How To Get A New Logo Design For An Entertainment & Arts Business Start-up Through Crowdsourcing

After you have prepared the layout plan of your entertainment and arts business/start-up, the next big thing on your mind would of course be its successful launch. So, now you should prepare yourself to avail the services of graphic designers because these are the people whom you are going to contact regularly for your brochure, … Continue reading

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WTA Picks Up a Winning Design in the Logo Design Contest

A start-up tour agency, World Tour Agency, operating out of Latin America, was looking to expand its business horizon. However, due to budget constraint, they did not want to invest too heavily in brand promotion. And this is where there marketing team decided to acquire an elegant and unique logo design in order to communicate … Continue reading

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Digital Video And Multimedia Company Selects Winning Logo Design

A digital video and multimedia company selected a winning logo design to represent its business in global market. The company had recently launched a logo design contest at Designhill received a huge response from logo designers. The client chose a winning entry that met the requirements described in its design brief. A logo designer Olivio … Continue reading