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How Innovatively Businesses Promote Themselves in Festive Season

by Designhill Tweet - in Small Business

Businesses Promotion

Last updated on January 12th, 2022

Festive season is an opportunity for businesses to sell more. People tend to buy more things during festivals to celebrate with family and friends.

It is due to spike in demand that companies look forward to sell products or services in an aggressive manner using advertising and marketing.

In fact, many new businesses wait for festive seasons for a major enhancement in sales with the aim of compensating for otherwise poor sales experienced for major part of a year.

However, competition during increase in festival demand is also a time for facing tough competition. In any field of business, companies have to deal with aggressive approach of competitors.

This means that you are not going to take advantage of increased demand just because of festivals being around. Your products or services are in demand but other sellers too are approaching your target customers to grab a share from the pie.

This brings us to business promotion tactics during festive seasons. A company must enter a festival time well prepared for competition. If it knows about some time-tested marketing strategies, chances are that it will eventually win hearts of consumers and sales will skyrocket during the season.

Remember that people are already in a buying mode. At such an opportune time, if they are lured with some clever marketing ideas, sales will grow rapidly. So, what business ideas should you is following to promote your company and its offering to consumers during a festival?

Here Are Some of the Proven Tips You Must Take Into Account..

Don’t Be Too Aggressive and Respect Customers

Many companies make mistake of taking customers for granted and think that they will be overjoyed by seeing products at cheaper prices. While discounts are attractive offers during festivals, still avoid an aggressive approach.

You should not be thrusting your offerings on your valued customers. It is advisable to simply make your offer and do not force yourself on them.

For example, it would be a mistake to assume that your customers are always delighted when hearing Christmas greetings. They may be from other faiths, forcing your celebration on their throats will be wrong idea, and it can even backfire. Make sure that your campaign resonates with customers.

Find out Where the People Are !

As part of your marketing strategy, one of the first things to consider is to search for your target customers. Since your customers are a section of population, you must target all the people.

Therefore, use those platforms where modern day people spend time more. For example, in case you are running a week’s special marketing campaign ahead of a festival, you can choose email as your main marketing tool for business promotion.

However, if you are offering a discount for a very short period, send out a mass text message. You can also post on social media. These two methods can give you a larger ready audience for your business.

But look for the right marketing platform after considering profile of your target customers.

Respect Old Traditions and Beliefs

Festivals are mostly about people’s set of beliefs and faith. While promoting your products, make sure that you know the importance of an occasion in the life of your valued customers. Therefore, respect their faith, belief, customers and traditions.

For example, if your company staff is made of different sections of people’s faith and beliefs, then choose your business promotion amongst those who are from a faith of majority of them. Then, you can also appease the people who are from other beliefs.

However, do not be afraid of exploring current traditions, which are followed, by most of your customers. For example, a Christmas tree is generally a symbol of festivities across all people of different faith. So, you can use the tree as a symbol for promoting your business.

Design New Graphic Items

Festival is also a time when people love to see new things around. In fact, the time is all about creating wonderful things so that it evokes the feeling of happiness. Taking advantage of this feeling, create special logos as a symbol of your business for festival seasons.

You do not have to redesign your existing logo. All you should be doing is to tweak your company logo to accommodate some festive elements in the design.

People will relate more with such a logo more during an occasion. Similarly, design your marketing material such as business cards, stationery, and websites etc especially keeping holidays and festival in mind.

Do not worry about costs of designing logos etc graphic designs. Crowdsourcing platforms like Designhill are ideal to get great logos and other graphic design items at very low prices without compromising on quality.

Create Own New Traditions

One of the most amazing tactics for business promotion is to develop a tradition of your own. Later on, people start associating with these traditions with your company, which ultimately results in great increase in sales.

Take for example, the Coca Cola polar bears, which are now an iconic symbol of this enterprise. The company especially uses this symbol during holidays.

People are now so much attached to a symbol that many of them do not feel like being in that time of the year if they do not see the symbol. Another such example is Elf on the Shelf, which has taken the nation by storm.

Word of Mouth Works Best

You should avoid spending too much on marketing for festival season. During this time of the year, you can rest your marketing machinery.

This is because people will take charge of advertising your products and offerings. They are most talking of shopping, which means that your products and discounts will also be subject of their talks.

When people meet during holidays or festivals, they talk about shopping and exchange first-hand information about products, where they are going to buy from and so on.

Chances are that your product or service also comes in their conversation. All you need to do is to make your offerings visible to them.


Give Them a Story

Story telling is a great marketing way that expert marketers are using these days. Everyone loves to hear stories. You can use it to capture attention of your target audience.

When marketing your product or service online or advertising on newspapers etc, do not just go for a plan display.

Instead, tell something about your business, company, your ambition, purpose behind launching a product, how customers can benefit and so on. Give your marketing content a form of story, which everyone likes to hear.

Hope that these tips are useful in creating an effective marketing campaign to take advantage of festive mood of people. If you too have some suggestions to make, you can share with us here.

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