book cover design trend that we can witness in 2023 is the use of collage. The designers use collage maker to create innovative collages to express tactile feeling. Collage will also be used to give book covers a unique, distinct, and original look. Also, this is a useful style to summarize content and ideas of a book at once.

book cover design

[Source: Image]

Collage is a versatile trend that you can apply to different styles. So, this encourages designers to explore more creative possibilities. The designer can experiment with more combinations of shapes and textures.

06. Genuine Photos

Instead of stock photos, book cover designers will prefer the use of authentic photos. These photos will be from the life events.

Such photos help build a relationship with the readers and viewers. The designers will be using real-life photos of people as a way to evoke feelings.

More designers are rediscovering the strong points of photography. This is because high-quality photography is easily available.

Thanks to widespread use of smartphone cameras! As a consequence, stock photography is fading away gradually from the designs. Real shots of people and events have replaced stock photography to a larger extent.

website design

Book cover designers are now able to create the raw emotional response from potential readers and buyers of books. Just have a glimpse at the book cover design that has real-life images successfully building an emotional bonding with the audience.

Not only book covers, but we can also see the use of real images in website design as a new graphic design trend. The intention here is to build a convincing brand image of the business.

07. Premium Finishing

This is yet another trend in book cover design in 2023 that we can witness is the use of high-quality printing on paper. There is already an easy access to great quality of printing presses to the small book publishers. Authors, who self-publish their books, also can use the quality printing presses.

book cover designs

Because of this, we will see that book cover designers will be using foil stamping and embossing to design text and title. Hardback jackets will particularly be designed using this technique.

As a result of it, we will see the cover designs with eye-catching finishes. This means that even minimalistic designs will pop-off from a bookshelf.

08. Pink Will Dominate

In 2023, according to the most designers, pink is going to be used frequently for book cover designs. They say that it will not be an ordinary pink. Instead, it will be a special pink, which they name as millennial pink.

This term for the color is given to express the mutated form of pink, which looks like a dusty and greyed rose.

Amazon book covers

Many bookstores on Amazon online have book covers in millennial pink. This color has already dominated bookstores. One of the reasons for using this shade of pink is that it has an appeal in a wider audience.

09. Messy Designs

While minimalistic designs will rule the book cover designs world, still we can see some messy designs too. There are already such book covers in bookstores.

A messy design is the one that has design elements scattered all over the book cover. So, there is a use of fonts from top to the bottom of the cover.

Messy Designs

But at the same time, there will be a messy mix of bold and small fonts. In between, the fonts, we can also see the use of images and other elements. Such a complex look is deliberately given to a book cover in order to make it look unique, quirky, and memorable.

10. Text On Photos

One of the trends that continues to be a favorite is to incorporate text with a photo. This gives a unique combination of type and image on a book cover. Such a combination gives an effective look to the cover.


Also, the designers use text on photos to give a sense of integrity and completeness. The viewers can also get a hint about the book’s plot. They can even get some insight on the content or a character described in the book.

These are the main book cover design trends that most of the designers are likely to follow. Are you a book publisher or an author who is looking for cover designs? These trends will give you a hint of how your book cover should look like in 2023.

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All you need to do is to launch your book cover design contest on this site for the designers. You will receive dozens of new book cover designs from as many designers who come from a different background from across the globe.

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Book cover designs will not be going through a radical change in 2023. Most of the trends from the last year will be followed with some changes. Bold typography, use of millennial pink, and authentic photography will continue to rule. But minimalistic design approach will still be followed ardently by the designers.

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