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Top 10 Ways To Revitalize Your Illustrations

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Illustration Design


Last updated on January 30th, 2023

By the end of the year 2019, everyone is in a rush to grab the top spot and uprise as the best-selling artwork provider or company. The same goes for the myriad of illustrators. It has come in the light after the growing influence of illustrations and graphic design that has taken over the world. Though, it’s quite difficult to even get noticed amongst the competitive crowd of artists, designers, painters, doodlers, etc. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that they meet the needs of the clients rather than creating a mediocre product.

Everyone has entrenched in a rat race to win and attain the best spot in terms of product’s appeal and every other aspects.

Thus, it’s about time that illustrators grab hold of fresh ideas and opportunities. As, it can help revitalize illustrations that appeal to the client base in an effective and ensuring manner.

This can be done by following the given ideas procured by our team at Designhill. These tactics ensure that the budding illustrators can find newer and unique platforms to pitch their illustrations through this growing and competitive world.

Here Are The Top 10 Ways to Revitalize Your Illustrations

01. Basic Yet Chic

Surprisingly, the idea of using basic tools to create chic illustrations dominates the sphere of the illustration market. The simple idea behind this is of opting for simplicity instead of complexity and using the definition that comes with practice, precision, and concentration.

Revitalize Your Illustrations

Illustrations stand out if they are well-thought-out, appealing and easy on the senses, instead of being a big blob of intense colors that are difficult to discern. So, it is important to step back from explosive designs and opt for something that operates at a basic level while yet being chic.

02. Presentation Templates

One of the most important things required in today’s time are presentations (PPP). Regardless of whether it is a business, school, office, college almost every institution can make the best use of presentations to visually transmit ideas and thoughts. This is not only a highly effective way proven practically but it is also affirmed by science.

The presentation also helps to kill the boredom factor of droning on and on about topics that scarcely matter to one. For example, if you are creating a presentation for logo designs, you can use illustrations to display the variations.

Presentation Template

Though unfortunately, everyone use the same old templates for presentations which is so outdated and boring. So the best way to avoid it is by illustrating your own personal presentation template that sells!

It is one of the easiest and effective ways of selling your illustrations. Keeping in mind the increasing need of presentation templates, it is important to think out of the box. You are illustrating to make sure that your new templates are kept as genuine as possible.

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03. Turn Your Illustrations Into Diamond Painting

Another way of revitalizing your illustrations is by selling them to a larger audience by turning them into diamond paintings. Confused, right?

Painting with diamonds is a kit craft that involves the use of tiny, sparkling “diamonds”. They can be stuck onto an adhesive canvas to create a mosaic art piece.

Turn Your Illustrations Into Diamond Painting

The canvas itself is a high definition image that has been broken down into several portions.

Each portion is indicated by a number that informs you where to place a specific colored diamond. You can illustrate the high definition canvases however you may please and you can also put them up for sale in the market.

Since the value of diamond art paintings is considerably growing this year. Apart from the sale of your illustrations, you will have your very own illustration converted into a diamond painting art!

04. Illustrate Thy Shoes

If you are like us and have trouble finding shoes that match your style and taste, you have an alternative to the pain and trouble you go through while finding shoes: Illustrate Them!

By designing and illustrating your own art for your shoes, you have a creative outlet that lets you benefit in both the art and the style department of your life.

Illustrate Thy Shoes

Illustrating shoes is a way of expressing your own ideas and inclinations through your personal style, topping it with a hint of uniqueness that store-bought products cannot match.

05. Life Is An Inspiration

As redundant as it may seem life indeed is an inspiration that can be used in numerous aspects. This is an idea that never goes out of style and remains unparalleled as a muse for illustrators.

Life can be the root of all inspirations for illustrators and the closer one holds onto this ideology, the deeper and more nuanced their illustrations will be.

Life Is An Inspiration

Take inspiration from experiences, ideas, people, things, even buildings, clothes and rooms you have come across in your life.

Taking inspiration from life itself is a magical way of revitalizing your illustrations. It provides you with an outstanding ingenuity that makes you an appealing seller.

06. Go Wild

We have heard that “less is more”. Though it may be true and tested, in certain cases, at this point we can definitely argue that “more is the best”.

Using this principle, one can create stunning illustration design. Let your mind wander to the deepest trenches without having to hold your thoughts and pull out inspiration from there.

Create pieces of illustrations that define “you”. Materialize them into the handleable matter by printing it out or create it by your hands on a paper.

Add dazzles and glamour to your illustrations using household objects, glitter, jewels, and feathers as to whatever you please.

Go Wild

Convert your illustrations into puzzles if you would like to or simply make them into multi-paneled art displays.

One can also convert the illustrations into multi-paneled diamond paintings, as mentioned before. Multi-paneled diamond paintings can allow you to have both diamond illustrations and the plain ones that you can create.

The idea of combining the abstract with the instant results in a masterpiece that is truly yours, which is why we suggest that you glamour up your illustrations as per your preference.

07. Neons Are Nice

Neon is the new “in”, as the populace may say. From clothes and shoes to tattoos and hair colors, neon is rampant in the fashion and art world. It is because of the popping colors and the bright outlook that the neon effect has, in general, is truly amazing.

This being the major reason why we believe that bringing neon to your illustrations will definitely bring a lot of attraction from customers as a result of adapting it.

Neons Are Nice

Not only it is fun to work with, but neon also adds to produce a very interesting result. Since if it is no one’s favorite it definitely would be something we would be inspiring.

Working with the neon blues, greens, pinks and yellows create illustrations inspired by nature, architecture, literature or the simplest yet complex.

Your illustrations will not only pop out as unique but also make the products fell personal and original through the mindset that you thoroughly enjoyed creating.

08. Know Your Audience Or Preference

It is of utmost importance that as an illustrator you know your audience’s preference and this is exactly what we ensure to practice at Designhill. As we take great importance in understanding our customers / clients.

This can lead to adapting to many factors as per one’s preference and personal style / art. It is important to indulge in what enjoyable to you by implying the subjects and colors that you prefer using.

Know Your Audience

For example, if you continue to work in the same particular style every time it is more likely that, that form of style is more suitable for you to illustrate and adapt as your signature.

It is crucial to take time to understand exactly who will be seeking out your work while also tailoring your marketing approach to the specific client base or personal preference. By making this practice you will avoid getting entirely confused with future endeavors.

09. Get Your Work Out There

It is always essential to have a good creative will in order to present your art on canvas. But, it is also an ideal best way to market and share it through various platforms such as social media. It is not viable to ignore the importance of social media and understand how to leverage social media as a designer.

Get Your Work Out There

Since modern tech is an essential aid to every designer. It helps them to attain key attention and more brand awareness while also adding more followers of their work. To gain the best result, all you require is to know how to use the mediums properly.

Regularly updating your followers on your work and the progress is a key aspect that is covered through Social Media implementation during the process of revitalizing your illustrations.

10. Set Goals

One may wonder about what they are doing? And what’s the aim being all the effort or even begin to question the fact of where do you want to go in life ahead? It is important for every industry and any business to set goals for themselves to attain through their works.

For instance, if there is a certain renowned client that you have dreamt to have as your client. To achieve such, it is important that you set yourself with a time-scale that is practical and optimistic rather than setting a pessimistic target that you won’t be able to work towards.

Set Goals

By placing such aims and goals it helps improve your steady rate. It is a better way to gain simple incentives which is the reward that is achieved at the end of hard work.

Having such hunger and will to achieve desires is what will want you to revitalize your illustrations to a whole new impactful level.

As it will drive you to want and improve your illustrations in such a manner that your product stands out amongst the crowd.

Such is done at Designhill as they are passionate about doing what they do best. They assist their clients to solely portray the best through their illustrations.


Now that Designhill has given you the 10 ways on how one can surely revitalize their illustrations. It is the correct time for you to get your tools out and begin to work on creating some fabulous illustrations of your own that would be ready to take over the market!

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