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25 Best Email Signature Generators In 2023

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Email Design

Email Signature Generators

Last updated on December 10th, 2022

Sending an email without a professional signature is like having a pizza without seasoning. No matter how beautifully you’ve designed the email body if it lacks the info at the bottom, it’s of no use. Remember, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient is essential, especially when it’s business communication. With plenty of intelligent email signature builders available today, getting a modern email signature isn’t a worry. Best email signatures are nothing less than a hallmark that earns you credibility and true professionalism.

No one would ever like their emails to be lost in inboxes. Do you? Of course not! I’m sure, like others, you too would like every recipient to open your email.

That’s the reason we end up looking for the best email signatures whenever we get promoted, switch jobs, or start a business.

The best email signature examples are the ones that look professional. They look artistic but not flashy. They give the required info one needs but retains the curiosity to click and know further.

An email signature is not there merely to show your signed name at the end of the letter. Marketers use it as part of their branding strategy more than being a sign of your authority. Because it helps in building a good perception about your business and it influences people’s decisions.

So, what exactly do you expect to achieve from email signatures? Recognition, right? For that to happen, first of all, your email should stand out from your competitors. Other businesses also send similar emails to your customers.

Until and unless your email signature is unique, they cannot identify you. But if it’s unique and sticks to their mind, they will remember your brand.

Now that the significance of email signatures is well-established and in trend, you should use them in digital form. For emails, there is already a wide range of software available for free online. All you need to do is copy and paste your info and generate a signature to make it part of your email program.

Then, each time you send an email to your customers, clients, colleagues, etc., your digitally produced email signature designs will show up. You can also customize the signature to include photos, graphics, clickable links, and more.

Here Is The List Of 25 Best Email Signature Generator Tools You Can Use For Your Marketing Purposes

01. Designhill

Email signature generator from Designhill is one the most popular and talked about signature tools. Many leading publications, including Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc., have appreciated this simple software.

email signature generator

All you need to do is to feed it with your specific requirements. Then, just embed it into your email account. It generates a visually-appealing signature using all your entered info. Using this tool, you can generate a signature for free.

02. Gimmio

Gimmio is the most powerful and feature-packed email signature generator that allows you to create the best signatures within minutes. You can choose from 45+ templates that are designed for various industries.

They also have a white-labeling feature, allowing web design agencies to place their logo in the signature editor to make it look like their own in-house product to their customers.


The signature editor allows you to completely customize your signature, including changing colors, borders, spacing, fonts, social icons, and much more.

Gimmio has been rated the best email signature generator year after year by numerous popular websites. With over 237,000 professionals using Gimmio, you can’t go wrong.

03. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is a perfect email signature generator that you can choose to customize the template as per your requirements. It lets you incorporate apps and social icons along with the name.

If you want, it allows you to add a promotional banner at the bottom of your email along with your company’s CTA. You can also use this email signature tool to add a link to your website.


Additionally, the email signature creator enables you to manage all your team’s signatures centrally and updates them as well. So, choose this email signature builder when you want to control all the digitally produced names of your employees.

Looking For an Email Signature Generator?

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04. Signature Maker

Signature Maker helps in creating one of the best email signatures around. It is helpful, especially when you wish to generate some perfect and professional handwritten digital names quickly.

This is a simple email signature tool that does not require you to install any software or plugins. Furthermore, the tool is based on HTML5, implying that modern browsers such as Google Chrome can easily handle it.

Signature Maker

You can use the signatures to sign on PDFs and Word Documents as well as legal papers and contracts in your emails. Also, you can use them in your profiles, personal blogs, and forums.

The email signature software allows you to save the signature image from your server just as you right-click on it. Such customized impressions of the names go well with other marketing materials such as business card design to make a good impression on the recipients.

05. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is amongst high-quality email signature generators. You can either use a free version or get it as your monthly subscription service with more functionality. The company claims that over 650,000 professionals use this email signature tool.


The email signature software lets you share your work with your clients in just one click. In addition, you can add more social media icons to the signature.

The tool is equipped with more than 50 templates. You can even personalize your message with Instagram photos to build your brand identity. Such features make it one of the best email signature examples!

06. HubSpot

HubSpot has come out with its email signature template, which provides an excellent option for business owners. First, you need to fill in some personal information in the boxes. Then, add your social media links to the form.

You can also customize colors, fonts, themes, and other styles that suit your business. With such a personalized signature, your email design will convey your brand message effectively.


The template also allows you to add your CTA image and text. If you have completed some HubSpot Academy certifications, you can also add them to the signature area. After you have filled these details in the form, you are ready to use the signature in your emails.

07. Crossware Mail Signature

It is one of the best and professional email signature tools that allows you to create stunning signatures. If you hired some graphic design services to design your handwritten digital signature, you could add it to your emails using this tool with its personalization feature.

Crossware Mail Signature

The email signature generator comes with a $10/month plan to create signatures for ten users. It also has a plan for an increased price that lets you pick more than five hundred users. However, you can use this modern email signature generator’s 30-day free trial version to make up your mind.

08. Terminus Email (previously known as Sigstr)

Previously known as Sigstr, the Terminus Email signature builder allows you to easily make digital signatures. Its personalization feature lets you target your email ads based on your recipients’ email addresses. This renders 100% targeting accuracy.


09. MySignature

MySignature is a user-friendly template that guides you in building your customized email signatures. The best feature of this email signature is that you can use it while on the move! This means that you can create a signature from your mobile device.


The tool has many inbuilt analytics for tracking the performance of the images, banners, links, etc., that you’ve added to the bottom section of your email signature.

10. Mail Signatures

Mail Signatures is one of the most accessible email signatures generators you can use. There are many clickable options available with this tool. You need to provide some personal details such as your company name, your company logo in the form.

So, if your logo designer create a logo for your business, the template allows you to display it at the end of your email signature.

Mail Signatures

The template lets you add your social media links, and you can stylize your fonts as well. After adding the information, just click on the ‘Apply your signature’ button to add the signature to your email messages.

11. ZippySig

ZippySig is another email signature generator to create customized signatures for your entire team. The template is known for delivering personalized options to business owners as per their needs. It has more than 40 fonts, many layout options, and field labels to choose from as per your brand specifications.


You can also include custom banners to your email’s bottom, below your signature. In addition to that, the template gives you a dashboard as well.

12. Email Signature Rescue

Email Signature Rescue has many templates that you can choose to create your customized digital signature. Then, just as you finish filling a form, you have a signature ready to be used with this template.

Email Signature Rescue

You can securely store and host the email signature you created with this platform. It can also be integrated with Google Analytics so that you can track the performance of your social media icons, links, images, and others.

Note here that If you want to create a handwritten and stylish signature, we advise you to hire a freelance graphic designer who will design it considering your brand personality.

13. Growth Mail

Growth Mail is famous for its unique feature. It lets you turn your email signatures into your business advertisements. An employee sends thousands of emails annually. This means that your ads will reach a massive number of potential customers.

Growth Mail

So, the template works as your branding tool to drive traffic. You should utilize other email personalization strategies such as segmenting your audiences, writing witty subject lines, and using personalized images to get better conversions.

14. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is one of the easiest email signature generators. It needs just 30 seconds to complete the process. The tool lets you choose from 8 templates which means you have many options for creating the signature as per your graphic design ideas and branding needs.


15. Rocketseed

Rocketseed is yet another excellent email signature example that engages your customers and clients alike. Its stunning features let you add banners within your email, track results using their analytics, and check CTRs.


What’s more exciting about this professional email signature is that it is easy to set up. This email signature builder is trusted by big names like Dell EMC, Chelsea Football Club, and more.

16. Mailcastr

This software is a bit different than the other email signature makers. It provides a bit more functionality than you ask for. Although it provides an appealing signature, this tool will help you track every email that features your created signature.

It also notifies you whenever your recipients read them. Hence, you will be able to know who’s opened your email and who hasn’t.


You can use Mailcastr’s free plan under which you’re allowed to track three emails every day. It has a paid plan as well that costs $5 and comes with more benefits.

17. Xink

When you want to create a good email signature for emails, you can count on Xink. This email signature builder comes fully integrated with Office 365, Outlook, G-suite, and Mail. It’s also GDPR compliant.

No matter on which device you use their signatures, they are sure to look on every device. You can also leverage their promotional banner campaign for maximum effects.

Xink Brand

The email signature builder has a plan starting from $11 per month and allows signatures for ten employees.

For 500 employees, you can use their plan that costs $273 per month. They also have a free trial version that you can use for email signature creation.

18. Exclaimer

For excellent email signatures ideas, Exclaimer makes a great tool. It’s perfect for Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and G-suite.

Exclaimer Email Signature

Their HTML signature generator helps you create impressive signatures and add photos and more. The free trial version lets you utilize its feature without making a hole in your pocket.

19. Right Inbox

Right Inbox is the best email signature generator that houses some of the best features. You can create stunning signatures and add them to your email for a lasting impression. It comes as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Right Inbox

20. htmlsig

This HTML signature generator helps you promote your brand with every email sent. It lets you see all your signatures in one dashboard that saves time, and makes personalization easy. You can use both their free and paid plan for email signatures.

HTML signature generator

21. Black Pearl Mail

The email signature builder is ideal for small businesses. It comes with a split test or A/B test for email signatures. If you want to make the most out of your email signature marketing effort, this test proves beneficial.

Black Pearl Signature Builder

But it doesn’t come for free. Its monthly plan includes the cost of $99, which can be a little costlier for small businesses.

22. Salesmate

It is the same as Hubspot’s email signature builder. Though the tool is fundamental, it provides an easy way to generate email signatures.

email signature builder

It doesn’t have many advanced features but comes with eight templates. In addition, the tool allows you to modify your colors, CTAs, social icons and lets you add a disclaimer.

23. Opensense

Opensense is also among the best email signature generators. It comes with a unique feature that lets you request a demo. You can use its free trial version before signing up. Then, after using it, you can make up your mind whether or not Opensense is the right tool for you.


Every email you send with its email signature is trackable, which works great for more prominent companies.

24. Mail Butler

The email signature builder easily integrates with Apple Mail and Gmail. Unfortunately, the customization option isn’t broad. The best thing about this signature maker is that it lets you apply the new signature with no copy or paste work.

Mail Butler Signature Builder

You also get the option of creating your own private template besides six pre-created templates. Sadly, you can’t use this email signature builder without signing up. However, the tool won’t charge you for the sign-up process.

25. CodeTwo

CodeTwo email signature builder has been around for quite a long time, just like Xink. More than 77 000 businesses all over the world have used the CodeTwo solution.

bet email signature

Their clients’ list includes big names like Facebook, McDonald’s, Shell, and more. This makes it one of the best email signatures builders. In addition, you can use its 14-day trial version, which is a bonus point.

So, these are the key email signature generators that most business owners are likely to use in recent years. Many of these templates come with free and paid versions allowing small businesses to choose as per their budget.

Your digitally produced signature for email is an integral part of your marketing and branding strategy.

This means that you should also pay heed to many other designs such as your logo, business cards, brochures, etc. In that case, Designhill an ideal platform for unique design ideas at affordable prices.

Top Email Signature Tips

Sending corporate signatures isn’t a new trend. But they are becoming more and more marketing-specific.

According to recent findings, email signature branding can benefit both sales and marketing departments. Here are some tips that can help you build an eye-catching signature.

01. Keep the signature design minimalist and clean

When we talk about graphic design trends, there is no doubt to say that minimalism will dominate. So your email signature shouldn’t be too flashy. It has to make an impression, in fact, a wholesome impression.

02. Use serif fonts

The Serif font family is not going anywhere. This font is going to be used in various design projects. Serif itself is an enormous font library. For signature design, you can use Georgia, Garamond, Didot, Calisto MT, Lucida Bright, Goudy Old Style, and Palatino typefaces.

But when you create a signature for email, make sure you stick to just one font. You can use the same font in the pictures as well.

03. Use gentle or soft color palettes

Low-saturated and soft colors are pleasing to the eyes. They create a feeling of calmness and soothe a viewer’s mind. So, people pay more attention to such colors than bright ones.

When you want to create the best email signature, use only two colors in the design. Choose brand-specific colors. You can ask your designer for suggestions or just use an online color palette to select the right color combination.

04. Use geometric shapes

When creating email signature banners, use shapes like triangles, squares, circles, and more. Design trends are emerging where geometry shape usage is highlighted. Combine these design elements with a soft color palette to make your banner appealing.

05. Add a picture/photo

With a good email signature builder, you can easily create a signature and add an image to it. Adding an image gives your signature more personality, impact, and importance. Also, the imagery will catch people’s attention and add visual interest to your signature.

06. Add your logo

Instead of a photo, you have the option to add a logo of your company. Although you can add both the photo and logo, it will create visual confusion. Your signature will end up looking crowded. So, go with just one option at a time.

The size and positioning of the logo will determine the format of the email signature. For example, while a landscape logo looks good in a stacked signature, you can place portrait, square, or circular logos at the right or left side of the text.

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Email signature generators help create customized signatures. These modern templates are equipped with valuable features that let you add social media icons, images, links, and other engaging elements to your signatures. You can use any of the email signature creators for a professional look. So, don’t wait and start fueling your email marketing strategies with the right signature!

Don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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