Creating Better Designer Profiles: 3 Do’s and Don’ts

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How to create better designer portfolio

At Designhill, we always encourage designers to make a good profile page that will not only help them achieve more one-to-one projects here but can also help them personally.  Your profile is actually one of your greatest assets that can be used in displaying your work, artistic skills and professionalism, and attracting more and more clients.

Your designer profile has different sections but the most important ones are your avatar, your profile cover and your bio. In this article, we will discuss some heedful do’s and don’ts of each of these 3 sections in detail, so that you can make most of your overall profile.

Check out the suggestions below and see if you’re going wrong somewhere.

  1. Avatar – The first thing that most of us see is the profile picture of a person. The profile picture is perhaps the important component of a profile. And in a world where attention span of users is even less than that of a goldfish, if your avatar isn’t eye-catching, you can miss the opportunity to impress a potential client or create a killer impression on the viewers. Therefore, it makes sense to try and create a killer avatar for your profile.

Here’s is a little smattering on what you should do and shouldn’t do when choosing your avatar.

Do: You can simply use your personal photograph as the avatar image as it will connect faster with the clients or businesses. Make sure that your image looks serious, professional and trustworthy. You can hire a professional photographer for the same if you wish.

Don’t: You don’t have to look sexy or stunning in your profile picture. So, refrain from getting sensuous pics clicked for your avatar image. Remember, it only reflect upon your casual attitude towards work. Also, don’t ever make the mistake of uploading someone else’s photo as your avatar as it may eventually damage your credibility.

Look of Professional Designers Picture


(Image source:

In a case you decide to use an illustration in your avatar, make sure it is a simple and uncomplicated one.

  1. Profile Cover – A cover page gives you ample space to highlight some of your best work. Therefore, use this opportunity of attracting your clients visually to the fullest. Create a profile cover that goes well with your profile image, something that reflects your work style.

Do: Make the maximum use of the width of your cover page. You can blend your designs or make a collage of your design work. Show your creativity and attract clients.   

Don’t: Ever use images that you don’t own. Also, make sure that you don’t place important images or designs on the far left or right as when a client opens your page through mobile, there are chances that the design will get cut.

example of designer bio section

Bio – The bio section of your profile gives you a chance to describe yourself, your passion for the design work and your achievements so far.  Make sure whatever you write here is original and from your heart so that it impresses the people.

Do: Clearly write your hobbies, education and special skills. Try to write something unique. By this we mean, just writing “I am a graphic designer” is nothing new that people will love to read. Therefore, write a short yet sweet description of yourself and your work. Something that stands out from the crowd.

Don’t: Writing a famous quote is a big NO. What you like, another person may or may not like it. And also a quote won’t tell your client anything about your work. Remember, write in a language that your clients would read and understand easily.


So, use these pointers to improve your profile further and make the most of it. Though there are more sections to a designer’s profile, these are the first three things any person would notice. And since you know, first impression matters, make sure your profile leaves a long lasting impact.

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