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Top 7 Effective Email Design Trends For 2023

by Designhill Tweet - in Email Design

Email Design Trends

Last updated on September 19th, 2023

Email marketing is one of the most effective and result-oriented forms of marketing. You can drive instant response from the potential customers by sending them emails about new developments and latest services in your business. However, to get the maximum response out of your email marketing campaigns, you need to upkeep with the ongoing email design trends of the year.

Email marketing is fast growing as a potent marketing tool for small businesses. It is also a big way to drive customers’ attention.

Small and even big corporate houses rely on this medium. As per McKinsey, ( a worldwide management consulting firm) email is 40 times more effective at attracting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

We can say that email marketing is a way to personally get in touch with your potential customers.

They see it as a friendly gesture from a company when they receive a personalized email. According to an estimate, the total number of email users is set to hit 4.37 billion worldwide at the end of 2023.

Thus, there is a huge opportunity to be explored when it comes to email marketing. You can reach to millions of potential customers just by sending them one email. If your emails are well-designed and informative, a great no. of recipients will respond to your call to action after reading the content.

This is the reason that Email Marketing has always been a favorite marketing means of marketers.

Moreover, you can impress the recipients with your presentation of information, with a mix of text and images in your emails. That is an additional help in drawing the attention of your customers to your business.

With so many big social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter out there in the digital world, email seems to be the most humble one.

According to marketing, consumers switch media platforms as many as 27 times an hour. However, email is the most effective and low-cost form of marketing even now.

Most of the people still prefer reading emails over surfing any other social media channel. The needs and preferences of the people have changed over the time.

As almost everyone is ‘on-the-go’ these days, accessing content anywhere and on multiple devices, marketers need to design their emails in such a way that they are engaging and responsive to any device.

Further, as a marketer, you need to design your email in such a way that urges your readers to open it and take the desired action.

I mean, you cannot let an email affect your brand image. However, since it is something that has been evolving constantly, you need to create your email design carefully and strategically.

Before you start working on your email design, here are some key points that you need to consider:-

First of all, you must know who are the potential customers of your client’s business. Research the company’s business to find out the social, educational, financial and cultural background of the customers.

Identify the markets that your client wants to target. After conducting your research, make sure that you have obtained your client’s correct email address

Secondly, make sure that the color scheme of your email design is borrowed from your client’s company logo.

Since a logo is the face of the company, people receiving the email should be assured of the authenticity of the email. So, make sure that the colors match with the colors of the logo and other graphic designs.

Thirdly, your email design should be such that it conveys a message at a glance.

This means that all the elements of colors, typeface, slogan, and others must stand for your business values. These are the three key things you must check in your email design.

Here Are 7 Effective Email Design Trends For 2023

01. Make Specific Sections Shareable

Adding social sharing buttons at the end of your emails is a thing of the past. The latest email design trend is to add a sharing icon on a line or quote in the middle of a paragraph or a stat that you want more people to know or read about. This helps in engaging the reader as well as helps you in reaching out to the people.

Email Design Trends

02. Ask For Feedback In The Same Email

This trend is gaining momentum as we enter 2023. You can just ask them to respond directly by asking a question in the end or simply by asking them to click on the check mark if they found the email interesting.

Email Feedback

This is an easy way of gathering reader feedback as all it takes to reply is just a minute. For instance, search engine giant Google has already started making use of this trend. Check out!

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03. Integrate Social Media Your Way

A conventional way to incorporate of social media page buttons in emails was to line them all at the bottom. Now the designers are creating these buttons in their own ways. So, some buttons are in an enlarged shape.

Social Media

Some of the buttons are shown as vibrating a little to catch the attention. A purpose behind using a creative way to incorporate social buttons is to make these appeal to the reader’s emotions and motivations.

04. Say Yes To Interactive Emails

Today’s emails are targeted on user engagement. Email marketing is no longer limited to standalone or text-based newsletters. Thanks to the introduction of interactive emails. As per Martech Advisor, by using interactive email content, marketers can boost the click-to-open rate by 73%. So, it’s clear that interactive emails are going to be the next big thing in the email marketing domain.

Interactive Emails

There are various types of interactive emails. Some of the most popular ones include Image carousels, polls, videos, surveys, search bars, image galleries, innovative use of buttons, and also an option to complete a purchase within the email. Interesting isn’t it?

05. Create Your Own Icons For Pointers

Instead of numbering or putting the points of your message in bullets (which can be quite boring), try and design original icons for the same. They look way more cool and attractive. They make your emails more interesting and original and also support your content.

design original icons

According to, icons are easier to both recognize and to remember than bullets. While bullets are all the same, icons are much more characteristic and recognizable. So, be sure to make use of this amazing trend in your next email!

06. Choose The Right Color For Your CTA Button

The color that you choose for your CTA should go well with your brand. You should either go for general colors such as blue or green or a color that reflects your brand.

According to, visual hierarchy matters and making your call to actions stand out plays a crucial role in driving conversions. So “green vs red” is not so much about the color, but “does the important stuff stand out enough” and if not, how can we improve the situation.

CTA Button

One more thing to consider when creating your email design is to pay attention to your business logo.

Your logo design must find a place at the top of your email design and at the bottom where your email signature lies. So, put your logo at an appropriate place when designing your email. Make sure that your logo colors are included in your email.

07. Use Of Illustrations

Another email design trend that is fast picking up with the email marketers is the use of illustration and graphics. Marketers aim to create excitement to make emails engaging and memorable. So, they are using mascots and cartoons in any kind to engage the readers with the content right from the start.

graphic designers

The softer side of the illustrations help in branding a business as customer-friendly. For example, a smiley illustration of a character will always bring some happiness on the face of the reader. This will help build a goodwill for the brand.

If you want to create stunning email designs but cannot hire an expensive professional designer, do not worry. You can depend on crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill, which is known for delivering great quality of email designs at an affordable price.

As you launch your email design contest, many graphic designers will respond with their unique design ideas. You can thus have a winning design in a short period at an affordable price.

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Email design trends in the coming year will include making specific sections shareable, asking for feedback in the email and creating own icons for pointers. These trends continue to hold their dominance from the last year but will be equally impressive in the coming 2023.

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