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How To Earn Money From Designhill

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Webinar

Earn Money

Last updated on March 6th, 2023

Freelance graphic designers look for different ways to earn money. But a majority of them do not get enough working opportunities. A primary reason behind many talented designers not earning as per their potential is that they are not aware of some of the best paying jobs. Another reason is that they do not know how to take maximum advantage of available job resources.

Working from home has become a fad with more and more people wanting to get rid of the office jobs. They prefer freelancing over office jobs for a variety of reasons. But the most significant reason is that people want to be their own master. Most such professionals just love to set their own working hours for more time for themselves.

Another reason is related to creative freedom. Some professionals just wish to work on their own terms and conditions. They set their own rules and need time to ponder on some creative ideas. When you are your own boss, you have plenty of time to experiment with different design ideas. Most creative people, therefore, opt for working from their own studio.

A Major Platform For Freelancers

The growing trend of skillful professionals thinking of working as a freelancer is evident from some glaring facts. According to surveys, about 36% of the US workers are freelancers. This translates to around 57.3 million people as freelancers using the social channel.

Therefore, freelancing is now an industry that contributed $1.4 trillion to the US economy in 2017. As far as graphic designers’ earnings are concerned, they get at least $27 per hour in the US. Experienced designers with higher skill sets get paid even more.

One of the favorite resources of freelance graphic designers to find work is designed marketplaces. Plenty of such marketplaces are accessible on the web today. But Designhill leads them by offering more earning opportunities with many useful features for freelance designers.

Designhill is a leading marketplace today for the clients who need a wide range of graphic design works done as per their brief. So, right from logos to business cards to websites and brochures, leaflets to packaging design and even mobile apps, business owners can get their design works accomplished to their satisfaction.

Hundreds of small to medium businesses place their design requirements at this marketplace. Along with such enormous opportunities, this site makes the design process and working with clients an easier task. This is the reason why the site is a favorite work resource for talented designers.

Designhill is already home to thousands of graphic designers. They come from different backgrounds from across the globe.

However, there are still many designers whose freelance earnings do not match their talent and skill. Freelance graphic designers should explore Designhill to their advantage. For this, they must consider some basics.

How To Enhance Your Earnings From Designhill?

Designhill is a vast platform when it comes to many ways to earn as a graphic designer. This marketplace lets clients and designers come together to create a wide range of designs. As a graphic designer, you can search for work under different categories. These include Logo & Brand Identity Card, Logo & Social Media Pack, Logo Design, Business & Advertising, Brand & Identity, Mobile & App, Illustration & Art, Product Design, Clothing & Apparel, and Social Media.

As a talented and experienced designer, or as a beginner, just explore these categories to find out the work that suits your skills and interest.

Designhill offers you the following opportunities to increase your earnings as a freelance graphic designer

Here Is The Video Of The Webinar

Here Are The Opportunities To Earn Money From Designhill

01. Design Contests

Business owners place their design requirements with Designhill under different categories. They want designers to create beautiful logos, business cards, brochures, websites, social media page designs, product designs, and so on. All you need to do is to scan the new assignments from the clients in the categories that interest you. So, if you are interested in designing logos, then opt for logo contests, or if you like to create unique business cards, then visit the cards contests.

Design Contest

You should carefully read the design brief that comes with every design contest. Then, start creating the designs. Each contest has prize money, and most of them offer a guaranteed prize to the designers who win the contests. For talented designers, winning many contests in different categories is not unusual at this site.

02. Graphic Design Services

To earn more money from Designhill, you can also create custom services of your own at this platform. With many years of experience behind and higher skill sets, your unique services will surely attract clients who are willing to splurge on quality designs. You can set your own terms and prices for your services.

Graphic Design Services

Then, start selling your specialized services to thousands of customers from across the world using this site. This is your surefire way to earn more money in a hassle-free way and get your payments via the website instantly. However, you should create a design portfolio on Designhill.

You can explore the site’s vast network of 100,000 buyers. The site allows you to keep 90% of your earnings from the sale.

03. One To One Design Projects

One-to-One Design Projects is all about a designer working for a particular client. Unlike design contest, which is open to all the designers, you will be the sole designer working on the client’s project.

One To One Design Projects

An advantage of it is that you can review a project. Then, if it suits your interests, you can set your own profitable price by directly talking to the client. If the client agrees, you earn a good amount of money and Designhill ensures the payment.

04. Jobs

Besides the contests, services, and one-to-one projects, you can browse hundreds of design jobs on this site. You can choose the jobs that match your skill sets and interest you more than others. Remember that there is no contest in choosing the job.


So, all you need to do is to provide clients with your high-quality source files to pick the jobs of your choice. There is no competition here. Finish the job by handing over files to the client and start working on the next one.

So, these are the means you should explore to earn money as a freelance graphic designer at the site.

However, some new and less experienced designers need to know the correct approach for taking the maximum advantage of the site while exploring the above resources to earn more.

Keeping that in mind, Designhill itself has taken the initiative to educate designers on how to make more money using this marketplace.

With this intention, Designhill organized an exclusive webinar on the topic “How to Earn Money” on June 26, 2019. The guest speaker was none other than the co-founder of this leading marketplace, Mr. Rahul Aggrawal.

We give you the webinar video here. Watch Mr. Rahul Aggrawal sharing his experience and expertise in different aspects of earning money on this platform. His valuable tips can help you transform your earning potential from low to high.

Not only that, but he also gave an insight into how to drive more clients to your will learn the tricks to earn more by listing your services on Designhill. Also, get tips on various ways to increase your followers on the marketplace. Overall, the key tips will help you become a preferred designer for most clients.

So, these were the essential tips that we can offer you to make most of Designhill to earn money. You should explore all of its resources to the best of your ability if you intend to be fully self-dependent in terms of monetary gains.

To Sum Up

Designhill is a prominent graphic design platform that lets business owners and graphic designers from across the world come together to create unique designs. This very marketplace is also a good source of decent earnings for freelance graphic designers. They can earn from winning design contests, with dozens of them launched daily. Other ways at this platform to earn are your own graphic design services, One-to-One projects, and tasks.

Participate In a Design Contest

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