Top 3 Amazing Web Design Ideas from Experienced Designers

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Last updated on April 12th, 2018

In the past few years, web designs have defined new parameters of creativity. Most exceptional concepts for web design stem from industry and business requirements and therefore go well with their design specifics. However, it makes sense to explore diverse avenues of different design elements when designing a website.

However, it proved to be futile to experiment things without knowing their repercussions in real time, especially if you are an amateur designer and are not aware of the web design trends. Therefore, it is smart to heed expert advice. By incorporating expert design ideas, you can bring about major changes in web rudiments like images, icons, pictures, buttons and text blocks; thereby making your website more realistic and trustworthy.

A little smattering on 3 creative web designs from some of the world’s most renowned designers.

1. Ken Riley Jr. Focuses On Aerial View

One of the most acclaimed graphic designers, Ken Riley Jr. smartly incorporates a completely unique method of image viewing in his web design. His website showcases the aerial view of his work area making it more realistic and creative. No wonder, this amazing web design never fails to impress and inspire.

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2. Robby Leonardi Likes Playful Animation

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Big Apple’s celebrated designer, Robby Leonardi perhaps needs no introduction in the design circuit across the globe. He specialises in multitude of design areas like graphic design, illustration, and animation including front-end development.  He is multifaceted designer, whose fun filled interactive website (quite similar to Mario) speaks loads about his creative aptitude. Making the entire surfing experience an interesting game, Robby Leonardi’s creative website design is a good source of inspiration for all aspiring designers who love to explore the extremes of creativity.

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3. Jaxx Uses GIF Images Very Effectively

Good GIF images are almost on every website, then even why talk about them? The creativity of a web designer does not lie in its easy implementation rather its effectiveness reflects in the idea that has to be spelled out. Jaxx has eventually mastered this art of adding fun filled GIF images to a website. His simplistic web design with subtle color scheme, simpleton fonts and excellent use of GIF images makes it easy to understand why his name constantly ranks alongside some of the world’s most celebrated designers.


So, if you are a creative web designer and are looking for some inspiration to make your web design the Next Big Thing in the design circuit, do well to incorporate creatively inspiring ideas from this blog.

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