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15 Most Creative Business Logos Ever Made

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Business Logos

Last updated on February 9th, 2023

Businesses need strong visual identities so that they can project a trustworthy image amongst consumers. But the image building is a never-ending process in a brand’s life. It begins with creating unique and creative business logos.

The significance of corporate logos is evident in the modern competitive world. Creative business logos that are unique and memorable linger in our memories. Not only that, they subconsciously compel us to think of the companies when we intend to buy products or services. That is the power of logos. These business symbols have some control over our minds in some way. They play their role in our buying decisions when we shop.

Remember that hundreds of businesses are competing hard to grab a market share. But the market mercilessly eliminates many of them who could not make an impact on their target consumers.

Reasons for many businesses not making it big and winding up early are many and varied. But most such companies had one factor in common. They had weaker logos that failed to impress viewers. Those badly designed logos, as well as their other websites, business cards, etc visuals, could not make people’s heads turn to their companies consistently.

This is the reason that globally successful companies boast of iconic and creative business logos. These symbols have, in fact, become part of modern cultures across the world. Considering the impact of a logo, a professional graphic designer looks inspiration for unique ideas.

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Here Are 15 Most Creative Business Logos Ever Made

01. Starbucks

The Starbucks logo has been considered as one of the most creative business logos. It first appeared in 1971. Since then, this logo has seen many changes in its design. Now it is an iconic business symbol. When it was first released, it had the company name. But now that consumers world over know the company’s coffee beverage business very well, it dropped the name in its newest logo version.


That happens with most global brands and famous logos. They just remove their brand name and keep only the image in logos, expressing showing their authority over their niche market.

02. WWF

World Wildlife Fund was founded in 1961 and its logo was also introduced in the same year. Known as one of the most famous logos, the WWF logo has been a great logo design inspiration for its unique use of the white space to complete the panda image. There are only a few of the panda’s bodily features in black and the viewer can complete rest of them with imagination quickly. It’s a cute logo.


This is one of those business card design ideas that do not go undergo many changes.  It was only in 1986 that the WWF was in the logo and in 2000 the font was altered a bit. Businesses need strong logos such as the WWF logo to create a dominating visual identity of their products or services.

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03. McDonald’s

McDonald’s logo’s golden arches are a distinctive identity and everyone recognizes it. Surely, it is one of the most recognized creative food or restaurant business logos in the world. The company is in the fast-food restaurant business.


The yellow color stands for the raw energy of young people who are the target customers of the company. This color also is the color of sunshine, symbolizing hope.

04. AT&T

AT&T was founded as the Bell Telephone Company in 1877, which was rechristened as American Telephone & Telegraph in 1885. Its logo witnessed some vital changes. In the beginning, it had an illustration of a bell due to the bell telephone system.

AT & T

When this system finally became outdated, the company redesigned the logo design and replaced the older one. The new logo had an illustration of a layered globe. This design was from legendary logo designer Saul Bass.

Later on, the new logo was also given a new look in 2000. The current version is in the form of the 3D transparent globe. It has lowercase “at&t”, which was adopted in 2005 and became one of the memorable corporate logos.

05. Apple

The Apple logo has always been amongst iconic creative business logos. With the ever-increasing popularity of Apple products, the logo also has acquired its present iconic stature.


The logo is now known for its sleek and clean design. It has a half bitten apple, symbolizing the byte of the electronic world. This logo shows you how to design a killer logo for your brand. Note that just a simple but elegant shape of an apple makes this design, which is scalable and versatile.

06. FedEx

FedEx logo is a shining example of creative business logos that left an indelible impact on viewers and professional designers. This logo is still recognized as an excellent example of simplistic but effective designs.


While no doubt that it is a simple design, there is a surprise hidden for the viewers. There is an arrow hidden in the white space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’.

When you create your own logo, you must use white space strategically to send the right brand message to the audience. This surprising element helps in designing logos in a unique way.

07. Canon

The Canon logo has been around since 1934. Since then it has continued to prove its worth for the company by converting people into loyal customers. In the initial phase of the company, the logo featured the Buddhist goddess of mercy.


In the later years, however, the company thought it fit to simplify the symbol and it only retained the company name Kwanon after its first camera. After the company started commercial production, the brand name was changed to Canon. The modern version of the logo was redesigned in 1956. It is a stylized text logo.

08. Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car brand. Its logo is the triangle star that represents the company in its own unique way. This is one of those business logos that the audience recognizes immediately and associates it with the high-end car brand. The star stands for the company’s dominance of the niche luxury car market.


The logo has a three-pointed star that conveys that the company dominates the land, sea, and air. It was in 1901 when a father gave orders of 36 cars to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft but with a condition that his 11-year-old daughter’s name Mercedes be given to the order. That was the reason that the brand name Mercedes and its insertion in the logo came into existence.

09. Pepsi

Pepsi is a well-recognized cola drink brand all over the world. Due to the brand’s overwhelming presence across all countries, everyone is familiar with its logo. Pepsi logos stand out as one of the best logos for its unique color use and shape. The logo is shaped like a soft drink bottle cap that appears to be like a happy customer enjoying the soft drink.


The logo uses red, white, and blue colors to convey its message of celebration and joy. Since the brand’s inception in 1898, its logo has seen numerous design changes. But the basic shape of the logo as a bottle cap that looks also as a globe remains unchanged. The company tweaks the design a little bit to make it look contemporary in style. Recently, the company name was added in scripted font to the logo. But people recognize this logo even without the brand name.

10. Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)

The Hewlett-Packard logo was introduced in 1939 and it is more or less unchanged since then. The logo is an excellent example of minimalistic design. You can notice that the company’s initials ‘h’ and ‘p’ make the design unique. Both the letters look like they are inverted images of each other.

Hewlett-Packard Company

The company made attempts to further simplify the logo in 2011. At that time, angular lines replaced the letters. The lines gave a hint of the letter and many appreciated the new design. But the company did not use the new logo for some reasons. Perhaps a reason for that was that the old version had acquired the status of being one of the popular logos amid consumers.

11. Nike

The Nike swoosh logo is amongst the best logos due to its simple and minimalistic design approach. A graphic design student Carolyn Davidson created this logo way back in 1971. It is merely a swoosh that people liked and it soon became popular with the audience.


Today, it has become synonymous with the company’s name. Due to its easily recognizable design, the sports shoe maker company has a trustworthy identity in the markets across the globe.

12. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola logo will always be there in any list of creative business logos. The company built its brand gradually over time. This logo is a great example of the use of classical lettering style to convey the brand message. With this type of letters, a brand signals that it is well-established and recognized in its market.


Since Coca-Cola is amongst the brands that have been around for many decades, the classical style of the logo suits it. The red color evokes passion, energy, and aggression of young people who are the target customers of this brand. It surely is one of the timeless popular logos.

13. Shell

Great business ideas work for a company only when they are supported by equally great marketing strategies and, most importantly, impressive visual identities. The Shell logo is one of those symbols that we all appreciate for impactful design.


In its initial phase, the logo was a sketchy black and white image of a shell. The energy and petrochemical company redesigned the logo by adding colors. The new logo had red and yellow colors to give it a distinctive identity, though the original shape of it remained. Since then, the colored version continued to be almost the same. With the time, the company tweaked the logo a little bit to give it a more refined look.

14. Chanel

The Chanel logo is another great example of memorable business logos from the fashion world. This was first designed in 1925 and it has remained unchanged since then. The logo has overlapping double ‘C’.


The logo features two interlocking ‘c’s that are bold and black. These letters stand for the names of founders’ – Coco Chanel, who design the logo. The inspiration behind the logo was the windows of the orphanage where Chanel grew up.

When you design a logo, colors matter a lot to evoke the right emotion. In this logo also, the black color stands for luxury and authority. It evokes passion and sophistication. It is also a simple design, which is why its design lasted for so many decades and still looks impressive.

15. NBC

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) used many logos over the course of its history. But its current business logo design, launched in 1956, is unique for the use of a peacock figure. Since the company is in color programming, it rightly chose peacock as a central figure for its logo. Later, the company made the peacock symbol as its marketing tool of color broadcasts.


There are many design elements in the NBC logo. If you look at the beak of the peacock in white space, it looks like facing to the right. This signifies the forward direction of progress that the company intends to make in the future.

You can also note the six feathers of the peacock. These feathers stand for the company’s six divisions. So, yellow is for the news section, red stands for entertainment, blue for the network, orange is for sports, green represents the production section, and purple is for stations.  The network has strict rules for replicating the logo elements exactly to maintain its brand identity.

These are the major creative business logos from our list. You may add many more to it since there are hundreds of other successful companies with impressive logos. You can leave comments here.

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Wrapping Up…

Creative business logos hold great significance when it comes to projecting a trustworthy image of a brand. All globally recognized businesses boast of logos that have attained iconic status. Many such logos have become part of popular culture.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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