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Top 20 Business Ideas With Minimal Investments

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Business Ideas - [wtr-time]

Business Ideas

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

After the coronavirus pandemic swept through the world in 2020, we have to consider new realities when it comes to starting a new business. If previously one could only be guided by new technologies and ideas that have become popular in other countries, now it’s about new trends that have suddenly become extremely noticeable. In this post, we’ve shared the top 20 business ideas that require minimal investment to start with. Have a look!

The basic principle of starting an entrepreneurial environment will not change shortly. It all starts with an idea. Perhaps, you don’t just want to come up with a profitable one but want to look into the future? How do you know which idea will work, and which will be forgotten in no time? We’ll tell you how…!

First, the basic principles haven’t changed. People will still love food, need clothes and footwear, and look forward to entertainment. So it’s worth thinking about your business in these areas. More examples: catering, clothing retail, entertainment, and so on.

Secondly, the “do-what-you-like” principle of choice will not change. You can enjoy various things so think good about it. Because you’re not going to make a good profit from a business you don’t want to do.

Thirdly, these days, you have to consider new trends more than ever. They’re old – it’s just that they have remained unnoticeable before 2020. Self-isolation gave them a boost, and now, successful business growth implies going digital. That is, online presence has become a must. So can deliver for most areas.

However, new technologies and ideas should not be forgotten either. So, what kind of business with minimal investment to open in 2021? We suggest you dive into the world of both modern technology and interesting business ideas.

In this article, you will find attractive ideas for your own business, which usually do not require capital with a lot of zeros to start.

Let’s get started!

Here Is The List Of Top 20 Business Ideas To Try

01. 3D Wall Printer

Not so long ago, 3D printers were something completely new and only available to corporations? Things are completely different now. 3D printing technology is used to create everything from food to cars, and the simplest versions of cars are quite affordable for the average person.

The potential in this field is simply enormous. We’re sure that new 3D developments will help us build our lives easier and continue to impress us over and over again. How these devices can be applied to ordinary business and what can become popular soon?

You might want to learn more about 3D printers that can build walls – such devices may well qualify for this role.

02. Dropshipping

This type of business does not require any capital investments as its essence is retail sales when goods are supplied to the customer directly from the supplier. The intermediary does not purchase goods in advance, store them in a warehouse, or perform any other intermediate operations.

The earnings come from the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price or from commission payments from the retailer.

Fulfillbot is a dropshipping agent and china sourcing agent, you just send to them aliexpress link, and they will help you look for a factory and order fulfillment. They are aliexpress alternative site, and also have a global warehouse. It is your best dropshipping supplier.

The task here is reduced to website building, promoting your brand, marketing, taking sales orders from customers, documentation, and receipt of payments. All worries about packing and shipping the order are the responsibility of the manufacturing company but on behalf of the website owner.

03. Online Photo Shoots

2020 surprised us in so many ways and brought a lot of new ideas. Thus, the seemingly strange and losing idea to arrange remote photo shoots came to life.

And not a bad one at that. If you Google the prices of professional photographers who make such “shows” and the number of people who are not confused by these prices, you’ll be surprised.

Although it would seem – how? Contacting a client via Zoom, asking for a tour of their surroundings, and then advising where best to stand, how best to turn the light, and what angle to take – can this bring money? Yes, it can.

Be warned, though, that you have to be a skilled photographer to see all the advantages and nuances of the room where you will be photographing and be able to set it all up correctly. To add value to these snaps a photographer might also want to add a plain background to these photos in Photoshop later.

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04. Blogging

Social media has long since evolved into more than just a platform for communication. Selling goods and services, social networks report news sites such as Greenrecord, looking and gathering volunteer movements, implementing business projects, showcasing advertising, and many more ways to make the most of blogging.

The most popular way to make a profit with Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter is to create and promote a group, social media page, or profile with unique content.

Each social network has its specifics and target audience, knowing which directly affects the success. Along with that, you can manage communities, post, and search for creative content.

YouTube also provides an opportunity to make money, but you will need equipment and locations for shooting, plus, some video editing skills, as well as the concept of the channel if you want to stand out and gain subscribers.

If you’re not sure whether you should vlog or blog, here’s a quick read to help you make up your mind about starting a YouTube channel or not.

05. Home Food Delivery

Not all employees can visit a cafe or a canteen for lunch. And this is where home lunches with delivery come in handy. The production does not require special equipment, special culinary skills, and large investments.

The downside of such a business is that many small and large establishments provide a service of food delivery – pizzerias, sushi bars, pancake houses, snack bars, etc. They can compete with each other, focusing on cooking high-quality and delicious meals according to individual recipes, and accurate delivery times.

That is, each customer will be confident that they will get their lunch box on time, following their preferences.

It is also possible to stand out with an original idea, such as cooking vegetarian or raw food, as well as dishes for specific social groups or personality types.

A business idea with minimal investment for preparing and delivering lunches to offices is to cook lunches at home and deliver them directly to the clients’ workplace. Such a service can become a great alternative to fast food or cooking yourself.

To open a business for the delivery of cooked lunches, you need a minimum startup capital – you can settle for 300 dollars, which will pay off easily. The pros of earning on business lunch delivery are that it’s practically unlimited in size – you can work with as many organizations as you want.

In addition, you can prepare and deliver healthy food, helping people maintain proper nutrition. A healthy lifestyle is always trendy, and more people are switching to a healthy diet. But healthy products are not available in every store. So if you have this desire, you can turn it into a business. As a rule, there are not many competitors in this niche yet.

Although the demand is quite high. A small room and a few kitchen utensils will serve as a starting point for the business. Before you draft the menu, it’s better to carefully study your customer needs and define your target audience. You can do all the cooking yourself or hire a chef.

In this case, it must be not only healthy but also delicious – so that customers would come back to you. By the way, you can also serve your meals on edible plates or offer other edible utensils. You can create social media groups with motivational posts and provide feedback to customers to attract them.

06. Healthy Sweets

Sweets aren’t always harmful. After all, you can use natural products to make them: dried fruits, nuts, honey, etc. Just like anywhere else, it’s important to find your customer.

Social networks, especially Instagram, can help you with this – you will need to regularly post attractive photos of your sweets and set up ads to make everyone see your offers. You can also look for potential customers in fitness centers or yoga clubs.

Make sure you have a wide assortment as well – think through your sets, different flavor combinations, etc. For this kind of business, you will need to establish regular supplies, so that quality goods arrive at the right time.

Raw food sweets (cakes, pastries, candies) are the perfect treat for people on a diet. You can’t find them in every store, and not everyone can make them. But we all want to spoil ourselves and our loved ones occasionally. In addition, fashion does its own thing – delicious treats without baking and dairy are becoming more popular.

You’ll need a high-powered blender and fresh ingredients, as well as some culinary art and decorating skills. You can sell your products via health food stores, coffee shops, or Instagram.

07. Beer Bouquets

Instead of flower and fruit baskets, put beer and snacks inside, complement them with meats, chicken, fish, cheese, pistachios, baguettes, chips, and other snacks. The whole thing can be garnished with chili peppers, garlic, cherry tomatoes, etc. The sky’s the limit – simply check interesting business ideas on Google.

This kind of activity fits perfectly into the concept of home business. You do not have to look for and rent premises. You can create beer bouquets at home, on your kitchen table.

However, you will still need a workplace, so make sure you know how much you need to spend on it in advance. 10-15 square meters will be quiet enough – that’s where you can put a table and a rack for ready bouquets.

After you collect your customer base, the next step is expanding your business. You might want to look for a wider space, hire some staff, and open a sales outlet.

Start as an online store and follow the classic scheme of home business: accept an order by phone, receive advance payment, make a bouquet, the customer then pays in full and comes to pick up the order.

Filling and decoration are the two parameters that determine the quality of your products. It’s very important to think of what you can make bouquets out of and how to make that “gentleman’s kit” look solid.

08. Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is transferring certain functions of the company to a third-party performer, based on a contract. The task of the executor is to ensure uninterrupted long-term work in the sphere of the undertaken obligations.

The essence of the business project is to provide a certain kind of services to various organizations – legal support, advice by phone, organizing business meetings, paperwork handling, collecting orders, etc.

To organize the work, you will need an office and established contacts with experts in the chosen industry. For example, several knowledgeable accountants, ready to join as you receive orders. You will also need a certain amount of money to sustain life in the first months of work.

Digital outsourcing is also a promising direction. It involves performing various tasks associated with website development, content, and promotion, as well as advertising companies and products online. To begin with, it’s better to choose one direction, e.g., Graphic Design, SEO strategy, Contextual Advertising, Copywriting, etc.

You should not wait for customers to come to you on their own – monitor already operating sites and offer your promotion, better design, or high-quality texts (that is, what you are already good at).

09. Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

The subject of cryptocurrencies is still relevant to this day. Crypto is a digital currency and one of the most popular ways to get it is a mining farm. To organize this kind of business, you will need some basic skills related to PCs and hardware.

To begin with, you need to study in detail the most profitable cryptocurrencies at the moment and decide which one you want to start mining.

The main elements in a mining farm are video cards (usually quite powerful). They are the ones that will account for the main costs. The best option would be to consult a specialist who will tell you how to build a farm, what services to register for work, how to withdraw your income, etc.

10. Online Courses

Online courses are becoming more and more popular every year. Getting knowledge from anywhere in the world from the comfort of home is convenient and adds weight to your resume and professional profile.

For such a business, you need to be an expert in your field and have enough knowledge to share it with people. Technically, organizing the process is a no-brainer – you need a laptop or a PC, an Internet connection, and time to prepare for online meetings.

You should decide on a platform where the training will take place. You may have to invest in a software developer or marketing specialist to help you design and promote your course.

The most popular topics for teaching online are programming, sales, foreign languages, women’s practices, and self-care. It’s important to gradually share your knowledge, i.e. divide it into several thematic blocks.

This way you can attract more interested people. Profit will depend on your audience size, teaching skills, and chosen direction.

11. Survival Courses

Perhaps the pandemic will soon force us to leave our homes and move into the woods? To open a survival course, you need to have knowledge in this field and be a true professional.

The business requires no investments. The essence is to monetize your idea and can have several directions. For the theoretical part, you can rent a small room.

For practice, you can arrange daily classes or a series of masterclasses in nature, having purchased tents and the necessary supplies. It’s better to have an Instagram account and post photos, survival tips, how-tos, and create videos for training there.

12. Interior Design

More ordinary users are interested in interior design products and repairs these days. Such a business will suit creative natures who know how to fantasize, successfully combine different objects, colors, and materials.

To work, you will need a computer with special design apps for modeling various furnishing options for rooms. You can search for your audience among the average citizen, office owners, or commercial establishments – restaurants, schools, cafes, etc. Moreover, you can try to negotiate with builders and construction store owners to provide design services.

13. Pick-Up Point

More and more people are now shopping and selling online. Therefore, opening your order pickup point can bring a steady income. You will only need a small room, racks, and a computer with Internet access.

At the initial stage, you can work with a list of popular partner stores. The most popular products are clothing, footwear, tech appliances, cosmetics, and goods for children.

14. TikTok Account

TikTok is a popular social network with a huge number of active users – more than 800 million people watch videos there every day. This is an entertainment platform, where people come to relax from stress and daily routines.

This project can become a great way of income – you only need to create and popularize your account with cool content.

Once you define your target audience and its requests, you can analyze and monitor the market and create unique content. You need to understand – what does the audience want to see by subscribing to you? The answer to this question will be the concept of your resource, which you will have to stick to.

To promote your channel, you’ll need likes, reposts, comments, and PR. Once your account becomes popular, you can place ads on it and generate profits that way.

15. Instagram Store

Instagram is not only an entertainment platform but also a platform for making money. If you know what products are in demand and understand how to represent/promote them, you need an online store on Instagram. The most important thing is to find what to sell.

When registering an account, you need to choose the “Business” type, come up with a name and description. Then you can begin to promote it and fill it with content.

Do not forget about promotions, discounts, which will help to retain customers. Be creative and don’t get lost among many other Instagram stores.

16. YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is a wide platform for business. You can use your channel to hold paid webinars and masterclasses. If you have at least 1000 subscribers, you can monetize your channel and receive passive income.

There are several ways to make money. For example, by showing ads. However, there is a condition – for the last year, you need to have at least four thousand hours of viewing on your channel.

Well-established bloggers can advertise directly through inserts in the video. For beginners, affiliate links are more suitable. In this case, the video demonstrates some kind of product, and the description under it includes the links.

By clicking on them or making purchases, the audience brings income to the channel owner.

17. Bike Wheel LED Animation

Aimed at cycling enthusiasts, the implementation of this idea looks very effective. The point is that the wheels of a bicycle are equipped with a special backlight, which gives an amazing effect of different pictures when pedaling.

There can be different designs, controlled directly from your smartphone, where you can choose what others will see as you ride.

You can also upload your pictures using a special editor in the app. The device allows you to create inscriptions, which can be used as advertising. Finding clients who like the idea is easy.

In addition to the actual thematic forums and groups in social networks, where you can buy advertising, you need to consider that in large cities, there are more and more cyclists. This is the trend of today, which will only evolve, so the idea is now more relevant than ever.

18. Hand-Painted Footwear

One of the interesting hand-made trends. If you think you have some skills in painting or graphic art, this idea can be a good start. If you know how to promote your service, you can make profits by using the knowledge and skills of arts and crafts.

The advantage is that the price of such goods is not limited – it’s all about demand. Thus, you will have to spend some time and probably invest some money to find your customers. However, there’s no need to rent a room – you can create your masterpieces at home.

19. Sanitizer Bracelets

Doesn’t sound as amazing as it would have sounded back in 2019, does it? That’s because the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. And many things that seemed strange before are now commonplace.

No matter how people feel about precautions in the face of disease, sanitizers, like masks, are used by many people. So, turning this necessity into something interesting and making money from it is a good idea.

The thing is to equip the simplest hand bracelets with small fasteners for small sanitizer containers with liquid.

By the way, you don’t have to invent anything. Look at Aliexpress – this idea has already been implemented. And it works successfully.

Your task will be either to buy those products and sell them locally online or to equip the assembly of such things and supply them to those who will sell to the end consumer.

By the way, it can also be a keychain, badge, or anything else you can put on yourself.

20. Trading With China

You can start your own business with minimal investments in trading with China – it’s enough to have a computer, Internet access, and a desire to study the nuances of this business.

There may be several options for work. This can be dropshipping, when you order products on your behalf and deliver them to the buyer’s address, dealing with all organizational issues.

You can also supplement the idea by creating a one-page site and selling some narrow niche goods.

The third most popular option is to sell Chinese business equipment, which today is not inferior to European counterparts (but several times cheaper).

Many of these ideas may seem complicated or premature.

Some of them are always relevant and some are just beginning to conquer the world – just do it properly and make sure to form an LLC or other corporation. However, it only seems that way. If you feel desperate, you can at least try!

The only difficulty is that in some of them, you will be one of the pioneers in the market, which means that you will also have to build a potential audience. On the other hand, isn’t it great to have your company at the forefront of a trend?

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Speaking of companies, if you’ve decided to start a business and form your first LLC, there are reliable online services that can help you handle all the paperwork and cover legal issues. With them, setting up a company will be easy, fast, and error-free. Most importantly, with these online services, you will save yourself from wasting money in the long run. Learn more from this article. We hope that you feel inspired and ready to conquer the world!

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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