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Top 10 Small Business Tools You Must Use In 2022

by Designhill Tweet - in Small Business - [wtr-time]

Small Business Tools

Last updated on February 3rd, 2022

Starting a business is perhaps easy but to run it successfully in today’s highly competitive market is too daunting a task. Small businesses specially are overwhelmed by the ever growing size of today’s markets and ever increasing number of competitors. But there are many handy tools that can help them achieve success and stand out from the crowd. Such tools allow them to foresee the trends of tomorrow and plan carefully to deal with any difficulties and challenges in the market.

Here, we present to you a specially curated list of best small business tools that you can utilize to stand out from the crowd, establish your brand identity, garner media mileage and build a loyal customer base around your small business brand.

Here Are The Top 10 Small Business Tools That You Must Use In 2022

01. EcoSign

Most small businesses usually have a small office space where keeping important documents in an organized manner becomes a daunting task.

EcoSign is your eco-friendly solution to upload your documents in its server and then you can access it, use and even send it to other people.


EcoSign allows you to sign contracts in a hassle-free way without needing any printer or scanner. All you need to do is to type your name and initials and then you can have your signed documents on EcoSign server.

This means you will not be wasting hundreds of dollars on printer, ink, papers and even scanners.

02. Designhill

Designhill is yet another brilliant tool for small businesses. It helps you source meaningful, creative and professional illustrations and graphics without having you to spend through your nose.


Designhill puts you in touch with graphic artists, logo designers, illustrators and a whole network of visual artists from all over the world, ready to jump into action and craft  unique, durable and affordable brand identity designs for your small business.

03. DropBox

DropBox is a multitasking tool and it can help you create a virtual link between your internet connected devices. You can save your videos, documents, images into Dropbox account by using its cloud saving capability.


Once saved, you may easily share files with others. Dropbox also enables you to organize your files and create personalized folders to save your documents and allows you to access those documents whenever you want.

04. Wix

Wix is particularly useful resource for creating creative website designs without having to learn the tact of web designing. It makes it easy for you to develop a blog or improve your website in easy and non-complex steps as there is no coding involved.


You may use the easy drag and drop feature to customize your site. You can also swap your old template for an updated version. It is a great platform to create websites and develop blogging platform with ease and convenience and without any professional help.

05. Google Analytics

As a small business owner, it’s important for you to keep a track of the number if visitors coming to your site. Google Analytics is a brilliant tool to measure and analyze the traffic to your site. The tool lets you know the source of the traffic and key demographics of your target audience.

Google Analytics

These details play a major role in renewing your marketing strategies. You can find out countries and regions where your website is accessed frequently.

Analytics offers this valuable piece of information in the form of charts and graphs for easy understanding of consumers’ behavior and get user feedback on your site.

06. Omni Focus

A small business owner needs to handle too many projects at the same time and this may leave you stressed. But with Omni Focus, you can easily meet your organizational challenges. They start by collecting your data and the list of your current tasks including your thoughts and casual notes.

Omni Focus

Once the data is in place, Omni Focus can quickly organize it in an orderly manner so that you don’t need to segregate and search for the data each time. In order to avoid loss of data, the tool also syncs your data onto their cloud server.

07. Skype

This is perhaps one of the essential small business tools that remains most important for small businesses. With Skype, you can have a face-to-face conversation with all your overseas clients and partners. This way, you can save exorbitant call charges. It also allows you to send and receive business documents quickly during a call.


It allows you access to video, phone and chat followed with facial verification. Its video capabilities are great especially when you want to engage large groups. Its compatible with mobile, so you may chat, call or video call even on the go.

08. MailChimp

MailChimp is your go-to tool if you’re planning to launch an email newsletter campaign to spread a word about your business. The tool helps immensely in distributing your business newsletter from the list of your current contacts.


So, there is no need to spend thousands on creating professional email designs manually as the same impact can be ensured through this easy to use tool. Those without tech or design experience can easily handle and explore MailChimp.

09. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking and time management software that helps you get a lot more done each day.

Our software can be used by individuals or teams to track time for tasks as well as to monitor computer activity, by taking screenshots while working, monitoring keyboard and mouse activity, and tracking web app and website usage.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor lets you harvest time tracking data on your company’s work habits and then provides analytics to show key areas where improvements can be made.

10. LinkedIn

Small businesses looking for the best new talent from across the world can depend on LinkedIn. This social site has become a staple for many businesses across the globe.

There are thousands of professionals listed on this amazing site. You can explore different portfolios and contact professionals of your choice.


You may even join LinkedIn groups dedicated to small businesses to collaborate, connect and discuss various issues and challenges with other small business leaders. This social site even offers you an access to multitude of valuable editorials and blogs on small businesses.

Additional Resource

Unlock your creativity and bring your team together with the fastest free prototyping tool. Whether you are designing, searching for investment or gathering user feedback, Fluid UI is the tool that will allow you to take your startup to the next level.

These are just some of the many essential small business tools that you must take advantage of in order to reach your the target audience in a more meaningful way.

Have you used any of these small business tools? How was your experience? Share your thoughts and reviews in the comment section below.

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