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Top 20 Remarkable Campaign Slogans For Advertising

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Advertisement Design

campaign slogans

Last updated on September 28th, 2023

Whenever you think of the brands you know or perhaps love, there are chances that you not only recall the brand name but campaign slogans too. Today, almost every brand is coming up with catchy slogans so that they can make a long lasting impression in the minds of their target audience.

Slogans are the taglines or phrases that are used by a company to express the importance or the core idea of their products or services. In other words, it is a mini statement about business.

In today’s competitive world, every day we get to see a lot of catchphrases. But only the catchy and best slogans win the heart and remain memorable in our minds for a longer period of time.

What makes a slogan memorable? Apart from evoking brand name, it has the positive ‘X’ factor which makes us look at it twice or even thrice. According to Charles Whittier book ‘Creative Advertising’- A slogan should be a statement of such merit about a product or service that is worthy of continuous repetitive advertising; is worthwhile for the public to remember, and is phrased in such a way that the public is likely to remember it.

Here Are Top 20 Campaign Slogans For Advertising

01. Nike – “Just Do It”

‘Just Do It’ is one of the most popular campaign slogans in the history of advertising. Their apparels have this slogan printed on it. People recognize the slogan and associate it with the brand. The slogan is 30 years old and was created by the famous advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Nike - Just Do It

Dan Wieden, in one of his interview, revealed the story behind this famous slogan. As per him, the campaign slogan was based on the last words of Gary Gilmore – a criminal murderer from Portland. When Gary was put in front of the firing squads, he was asked about his last words.

He casually said ‘Let’s do it.’ Although the co-founder was quite doubtful about this slogan, Wieden assured him that it would work. Campaign Magazine later described this slogan as ‘the best tagline of the 20th century.’

02. Apple – “Think Different”

The slogan was first introduced in Apple’s advertisement ‘Here’s to the Crazy Ones, Think Different.’ This advertising slogan helped the brand in achieving one of the biggest corporate changes in the history of the business. To highlight the slogan, Apple makes a selection of famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Gandhi, etc. who never got scared to ‘think different.’

Apple – “Think Different”

As soon as the slogan accompanied Apple advertisements everywhere, people started realizing that the brand was not just an old computer; it’s so powerful and user-friendly that it made computer users feel like tech-savvy and innovative. According to Forbes, within the launch of the campaign, the stock price of the brand tripled.

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03. L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”

It is another one of the most famous campaign slogans in the history of advertisement. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are worth it? L’Oreal, one of the most renowned cosmetic brands came up with this slogan in 1971. It is the first slogan that was created from a women perspective.

Through this catchy slogan, the brand wanted to communicate that woman wears makeup to make themselves feel desirable, wanted, and worth it. And if they are buying and applying makeup, they are not doing anything wrong.

L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It”

The TV commercial featured a woman rationalizing her choice to purchase high-quality branded beauty products for the first time.

Today, we all may resist accepting the idea of cosmetic company indicating feminism, but L’Oreal ads were evidently revolutionary at the time of featuring a woman speaking for herself. Even today, L’Oreal advertisements have powerful women as brand ambassadors.

04. KFC – “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”

Though this famous tagline has been replaced with “So Good”, but it remained with the brand for 50 years. It proves that if a company has a catchy slogan, trends can do nothing. The slogan came into existence to communicate that the taste of the chicken is great.

KFC – “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”

Generally, there are writers to write business slogans, but if we talk about KFC, the slogan originated accidently. When David Harman (franchise) got caught eating chicken in the background of U.S T.V commercial, a viewer complained to T.V station that Mr. Harman was licking his fingers.

The story goes and Harbough (the restaurant manager) spontaneously replied ‘Its finger lickin’ good.’ Who knew that this would become one of the most famous campaign slogans?

05. Coco- Cola – “Share A Coke”

When you have a brand that is so popular and big, there is often pressure to something innovative. So what did Coca-Cola do appeal to the audience? They appealed them by putting their names on bottles. The company replaced Coca-Cola from one side of the bottle with the famous slogan ‘Share a Coke.’

Coco- Cola – “Share A Coke”

The campaign personalized bottles with 250 most popular names. Consumers were motivated to discover bottles with their names. Additionally, they were asked to share their stories or experience with #ShareaCoke.

Although the campaign was first launched in Australia in 2011, in 2014, it released its first T.V commercial with this popular slogan. Over the years the campaign has evolved with new lyrics, names, and flavors.

According to Coke’s brand manager, the first year was all about introducing the new idea, but after that, it has become more about the experience and moments shared.

06. Dunkin’ Donuts – “America Runs On Dunkin”

An American multinational coffee company launched this slogan with its new campaign in 2006. It was the most important repositioning in the history of the company. The campaign focused on how Dunkin Donuts keeps Americans energized while they are on the go.

Dunkin’ Donuts – “America Runs On Dunkin”

In one of their advertisement, they demonstrated a person changing a tire, another putting a leg on the table, and the third person is fixing pipes along with other tasks. In each shot, they put Dunkin Donuts cup to communicate their message. Apart from its logo design, this famous slogan appeared on all their products – from coffee cups to napkins.

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07. Kit Kat – “Have A Break, Have A Kit Kat”

One of the world-wide best known advertising slogans ‘Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat’ was first launched in 1957. Even after 62 years, its impact is still profound. The slogan was created by Donald Gilles. After one year of the launch, it was used on brand’s first T.V spot.

Kit Kat

In the beginning, the slogan was used to welcome 11 o’clock morning tea break (common in British), but after it gained popularity, especially on television, the flexibility of the slogan makes this slogan lasts for a longer period of time. The benefits of taking a break from something could be applied in all kinds of stressful situations.

08. De Beers – “A Diamond Is Forever”

During the 19th century, Diamonds were considered to be a symbol of power and wealth for extremely rich people. It was 1947 when Se Beers came up with one of the iconic campaign slogans of the century.

Through this slogan, the brand wanted to communicate that just like a relationship, De Beers diamond is eternal. The brand succeeds in connecting with the audience emotionally.

In fact, right from the evolution of advertising, its main objective has been to establish an emotional connect with the target audience.

De Beers

Through the campaign, they ended up creating a demand creating a demand for diamond by convincing people that marriage is incomplete without a diamond ring.

After the launch of the campaign, the sales of the brand got increased by 55%. Today, almost every bride in the U.S wears a diamond engagement ring.

09. Panasonic – “A Better Life, A Better World”

Panasonic, a multinational electronics corporation came up with its new business slogan to explain the vision that the company aimed for towards the 100th anniversary. It is based on the company’s ageless basic management objective and the vision and direction that the company is trying to achieve.


The slogan also expresses the brand’s idea of expanding and pursuing a better life for every customer in every field like business, home, travel, etc. The brand contributes to environmental activities in both B2B and B2C businesses as well.

10. Dollar Shave Club – “Shave Time. Shave Money”

With this slogan, the people at Dollar Shave club have proved that when it comes to marketing and advertising, they clearly know what they are doing. The slogan makes its position in the top campaign slogans list because of its cleverness.

Dollar Shave Club

The slogan cleverly incorporates the two services of the brand i.e convenience and cost. They want their customers to save time in going out to buy razors again and again. The brand has tried to play with words, making it one of the funny slogans in advertising history.

11. Disney – “The Happiest Place On Earth”

Business slogans that are created carefully always communicate the brand’s values and promises successfully. And Disney’s “The Happiest Place on Earth” slogan is one the great example. People from all over the world come to this magic kingdom to experience that promise.


The company has created most loved cartoon characters and still hold the record of winning the highest Oscar awards and nominations throughout its journey. The theme park attracts people of every age from all over the world, making it one of the happiest places on Earth.

12. Wendy’s – “Where’s The Beef”

This famous slogan came into the limelight in 1984. The main objective behind this campaign was to set apart from big brands like McDonald’s, Big Mac, Whopper, etc. The advertisement featured three old ladies, out of which one demands more meat in a big hamburger.


One of the famous campaign slogans “Where’s the Beef” was used in the film to point out the less beef in competitor’s burgers. The campaign was such a big hit that even today; the slogan is used to question the authenticity behind anything.

13. Old Spice – “Smell Like A Man, Man”

A carefully designed campaign can help the failing brand in getting a new brand identity. Old Spice “Smell like a Man, Man” is a classic example of it. Earlier the brand was only associated with old men.

Old Spice

The advertisement showcased how a body wash can change your ideal man to ‘manly man.’ The ad winds up with one of the famous campaign slogans ‘Smell like a Man, Man” with the company’s jingle that plays in the background. Soon after the launch of the campaign, it succeeds in generating a word-of-mouth buzz both online and offline.

14. Visa – “It’s Everywhere You Want To Be”

In 2014, Visa bid adieu its 20 years old slogan. The new slogan communicates the idea that no matter in which part of the world you are in, Visa cards are accepted everywhere. It also conveys that under the same brand i.e Visa, various other options are available including electronic and mobile payments.


Apart from the slogan, the brand also came up with its new logo. If you are planning to create a logo for business or have thought to revamp the older one, then we would suggest you to take the help of professional graphic designer. Logos have the power to make or break the business.

15. Jaguar – “Grace, Space, Pace”

Although one of the most luxury car brands started its journey in 1933, the brand came up with this slogan in 1950. The slogan perfectly defined the brand the way founder wanted to, and today it has become one of the most popular campaign slogans of all time. The slogan perfectly captures the essence of the brand.


Do you want to create a slogan for your brand? Use our slogan generator tool. The tool helps you to create a slogan within minutes.

16. Compass – “Let Us Guide You Home”

For many of us, home is the biggest purchase we can ever make. Compass has one of the best real estate slogans that offer security we always look during the purchase process.

The slogan succeeded in extracting what all big agents are doing. Big agents help their customers, and Compass recognizes that offering value to customers’ means providing assistance at the time of biggest purchase of their lives.


The branding of Compass has always been outstanding. Since the brand offers its services to high-end markets (covering all the major metro cities) and sells seven-or eight-figure properties on a routine basis, its slogan is warm and welcoming.

17. McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It”

“I’m lovin’ it” is another of the top campaign slogans in the history of advertising. Although this famous tagline got launched in 2006, even today it is part of the brand. The slogan has become be one of the longest running campaign slogans in McDonald’s history. It has also proved to be the best example of resonating with the brand’s audience.


People might not find McDonald’s food healthy, but it is not what the brand promises. They only promise about taste and convenience. Did you know that the famous McDonalds jingle ‘ba da ba ba ba’ was originally sung by Justin Timberlake?

18. FedEx – “When There Is No Tomorrow”

“When there is no tomorrow”- this is the promise that the brand made. The slogan communicates that your courier will be processed the very same day because tomorrow will be too late. The slogan perfectly communicates the company’s vision and mission.

Currently, on average, the company delivers 14 million packages a day. Apart from the slogan, which is one of their top campaign slogans, the brand also developed an identity through its logo.

So if you are also looking to create a solid brand identity, then Designhill should be the first stop for all your designing needs.

19. Budweiser – “The King Of Beers”

A few years back, Budweiser came up with the new advertisement that features the close-up shots of the beer and the slogan – ‘The King of Beers.’ The cap of the bottle has been upturned to symbolize crown. The advertisement encouraged the target audience to be confident and take charge of their lives.


Apart from its logo, the brand has used the slogan in their product design. One of the famous branding sites had also listed its new packaging at their top spot.

If you also want to have a unique packaging design for your products then getting graphic design services from reputed service providers can be a wise option.

20. Levis – “Quality Never Goes Out Of Style”

One of the oldest and internationally popular brands is mainly known for its jeans. Although over the years, the brand has come up with a number of memorable T.V commercials, ‘Quality never goes out of style’ is one their most popular campaign slogans. It has helped the brand in defining number one Jean brand.


The slogan is straight to the point and true to Levis’ style. It endorses the promise of an everlasting classic wardrobe essential that is worthy of every penny.

Honourable Mentions

Unfortunately we have to draw a line somewhere. But we also loved; Red Bull – Red Bull gives you Wiiings, Google – Don’t be Evil, FedEx – Where there is no tomorrow, Garnier – Take Care, Nokia – Connecting people, Lays – Betcha can’t just eat one.

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Well, there is no formula for creating an inspiring slogan. But there is definitely a way to create the best one i.e make it catchy and well-crafted and keep the brand in mind. After all, slogans are created to communicate the values and mission of the brand. We hope that you have liked these slogans. Don’t forget to mention your favorite slogan in the below comment section.

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