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Top 10 Hottest Content Marketing Trends of 2015

by Gaurav Kumar Gupta Tweet - in Startups - 3 min read

Top 10 Hottest Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2015

Last updated on June 26th, 2017

The right approach to content marketing can shine up your business prospects while a wrong approach can make your effort, time and money go down the drain. So, it makes sense to pay attention to what content marketing experts say and follow their advice carefully, especially if you are a startup.

An indication of what’s going on in the field of content marketing currently can be had from its trends being followed the world over. Your creative website design surely adds to your efforts of keeping your visitors tuned to your business.

These content marketing trends can help you in a big way.

1. Interactive Content86% marketers plan to repurpose their content within the next 12 months. This will vastly increase the number of blogs, infographics, and reports competing for attention.’’.

2. Calculator-Like Tools – The focus is on adding calculators, apps and other such tools in blogs to ensure better user participation.

3. Repurposing Old Content – Another content marketing trends that fast picking up is to repurpose old and static content. Companies are turning some portion of that content into interactive one with the help of infographics, quizzes etc.

4. Visually Appealing Content – This year, more and more companies are looking to create videos, infographics and photos, which are visually appealing and engaging in equal measures and create a rich experience for users. Creative infographic designs can surely take your content to the people to summon their attention and attention.

5. Analyzing Tools – Another one of the best content marketing trends of this year is the use of tracking and analyzing tools. These tools are increasingly being used to keep an eye on the progress and result of content marketing efforts for making timely improvements in the strategy.

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6. More Funds – Companies are willing to set aside more funds for content marketing to repackage old content and distribute them on various platforms to drive traffic. The finances are also needed for new research and to develop new content.

7. Responsive Web Design – Due to increased use of mobile phones for surfing and shopping, responsive web design continues to be in the center of marketing campaigns by businesses. It is important to turn to responsive in the year 2015 in order to yield maximum results from your content marketing drive.

8. Exploring YouTube Even More – Companies are capitalizing on the success of YouTube in engaging the audiences. Businesses find this video platform highly useful in sending messages across a section of people with easy and effectively.

9. Use of Social Media – Social media continues to fascinate businesses for its power of engaging the targeted customers and markets in a big way. In fact, they are looking for new social platforms to drive traffic to interactive content is yet another great content marketing trends.

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10. Preset Distribution of Content – Businesses create a huge amount of content in varied forms. So, they look for some automation to submit content on wide-ranging old and new social media. Tools like Hootsuite are therefore are new favorites of the companies in distributing content automatically on a preset schedule.

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Gaurav Kumar has been a blogger, digital marketer and an SEO expert at Designhill.com, one of the fastest growing custom design crowdsourcing platforms. Over the years, he has been helping small businesses and startups improve website design and SEO strategy, content marketing and user experience.



  • Great post, very comprehensive, nice approach for larger companies.

    We have found that few smaller organizations have the budget, patience or willingness to make the research commitment up front. We find that we have to concurrently develop content, strategy and tactics. We do this by taking small steps at first, building on what is working and progressively fleshing out strategy as we evaluate past efforts and plan for the next ones.

    How do you approach content strategy with smaller customers? Have you found that the comprehensive approach outlined in this post effective?

  • Hi gaurav. I’m a graphic designer and loved how you presented the content. It really is inspiring. I would like to know if you had used any kind of graphic plugins for presenting in such a elegant way?