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25 Amazing Email Signature Examples Across Various Professions

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Email Design

25 Amazing Email Signature Examples Across Various Professions

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

Are you looking for some fantastic email signature examples for inspiration? 

Well, you can find such signatures everywhere! Just glance at the signatures of some leading businesses and professionals, and you’ll surely get some instant ideas to create your own signature that genuinely captures the essence of your brand. Remember, you must have a vision to create a signature that stands out. 

A good email signature comprises all the elements the recipient of an email message seeks. So, the signature must have the sender’s name and a headshot, job title, contact details, and social media icons. Other elements, such as videos, animation, promotional, and sales links, make the signature useful. 

But ensure that you look at inspirational email signatures to know exactly what to expect from your signatures. 

25 Personal Email Signature Examples To Inspire You

Marketers use emails aggressively to drive more traffic to their business websites and brands. Today, email marketing is still making its impact even when there are multiple other options for reaching out to the audience. This is because email messages address a potential customer at a personal level. 

According to some reports, 33% of marketers send emails weekly, while 26% send emails many times a month. That shows the popularity of email marketing for business growth. 

Here are some impressive professional email signature examples that should inspire you to create a unique and impressive signature for your personal or commercial brand. Take note of the use of colors, social media icons, contact information, etc., in these designs. 

01. CEO  

Latisha Brown is the CEO of Vortex Energy, and her email signature box lets the recipients of the emails clearly and boldly know that. Her name and a smiling and gentle photo features at the top. Then, underneath the name, her designation appears in the company and the company name. 

All of her contact details, like the physical address of the company, phone number, email address, and company website, are legible and placed nicely. Then, the company’s social media icons for more information are in red for quick visibility. This is amongst the typical company email signatures you can follow to evoke trust. 

  company email signatures CEO

02. Guitar Store  

Shelly Ryans is a guitar store owner who intends to use her email signature to promote the store and increase sales. Her photo is the chief feature of the signature design. She is seen in a singing pose in front of a mic. 

It is an exemplary minimalist signature with a simple design. With little color, it still impresses and conveys its message. All the contact details, such as phone number, website, email address, and the store’s physical address, are neatly lined up. The store’s social media links also are there for more information.

Music email signature

03. Sales 

This email signature of Jessica Read is one of the simplest but most effective signatures you will come across. Here, a smiling photo appears circular on the left, neatly and cleanly. Then, just on the right side, her name and her designation in the company appear in bold. 

Her official phone number, company website address, and a call to action requesting a demon are on the right. There are two social media icons for those who need to know more about the company at the bottom of the signature. Get more signature examples for email before you start designing one for your business. 

Sales email signature

04. News Correspondent 

News correspondents should be in touch with the people and events around them. That is why this signature of news correspondent Tina Fay has all the social media icons. The recipients of her emails can visit her social accounts to get more information about an event. Her big smiling photo helps win the trust of her email message and news skills.

newsletter email signature

05. Doctor  

The email signature of Dr. Amy Cogan is a minimalist design using only a few elements. There are no big pictures and boxes at the end. Instead, the design uses the doctor’s smile to win viewers’ trust. So, consider minimalistic design principles when you create a signature for your brand. 

Doctor email signature templates

06. Brand Manager

You can notice how Steve Mejia can gain the respect of the email recipients immediately by including a video link at the bottom of his email signature. Ted Talks is a world-renowned platform for experts lecturing on a topic. 

So, we quickly know how crucial branding is when we see that link and then visit it to learn more. This way, Steve Mejia uses his signature space to let people know the importance of his field of branding as he is the brand manager.  So, first, explore such dynamic content ideas for email signatures before creating the one for your brand.

email signature design for branding specialist

07. Animator  

Dani Peterson is in the modern-day profession of animation. As his signature shows, he works as an animator in Petersons Studio. The signature space also showcases Peterson and the Studio’s animation skills and specialization by adding a work sample video. 

email signature design for animation specialist

08. Ecommerce  

This email signature of Mona Hinson is a great example of how the signature should appear if you sell products online. She sells a wide range of homemade products on Instagram and has lined up them at the bottom of the signature space. The viewers can glance at those products and will likely visit the business. 

When designing the signature, consider the email service provider as well. Ensure the design looks professional on the service, such as Gmail and Outlook. So, if you are on Outlook, compare many email signature examples Outlook to see what designs go well with this platform. 

email signature examples Outlook

09. Interaction Designer 

This signature should be admired for its simplicity of design. There is no fancy design of the signature. Just the designer’s name and contact information appear with the company logo. This neat and clean design has the icons appropriately spaced, and the text appears in the right format to make it mobile-friendly.

Interaction Designer Email Signature Template

10. Executive

This signature uses color to its advantage. Purple is the color of royalty and evokes trust. So, the signature design has the logo in purple and the executive’s name in matching color. Two CTA buttons at the bottom encourage the email recipients to explore YouTube and Instagram for more information.


11. Lawyer  

This professional email signature from a lawyer, David Hornberger, is an example of the simplicity of the design. It has the lawyer’s photo neatly placed and his designation, indicating his experience by the side. The color contrast helps the signature pop. The lawyer’s photo builds trust with the recipients of the email. 

Lawyer Email Signature

12. Realtor  

Notice how beautifully this email signature has included a block at the end of the recent listings. It immediately lets potential home buyers know about the best deals. The rest of the elements, such as the realtor’s name, tagline, addresses, and social media icons, are designed professionally.

Realtors Email Signature Templates

13. Blogger  

Clinton is a popular blogger from Georgia. His signature has his signature in handwritten style and then the name. His mobile phone number, website address, and other details are nicely lined up for viewers. 

Social icons are also part of the contact details. The color scheme is attractive and matches well. Two large buttons in the end in purple and red encourage viewers to see the photos and channel of the blogger. You can take this as one of the personal email signature examples to follow.

personal email signature examples

14. Professor

This signature of a biology professor is another great example of what the signature design should be like. The biology professor’s name is in matching green at the top, and his photography is on the side to win the students’ trust. At the bottom is a clear call to action, an attractive image that prompts the students to take admission to the university.

signature design generator

15. Photographer  

 This is an email signature box for photographer Dan Brown, who specializes in wildlife photography. His contact details, such as phone numbers and website addresses, are included nicely. Then, his social media account icons are underneath. 

Notice that his profile photo shows him flying a helicopter, which wildlife photographers typically use. Also, a video is attached at the bottom that takes to the YouTube channel the photographer runs to display his photographs and profession.

email signature for photographer

16. Author 

This is the signature of author Loretta Bush. She has given her profession right at the top beneath her name in handwritten style.  Then, all the contact information is in place. The social media icons are also neatly below.  The call to action box is also an enticing design that compels the viewers to visit the site to order the book. 

email signature design

17. HR  

An HR is a crucial person who is busy hiring talented professionals and managing the daily issues of a company. The email signature of an HR should tell if the company is currently hiring or not. The message’s recipients want to confirm it by glancing at the signature. 

This signature of the HR Consultant has the contact details lined up nicely with social buttons underneath. Then, the HIRING button in blue appears boldly with the name of the position for the office. The CTA ‘Apply here’ prompts the applicants to apply for the job.

HR Consultant email signature

18. Graphic Designer 

An impressive email signature can instantly tell about the profession of the email sender.  This signature space of Karen Romano, a graphic designer, is a great example. The GIF on the left grabs your attention.  Then, the email recipient can click on the two large buttons at the bottom of the graphic designer’s portfolio and see some innovative photo shots. 

This is an ideal signature of a restaurant owner, Christine Perry. The owner’s name is in bold red to make it instantly visible. There is an image of a cake on the left, visually representing the restaurant’s baking business. A video link of making a mini Pavlova at the bottom of the signature entices you to click on it for more information.

It would be good first to compare many email signature examples of business, particularly of restaurant owners. Notice their style, colors, and trends to determine which one will look best for your business promotion.

email signature examples of business

19. Restaurant Owner 

This is an ideal signature of a restaurant owner, Christine Perry. The owner’s name is in bold red to make it instantly visible. There is an image of a cake on the left, visually representing the restaurant’s baking business. A video link of making a mini Pavlova at the bottom of the signature entices you to click on it for more information.

It would be good first to compare many email signature examples of business, particularly of restaurant owners. Notice their style, colors, and trends to determine which one will look best for your business promotion.

20. Marketing Rep

Marketing representatives have email signatures with an appropriate and luring call to action button. This marketing manager has a ‘Schue a demo’ box in red with a directional arrow that entices the recipients to visit the site. The signature space has the name and designation along with the contact details.

Marketing representatives email signatures

21. Digital Marketing Expert

A hand-written sign-off at the top is the chief and unique feature of this signature of digital marketer David Campbell. His company’s name appears prominently at the top right, while social media icons and a link to the YouTube channel are useful for the email recipients.

email signature designs for digital marketer

22. Customer Service 

Yet another example of a simple but neatly designed email signature for customer service in the retail sector. The official’s name is in bold letters for quick visibility, and her smiling photo is on the left to build a friendly image of the company. The contact details are just a few to avoid overwhelming the viewers. It also gives a link for customers to give their feedback.

But make sure that your email design also is equally impressive. Your entire email, from the top to the end of the message, must make a lasting, memorable impression. 

 email signature designs for customer service

23. Marketing Director

Stephanie Ward, the Marketing Director of Opetax, an IT company. She was responsible for creating this new signature for her company. It helped the company get more customers from its emails. 

This email signature has her name at the top and her photograph by the side. Her designation in the company and all the contact details are in place, along with social media icons. However, a link to a blog addresses the target audience’s optimization issues. This link helps drive more potential customers to the company’s business.

company email signature design ideas

24. Real Estate Business 

We can instantly know this signature has something to do with real estate due to the home illustration. To win trust, the real estate agent has her name in bold letters at the top and her expertise and license number beneath. Then, a picture of a big house and some attractive offers at the bottom make this signature worth noticing and enticing.

Real Estate Business Emails Designs

25. Musicians 

Musicians also need to reach out to their audiences with email marketing. Here, musician Shelly Ryans has her email signature neatly designed. It has her name in bold red to grab the attention. Then, all the necessary contact details are below and end up with social media icons. The best part of the signature that viewers love to click on is the sound clip to drive the audience. 

email signature for musicians and singers

How to create your email signature?

Do not worry if you or your small business wants to avoid hiring an expensive designer. You can still create a signature all by yourself without any experience. All you need to do is to access an email signature maker software from Designhill. 

The software is easier to explore and allows you to have the signature in a few quick steps. Just pick an email template out of many. Then, enter details such as your name, job title, department, contact info, etc. Add your social media buttons, and customize the design. Also, add a CTA. You can get your signature designed automatically based on your brief. 

So, these are examples of email signatures that will inspire you to develop signature designs for your personal or official correspondence. B2B marketers today say that an overwhelming percentage of marketers use email marketing as content marketing. Ensure that your email signature can win the trust and faith of the recipients of your emails for your brand.  

Wrapping Up 

These email signature examples are inspirational designs you want to explore for personal or official emails. Each of these simple signatures is a simple design that neatly places the essential information the audience looks for. But you can modify them as per your branding needs. Use your brand colors to win trust.

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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