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7 Star Logos That Proudly Boast Excellent Use Of Symbols

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design

Star Logos

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Use of symbols makes a logo design memorable. This is because symbols effortlessly conveys multiple meanings, emotions, and also instantly catches attention of the audience. Star logos design having a symbol can quickly convey its brand message to its audience and also looks unique.

A logo can perform many tasks. You should consider all the different aspects of a logo design so that it is worthy of representing your brand in a competitive market. But one of its major tasks is to ensure better brand recognition of the business and company it stands for.

This is the reason that most of the logos are text based designs. There is a company name which people can quickly see in a logo. Such logos give their companies unique brand identity. But symbolic logos are in their own league.

A symbolic logo generally has no text. In corporate world, such star logos are harder to find. This is because companies want to put their names in logos. Still, there are some company logos that are great example of symbolic logo designs. Nike’s swoosh logo and Apple logo are two of the logos that come to mind immediately.

One of the characteristics of symbolic logos is that they do not require text to communicate a brand message. The symbol itself is good enough to convey the message.

We can say that a symbolic logo is actually a pictorial representation of what a company stands for. Remember that symbols are generally considered as a tool to spread awareness about products or services of an enterprise. A powerful symbol gives logo a desirable and charismatic personality.

However, not every symbol will suit to your logo design of company. The symbol you choose should perfectly blend with your company and business profile.

Here Are 7 Star Logos That Proudly Boast Excellent Use Of Symbols

Pick Symbols That Tells Your Story

Your business surely has a story of its own that you should be telling to audience. But can you tell this story with the help of a symbol of your business logo? If so, then know that not all symbols are capable of conveying your story.

Pick Symbols

Research many symbols that are of conventional value. See which of them can represent your story of business accurately. So, pick a symbol that not only stands out but speaks to the audience directly and loudly.

Choose Right Perspective

A care to take when using symbol for logo design about their perspectives. They have multiple perspectives. A symbol for different clients may have different meanings. Symbols have the tendency to express a meaning that is beyond their given cultural and social contexts.

 logo design

A culture can have one meaning for a certain symbol, while other cultures can define it differently. Since your business may have customers from across the globe, your logo symbol should express one common meaning.

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Avoid Multiple Symbols

You should avoid using multiple symbols in your logo design. Multiple symbols can be confusing to your target audience. Such a logo may also convey some conflicting ideas.

Avoid Multiple Symbols

That will lead your logo to nowhere. Do not use symbols that are a mismatch to your company’s main brand message. Make sure that even if you use two symbols, they send a unified message to your audience.

Convey A Message

Do not use a symbol for the sake of it. Ensure that your symbol is communicating some message to viewers. A graphic designer should pick the symbol keeping the core message of a client’s business. It would be good to keep your message precise and simple. That will help in picking an effective symbol for your logo design.

Convey A Message

Think Of Overall Impact

Your symbol logo should be an impressive visual representation of your company. But people must generally get a sense of what you are trying to communicate. The symbol should be able to bring the brand into the daily lives of your customers.

Know that symbols exist in the overall cultural and other aspects of our lives. This means that they are actually interacting with us on daily basis. So, the designer must think of the kind of impact a symbol is going to make on the audience.

graphic designer

Remember that your symbol of star logo will appear everywhere on your marketing materials such as business card, websites, letterheads, stationery, and others.

We can say that choice of symbol in your logo design must be precise and with a purpose. As a graphic designer or a client who need a symbol logo, first get some inspiration. Take a good look at master graphic designers’ work. They have created some of the greatest and iconic logos that used symbols to express a brand message.

Here, We Give You Some Of The Top Iconic Star Logos With Great Use of Symbols In Their Logo Design. Take A Look For Your Inspiration.

01. Target

The Target logo was created in 1902. Target Corporation ranks amongst some of the world’s largest discount retailers. The company logo design features the symbol of bulls-eye.

Target logo

This symbol resonates fairly well with company’s passion for innovation and creating great shopping experiences for its buyers. The symbol used in this star logo literally means right on the mark, precise and winner. No wonder, it proudly boasts Target Corporation’s powerful presence in the retail industry worldwide.

02. Nike

Nike Inc. is one of the world’s most popular sportswear brands. With a view to foster a culture of innovation, the company brilliantly uses a swoosh symbol as its logo. This swoosh symbol justifies company’s vision to make every athlete feel motivated and inspired.

Nike logo

In fact, the company strongly believes that inspiration and creativity are the two driving factors behind all their products. The symbol used in the Nike logo highlights movement, approval, speed, accuracy. The logo effectively tries to capture the true essence of their business visions and missions.

professional logo

03. McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, has over 35,000 outlets and caters to around 68 million customers on a day to day basis. The golden arches in the logo symbolically give a welcoming passage to their customers’ good fortune.

McDonald logo

Note that the logo has strategic use of colors also. Yellow stands for friendliness and socialization. Red evokes the feelings of love, passion and youthful aggression. So, when creating a symbol based logo, make sure that the symbol has right colors as well. Then, use the symbol and colors of your logo in social media page and other other graphic designs of your business.

04. Apollo

Apollo is one of the largest manufacturer of rubber tyres in the world. The company exports its products to over 100 countries in different continents including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Apollo logo

It constantly ranks alongside brands that are considered truly global organizations with focus on quality and dependability. To exude their high-class service in the field of transportation, their logo features the symbol of four wheels.

05. Windows

Everyone recognizes the Microsoft Windows logo! With Microsoft’s exhaustive expertise in the global IT arena and numerous software products in the pipeline, their logo is truly reminiscent of their business nature.

Windows logo

The symbol used in the Windows logo is of window, which stands for connectivity, transparency, and openness. The star logo is in flag shape is the symbol of victory, beacon, and loyalty.

06. Batman

Batman is the fictional superhero character. That is why the logo has the bats features. This logo symbol stands for mystery, nightlife, sensory and darkness, and portrays the superhero.

Batman logo

The use of black in the logo is to magnify the mystery element associated with the batman character. Bright yellow also is another color element that adds to the nightlife and mysterious ways of the character.

07. E T.V.

This is another great symbol based logo design. Everything Entertainment company owns this logo. The company provides everything you want to organize any event such as corporate event, social event, wedding, backyard party, red carpet arrivals and so on.

The logo uses exclamation mark as a symbol of astonishment, surprise, excitement, and importance. The graphic design is solid exclamation mark shape which stands for high quality services of the company in organizing every type of events.

E T.V. logo

Such symbols can be used for various types of logos such as wedding logo, sports logo, entertainment logo, etc. depending upon the concept.

Surely, a symbol logo can give your company a new lease of life as more customers are attracted to your business. If you are also looking for one such logo for your business, Designhill can help.

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Symbol based star logo designs are exciting, aesthetical, and iconic. These logos can convey a universal message to viewers. Because symbols can have different meanings in different cultures, pick the symbol that carries one meaning across the globe.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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