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65 Funniest T-Shirt Slogans

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

tshirt slogans

Last updated on April 11th, 2023

When in doubt, wear your t-shirt! But put comfort and purpose first. Well, that’s something relatable, isn’t it? Be it funny t-shirt slogans, quotes, sayings or pictures, people don’t mind experimenting with their looks hilarity oozing out of these staples. Atop a pair of shorts or skirts, beneath a jacket or cardigan, there is always a scope for t-shirt design to stand out!

However, in this blog, we’ll talk only about some funny t shirts with the funniest slogans. After all, who wouldn’t like a bout of pun to lighten the mood while slaying with unmatched style? So, hang in there and we’ll bring you a list of 65 cool but funny t-shirt slogans.

Take some inspiration or get an idea for your next custom t shirt design as these slogans are sure to catch attention.

Here Are 65 Funniest T-Shirt Slogans

01. I Am With Stupid

Well, our list starts with the most iconic t shirt slogan— I’m with stupid. BLINK! BLINK! Try to see how hilarious this tee was when it first appeared. Of course, your dad might have put it on during the seventies. Ask him if he did. Like the symbol in the picture, you can create your own using an online logo maker tool.

I'm with Stupid

[Image Source:]

Create Your T-Shirt Design

Anyway, slip into it and stand beside anyone. They would surely feel a bit uncomfortable as your t-shirt says so. But, YEAH, you will earn appreciation for your fun-filled fashion sense.

02. My Eyes Are Up Here

Not just favorite for feminist brigade, but everyone else. This slogan has set a trap for male onlookers everywhere. You know why? Whoever reads the slogan will know the reason why this shirt exists. You can design your own shirt with this slogan using our t-shirt maker tool. You’re a clever girl! Oh yeah, you are!

My Eyes Are Up Here

[Image Source:]

03. I Beat Anorexia

A tee, that finally came into the view for eating disorders. And, yes, it makes obesity look funnier when one wears it.

I Beat Anorexia

[Image Source:]

So, next time when someone points it out that you’re obese, shut them down with this tee.

04. Kiss Me I’m………..

The original Irish version of slogan t-shirt got many variations. While it’s funny, it has a hidden meaning too. Well, on top of that, it says that all religion and races deserve to be loved and kissed. You can create your own t-shirt design with this line using our t-shirt maker tool.

Kiss Me I’m

[Image Source:]

05. May The 4th Be With You

The craze of Star Wars’ slogan never seems to end. For those looking for a custom tshirts design, this slogan is the best pick. When are you going to design one then?

May The 4th Be With You

[Image Source:]

06. I Do What The Voices In My Head Tell Me

Are you a free soul? Do you do what you like without thinking about the consequences? Tell the world about your free-spirited soul by wearing this t shirt slogan.

I Do What The Voices In My Head Tell Me

07. Free Hugs

Unlike funny t shirt slogans, this short, sweet and AWWWsome slogan is what the world needs today! Hug is contagious and it spreads nothing but happiness. But for slimy perverts, it’s a way to hug women (girls don’t fall into this trap).

Free Hugs

[Image Source:]


08. This Is Why I’m Hot

Perhaps the brainchild of one of the nerds, this piece of lore is catchy. Add a graphic, and a new joke is ready to roll people on the floor with laughter.

This Is Why I’m Hot

[Image Source:]

09. I’m In Shape, Round Is A Shape

Your custom t-shirt design idea got sorted with this slogan. Anyone who’s looking for an excuse to sweat it out, there you go! Although the funniest joke would be not wearing any tee at all, that would be dark humor. (Chuckling)

I’m In Shape, Round Is A Shape

[Image Source:]

10. I’m Not AS Think As You Drunk I’m

Wait a minute! You, you’re drunk………… that’s where you changed the words around. We got it. You’re making fun of your alcoholism.  This has actually been one of the most preferred t-shirt design ideas, especially by those who love to drink and make fun of themselves. That’s funny!

I’m Not AS Think As You Drunk I’m

[Image Source:]

11. Sorry For Partying

With no graphic designs, this slogan might feel a little trickier to decipher. You may think why somebody would say sorry for partying? After all, nobody feels sorry for partying, do they? Well, here is the joke- the one who wears it is absolutely not sorry at all!

Sorry For Partying

[Image Source:]

12. I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

The tempered vanity of this t-shirt is on point. It silently says people to f&#% off. Self-importance hasn’t been this funnier though.

I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

[Image Source:]

13. I Love Lamp

Inspired by the iconic “I Love NY” t-shirt print, this slogan is a jibe at someone who hasn’t a girlfriend to pick out his clothes. But side-by-side, it also shows their good taste in comedy.

I Love Lamp

[Image Source:]

14. Stop Following Me

Believe it or not, but the shirt is appealing. And, it has a far-reaching attraction. For educated folks, it is an ancestral joke while for creationists; the shirt is a funny story. Even you can create a funny post out of it and publish it on your social media page. Many brands are trying it out to engage their customers, why can’t you?

Stop Following Me

[Image Source:]

15. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

LOL, that’s funny indeed. This t shirt design clearly says, ‘I’m here for nothing but the party.’ It also says that the wearer isn’t good at partying; therefore, someone else has to clean their puke off the shirt.

One tequilla, Two tequilla

[Image Source:]

16. Haters Gonna Hate

When it comes to the puns about t-shirts, Statler and Waldorf deserve the credit for contributing a lot. The famous Muppet characters with their cantankerous views became a pun-filled inspiration for t-shirt designers. This catchphrase is one of the many.

Haters Gonna Hate

[Image Source:]

17. Jesus Is My Homeboy

Out of many t shirt slogans, this one is clichéd as hell. But you know what, it’s still popular. Jesus was tortured, persecuted and brought down, but people’s faith in him never downtrodden.

Jesus Is My Homeboy

[Image Source:]

If you want to show your faith with a punch of pun, this t-shirt is perhaps the right pick.

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18. I Drink And I Know Things

Game of Thrones isn’t only famous for its shattering plots and conspiracy theories but cool slogans and quotes too. Tyrion’s this quote is what alcoholics all around love to wear on their t-shirt. Whether you’re a die-hard ‘Game Of Thrones’ fan or not, wear it and see people appreciating your style. Don’t have one? Ask a professional graphic designer to make it for you.

I Drink And I know Things

[Image Source:]

19. FBI: Female Body Inspector

Don’t take it otherwise, but every straight man out there is FBI (the slogan used above) to some degrees. However, only the creepiest of all would be wearing a slogan t shirt like this.

FBI: Female Body Inspector

[Image Source:]

20. Bad Cop, No Donut

HMMM, a bit daring! Though this t shirt design (of course, the saying) will surely make cops in your town raise their eyebrows. But you aren’t afraid anyway, are you?

Bad Cop, No Donut

[Image Source:]

21. Blink If You Want Me

OOPPS, but doesn’t it look like it’s been designed for people suffering from low self-respect? Well, whether it’s or not, let’s scream it out loud “Love Me” with this t shirt slogan.

Blink If You Want Me

[Image Source:]

22. Listen To Ghostface

Planning to recommend music on a tee? This t shirt should be the right pick then. The slogan seems more like an order than a suggestion.

Listen To Ghostface

23. Vote For Pedro

Soon after the movie, Napoleon Dynamite released, the quotes became a rage. This t-shirt slogan is the best way to prove your comedy expertise. Also, don’t forget to annoy your buddies by saying “Tina” and “Heck Yes.”

Vote For Pedro

[Image Source:]

24. Chick Magnet

Well, well, well, out of many t shirt slogans, this one is what shows you mean side the most. Guys’ favorite, this tee is ideal for showing their chick magnetism. But don’t wear it when you’re with your lady love or she won’t be impressed.

[Image Source:]

25. Drink Till You Want Me

A perfect excuse to avoid party drinking but desire someone to gulp down more beer as the slogan says so. The wearer knows this trick doesn’t get him a kiss, but he would try anyway.

Drink Till You Want Me

[Image Source:]

26. Sorry Girls I Only Date Models

This t-shirt design clearly says priorities set higher. It’s sure to lure female onlookers to at least read this slogan.

Sorry Girls I Only Date Models

[Image Source:]

27. Warning I Do Dumb Things

No matter how cute or innocence you look, wearing this t-shirt will surely drive away spectators. After all, it has a warning sign. Every now and then we have all done some dumb things, isn’t it? Why back off to claim that? Wear this tee and show it off!

Warning I Do Dumb Things

[Image Source:]

28. Think Less, Stupid More

Are you on your vacation? Don’t you want to think anything smart as you’re in your stupid more? This custom t shirt design is the best way to flaunt that.

Think Less, Stupid More

[Image Source:]

29. YOLO Swag On

Show some YOLO swag with this tee that takes you back to your youthful era.

YOLO swag

[Image Source:]

30. I Pee In Pools

Heights of being funny, isn’t it? Beachside walks and poolside chills are going to be hilarious with this t shirt design.

I Pee In Pools

[Image Source:]

31. Shame On You Girls, I’m Still A Bachelor

Want to publicize your singlehood? There you go! With no stunning graphic designs but bold and clear fonts, this tee is surely an attention-grabber.

Shame On You Girls, I’m Still A Bachelor

[Image Source:]

32. I Have Gas

Disgusting but delightful to the eyes! Although being gassy is natural, and nobody can do anything about, but going with that in public is a shame. Well, you can warn other around, with this funny slogan tee.

I Have Gas

33. It’s All Fun And Games Until The Cops Show Up

Okay, you were having too much fun, and then the cops showed up. OOPPS! How about letting others know about this? Work with someone who offers graphic design services, and give the design a bit more fun.

It’s All Fun And Games

[Image Source:]

34. Hi Hater, Bye Hater

Want to show off your carefree nature? Wear the tee with this slogan to show it off. Now, what anyone thinks about you is no more your concern.

Hi Hater Bye Hater

[Image Source:]

35. I Hate Everyone

Everyone has some sorts of hate stories to tell. Well, we have found you the right way! If adulthood has drained the energy out of you, this is what you need.

I hate Everyone

[Image Source:]

36. I Love Bacon

Did somebody say ‘bacon?’ Go; proclaim your love for beacon with this custom t shirt design! It’s the best way to advertise your love for food.

I Love Bacon

[Image Source:]

37. Run, Forrest, Run!

Remember Forrest Gump running away from people, especially bullies? Need inspiration to run? Give this tee to a 50 year old, diabetic fat man who’s sweating it out there. And, you will have your dose of inspiration ready. However, if you’re someone as we described, this tee is for you.

Run, Forrest, Run!

[Image Source:]

38. 20% Hotter Than You

Some people have their humor game on point. Irrespective of your physical appearance or age, you can wear your humor right with this shirt. A punch of humor indeed!

20% Hotter Than You

[Image Source:]

39. God Is Busy, May I Help You

Well, guys and girls, your search for the perfect pickup line ends here. Be it your crush you want to break the ice with or want to attract a wider audience, this tee has your purpose covered.

God Is Busy, May I Help You

40. 90% Naughty, 2 % Angel

Nobody is a perfect angel 24×7. Everyone has hidden darkness underneath. And, this custom t shirt design claims it. This hilarious shirt has irony hidden it though.

90% Naughty, 2 % Angel

41. Zombies Hate Fast Food

Yeah, because they eat people! Wear this t shirt design, and you’ll spark a reaction for sure. Onlookers despite having smiling faces would have a shocking face as well.

Zombies Hate Fast Food

[Image Source:]

42. Make America Great Again

President Trump’s catchphrase is a trending sensation. It has even become a trend to show off a tee with the said slogan. It’s time for you to get one. Many bands have embraced this quote to enhance their brand identity. It has helped them as well.

Make America Great Again

[Image Source:]

43. Kiss Me I’m Irish

Although this slogan was famous for St. Patrick’s Day, it has now become a mainstream go-to slogan. People wear it to go on a laughter ride.

Kiss me I'm Irish

[Image Source:]

44. Take Me Drunk

Admit it we have been in a little too much alcoholic situation at some point. That night feels terrible even after so many years. Hot, sweaty, wavy, unconscious, dizzy and what not! If that’s the situation with you, wear this ‘take me drunk’ slogan t shirt and tank tops to ask your friend to take you home. It’s funny and witty at the same time.

Take Me Drunk

45. Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap

While body shaming is a crime, giving it a hilarious touch is sublime. Feel proud for who you are, and show off this slogan confidently! While it’s a hilarious treat to the eyes, for you it’s an excuse to gorge on fries. WINK, WINK

Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap

[Image Source:]

46. Return To Sender

In the world of t shirt slogans, ‘return to sender’ is cute and funny at the same time. For couples, it’s a way to depict sarcasm as well. Imagine someone wearing a tee that says, ‘return to Emily, Rita, Sally, whatever their spouse’s name is and that man’s wife wearing the shirt that says, ‘I’m Rita, Emily or …….’

Return To Sender

[Image Source:]

47. Cute But Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ was a classic thriller. That movie made the word ‘psycho’ famous as hell. Now this catchphrase’ cute but psycho’ is selling like hotcake. Slip into this t shirt and see how people would express ‘WOW.’

Cute but Psycho

[Image Source:]

48. Don’t Laugh It’s Your Girlfriend’s Shirt

They say age is just a number and they said it right. For all the aged hot dudes out there, this tee proves to be the best option to get back into the dating game.

Don’t Laugh It’s Your Girlfriend’s Shirt

[Image Source:]

49. Guns Don’t Kill People, Dads with Pretty Daughters Do

Well, guys do play their humor game differently, and this saying proves it. Have a girl next door in mind? It’s time to impress her dad with this witty tee.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Dads with Pretty Daughters Do

[Image Source:]

50. This Is What Awesome Looks Like

A confident person is ready to take over the world, and that’s what this slogan depicts. If you think you’re awesome, then others opinion doesn’t count.

This Is What Awesome Looks Like

[Image Source:]


51. With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility

Hey beardy guys, it’s time to cite something in appreciation of your great beard.

With great beard comes great responsibility

[Image Source:]

52. I’m Not Angry This is Just My Face

Do you always wear grumpiness on your face? Or have a friend, colleague or family member who does so? This custom t shirt design is going to take on a laughter ride along with others too.

I’m Not Angry This is Just My Face

[Image Source:]

53. I’m Not Short I’m Hobbit

And, finally there is a humor-injected tee for short people too. Show the world that you’re not short; you are just a Hobbit from another place.

I’m Not Short I’m Hobbit

[Image Source:]

54. If You See Da Police, Warn A Brother

A funny jibe on Warner Bros, this shirt design really turns our facial expression from straight to curve.

If You See Da Police, Warn A Brother

[Image Source:]

55. Bad M^@#$%& Fu@#$%^&

Yes, you got it right! Samuel Jackson’s dialogue in the movie Pulp Fiction was epic so as his wallet. Yes, the slogan appeared on his wallet first, and from there it got adopted for tees and all.

T-Shirt design

[Image Source:]

56. WTF— With The Family

And that sums up the purpose of this t shirt! Being with family means controlling yourself; but with irony, fun and joyride.

WTF - With The Family

[Image Source:]

57. Stop Reading My Shirt

Couldn’t find anything funny in that? Well, that’s the funny side of this quoted shirt.

Stop Reading My Shirt

[Image Source:]

58. High On Stress

When it comes to wicked but epic t-shirts, the movie ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ has a lot to offer. Dudley Dowson’s ‘High On Stress’ tee has taken the nerds by storm.

High On Stress

[Image Source:]

59. Zombies Eat Brains…. Don’t Worry, You’re Safe

LOL, that means people who’re staring at the wearer’s tee do not have brains.

Zombies Eat Brains.... Don’t Worry, You’re Safe

[Image Source:]

60. I’m Sofa King Cool

Taken from the movie ‘Accepted’ the funny joke and visuals make it one of the most iconic t shirt slogans. It’s perfect for couch potatoes. Those who are in designing can put their creativity to design something out of the box. Remember, there are many graphic design jobs in which creativity is the first requisite. If you have it, flaunt it.

I’m Sofa King Cool

[Image Source:]

61. I Love Toxic Waste

In the movie, Real Genius, Chris Knight put on a spot-on joke tee that still retains its spot for being simple but funnier.

I Love Toxic Waste

[Image Source:]

62. Beaches Love Me

A twist of words and it makes a hilarious turn!

Beaches Love Me

[Image Source:]

63. This Is My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t worry if you haven’t purchased your ugly Christmas sweater. A custom t shirt with above saying is the last-minute option you could have. Even many brands are making most out of it by putting their logo with the help of a logo designer. However, the logo appears on the sweaters in a patch format.

This Is My Ugly Christmas Sweater

[Image Source:]

64. Last Clean T-shirt

It seems like somebody really needs to do the laundry. She/she might be running out of cleaned clothes.

Last Clean T-shirt

[Image Source:]

65. Come To The Dark Side

Darth Vader’s statement ‘come to the dark side’ is now a meme appearing on t shirts. And, the craze of Star Wars is confirmed once again.

Come To The Dark Side

[Image Source: ]

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