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Last updated on October 5th, 2018

Everyone is on Twitter these days either for personal reasons or for commercial purposes. Businesses are increasingly using Twitter accounts to promote their products and services by creating a brand image. The businesses regularly tweet about their new launches of services and products and let the consumers know more about them. However, a blank Twitter account with no style and background images may turn the visitor off.

So, Twitter design becomes part of marketing campaigning for businesses.

One of the aims of Twitter design is to increase your followers manifold. The professional designers know what images and text should go in the background of your Twitter account. The visitors must be impressed with the color scheme incorporated in the account. Use of other design elements such as space and fonts goes a long way in capturing the attention of the visitors.

An advantage of Twitter design is that it does not add to the loading of the page .While the designers will be creating some background images, the loading time of the page will not slow down due to the designer adding some codes. To save on costs of professional designers, you can crowdsource Twitter design to the sites such as Designhill to have an impressive account created at affordable costs.

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