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5 Star Logos that Proudly Boast Excellent Use of Symbols

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Last updated on February 3rd, 2017

A symbol is usually a strategic and creative mélange of graphic elements that depicts a company’s services or products in a pictorial way. Since, symbols are used as an essential tool for creating awareness about products, services, specialties, brands and more; it makes sense for designers to consider using excellent symbols in their logo designs. Remember, a powerful symbol lends a charismatic personality and character to your logo design and speaks a ton about your client’s brand.

The entailing blog discusses about 5 Star Logos that make fabulous use of symbols that tell the brand’s message effectively.

1. Target

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This is also one of the star logos Founded in 1902, Target Corporation ranks amongst some of the world’s largest discount retailers. The company’s logo features the symbol of bulls-eye and this symbol resonates fairly well with company’s passion for innovation and creating great shopping experiences for its buyers. The symbol used in the logo literally means right on the mark, precise and winner. No wonder, it proudly boasts Target Corporation’s powerful presence in the retail industry worldwide.

2. Nike

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Nike Inc. is one of the world’s most popular sportswear brands.It have the most famous star logos With a view to foster a culture of innovation, the company brilliantly uses a swoosh symbol in its logo. This swoosh symbol justifies company’s vision to make every athlete feel motivated and inspired. In fact, the company strongly believes that inspiration and creativity are the two driving factors behind all their products.  The symbol used in the Nike logo highlights movement, approval, speed, accuracy and effectively tries to capture the true essence of their business visions and missions.

3. McDonald’s

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McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, has over 35,000 outlets and caters to around 68 million customers on a day to day basis. The golden arches in their logo symbolically give a welcoming passage to their customers’ good fortune.

4. Apollo

logo design

Apollo is one of the largest manufacturer of rubber tyres in the world. The company exports its products to over 100 countries in different continents including Europe, Asia, and Africa. No wonder, it constantly ranks alongside brands that are considered truly global organizations with focus on quality and dependability. And to exude their high-class service in the field of transportation, the high dependability ratio of their products and the vision to unify their global presence, their logo features the symbol of four wheels.

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5. Windows

Now who doesn’t recognize the Microsoft Windows logo! With Microsoft’s exhaustive expertise in the global IT arena and numerous software products in the pipeline, their logo is truly reminiscent of their business nature. The symbol used in the Windows logo is of a beacon that represents openness, connectivity, transparency, victory and loyalty, everything that Microsoft stands for in the world of business.

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