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9 Great Resources For Logo Design Education

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design

9 Great Resources for Logo Design Education

Last updated on January 7th, 2020

Logo design is ever evolving field of graphic design with new concepts and techniques emerging regularly. But whether you are a professional graphic designer or a beginner, some basics have to be kept in mind. You can experiment or be creative only by following the dos and don’ts advised by the experts.

A thoughtfully designed and professional logo design is an asset of a company in creating a brand identity. If your logo is memorable due to impressive design, it helps in retaining your targeted customers with your business. Such a logo becomes an effective tool to increase brand awareness.

So, if you have just started in the logo designing field, we give you these resources that you can explore to ensure creativity.

Top Resources by highly respected logo design professionals.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design

You must read this article to know more about basics of logo design with examples of excellently designed logos teaching you more clearly about the characteristics of a great design. Read the article also to enhance your knowledge about design terminologies. In fact, the author, Cameron Chapman has covered most aspects of logo design, ranging from sketching, color selection and typography to the expectations of your clients.


The article has useful links to the websites that are known for their inspirational material for professional designers. To make creative process of logo design clearer and interesting, the author has also included some case studies in this interesting blog.

2. 3 Major Considerations for Excellent Logo Design

This article is yet another thought-provoking piece that discusses the barrage of concerns and questions that most designers are faced with when trying to create a unique and durable logo that has enough substance and power to stand out. This article is centered on three most vital points of the logo design process – competitor analysis, message conveyance and the emphasis on designing a clean and functional logo.


3. The Psychology of Fonts for Logo Design

Fonts play a crucial role in making an impression and sending an intended message through logo design to the audience. Professional designers are very particular about choosing their fonts in order to ascertain the style of the letters. Careless selection of typefaces can ruin your otherwise pleasant design.

This amazing article published on Creative Overflow gives you detailed information on various aspects of selecting the right font to design your logo. This article is a brilliant way to imbibe crucial details about modern fonts, serif fonts and novelty typefaces.

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4. 10 Tips for Designing Logos that Don’t Suck

This is yet another useful article for those who are just starting out in the world of logo designing. It specifically reveals the quintessential characteristics of great logos and the easy ways to design them. The article explains why many logos fail to make their mark and how one can learn from such logos. The article offers an extravagant dose of creativity and inspiration to design a logo that stands a class apart from insipid and woefully uninspired pieces of creative work. With examples of some of the most visually appealing logos, this article helps you understand how to create logos that never fail to summon the desired attention and interest from onlookers.

5. Logo Design: 60 Pro Tips

Read this article for valuable information on different aspects of the logo design process. Published on Creative Bloq, this article provides an overview of creating a logo design from inspiration to shape of the logo. With 60 unique and easy to follow tips, this article takes you through steps until you have finished the design completely. You also come to know about the specific techniques to ensure brand identity through logo design.

6. 10 Common Mistakes in Logo Design

For amateur and novice designers, it makes sense to get well acquainted to the common mistakes of logo design. Many designers don’t pay heed to these common mistakes and end up designing a uninspring logo. The article points out these common mistakes in order to help you refrain from such mistakes. The errors include classical mistakes such as use of too many fonts and ‘designing for yourself rather than your client.’

7. Designing Logos With Color Psychology

Colors are integral part of the logo designing process. Remember, it’s difficult become a successful graphic designer without having a sound knowledge of color psychology. In logo design particularly, the science and art of color is of great importance to create a desired impact on the targeted audience. The article brings you up-close and personal with the true physcology of colors and how they work to evoke human emotions. The article illustrates important points by providing examples. In addition, skimming through this article will help you learn about the relationship between color and emotion and how this system really works.

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8. 2014 Logo Trends

Are you the one who loves to hunt the latest logo design trends? Well, this article published on Logo Lounge warns the designers about bad impact of the trends on logo creation process. While knowing about the trends is helpful to certain extent, depending on them will result in creating a clichéd design. But it is smart to be the trendsetter, then follow trends.

9. 7 Killer Tips for Logo Design

This article helps you enhance your logo design skills. It supports you with many tips and offers advice on crucial design aspects. For instance, the author suggests that the designer and the client should not expect the logo to be an instant hit.

Did we miss out on any article that you believe can help design a logo that can take elements of your brand and showcase those elements to the world in a way that’s even more awesome? Please share with us in the comment box below.

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