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Top 25 Women’s Day Gift Ideas For 2024

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Gift Ideas


Last updated on March 6th, 2024

Looking for women’s day gift ideas? International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries across the world. The day is about recognizing women’s achievements and their contribution to the family. It is also a day to highlight their significance to the upliftment of society in many crucial ways. To express your gratitude toward women, you have many Women’s Day gift ideas to choose from to please her.

A gift is an excellent way to express appreciation and acknowledgment for a woman’s contribution to our life. But selecting the right gift is not always easier than it’s said. It may be that the woman you like already has everything she needs. Still, you have to come out with a unique, attractive and useful gift.

Fortunately, many online platforms are full of new gift ideas. But not all of them are equally great and useful for every woman. You need to first evaluate the personality of the woman. Then, buy gifts depending on her current needs. You can even talk to her about the gift, or she can drop some hints.

The online shopping for Women’s Day gift ideas is considered a cost-effective source to get a wide variety of gifts. But before shopping, you need to scan any such sites to find a stunning array of gifts.

Check them in all the categories such as custom clothing, shoes, coffee mugs, perfumes, wristwatches, etc. before you make a selection. Though there are other great ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, a gift gives a woman more pleasure than anything else.

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Here Are Some Key Women’s Day Gift Ideas If You Wonder What To Buy For The Woman In Your Life

01. Custom Clothings

Women love clothes. They like to express their charming personalities through colorful garments. Buy her some clothes as per her choice of colors and styles. Make sure that the clothing items such as  crop tops, tank tops, scarves, blouses, short, and shirts you choose are stylish and trendy. You can pick an exciting t shirt design as well that she can wear very often.

Custom Clothings for Women

How about creating a unique t-shirt that has a design of your choice? You can outsource the design work from a graphic design service or a professional. Just brief the designer about your requirements whether you want to add the slogan, image, and other elements for the t-shirt to be uniquely designed.

02. Jewelry

Every woman is attracted to jewelry. Gift her a piece of jewelry and see the joy on her face. There are different types of jewels that you can check out easily on the web or in your nearby stores. The choice is limitless.


Pick the simple but elegant designs such as, necklace, bangle bracelet, silver hook dangle earrings, rings, personalized jewelries, pendants, and more. Always consider your budget and find something that’s affordable for you. 

Try to choose an elegantly styled jewelry piece that she can display on her body for many more days to come. Such jewelry is undoubtedly amongst the most stunning gift ideas for women.

03. Dresses

You can also please women by giving them a dress gift to make the day memorable. Dresses are stylish but comfortable fashionwear that showcases a woman’s charming personality. There are plenty of dress options to explore. Consider buying her customized dresses such as an all-over printed long-sleeve Midi, T-shirt, skater, or printed dress.

Women's Day Gift Ideas

04. Tote bags

Tote bags are large capacity bags, but these are trendy and stylish, too. Pick a tote that can hold large items as it is a perfect gift for women who are always on the go. Buy a durable bag made of canvas or cotton material with good storage space. This will be cool and unique gifts for wife, girlfriend, or mother.

HOBO Handbags

05. Makeup Organizer

Women like to have makeup organizer as gifts. This helps them organize their makeup essentials so that everything they want for a quick touchup is available quickly. Find out a makeup organizer that is modern and easy to carry.

Makeup Organizer

Such an organizer should have a durable zipper for safely keeping the content inside. It should have many inner pockets to keep keys, phone, debit and credit cards, etc. Make sure that it has enough space to hold many items besides makeup essentials.

Looking for Women’s Day Gifts?

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06. Wrist Watch

Wristwatches are great Women’s Day gift ideas that they like to get from good wishers. One such watch with a leather strap will make her happy. Modern, stylish watches with unique and aesthetic details are even more attractive.

best gifts for women

But prefer buying for her a bracelet quartz wrist watch to make it a memorable gift. It is definitely one of the best gifts for women

07. Crop Tops

Crop tops, known also as tummy tops, half shirts, or belly shirts are amongst the most favorite fashion wear that women like to wear more often. These personalized crop tops leave a middle section of the wearer’s body uncovered.

Crop top gifts for women

08. Bucket Hats

Women would love to receive organic bucket hats as gifts for the day. These hats are made of 100% cotton twill and come in different stylish shapes. You can also get these hats in prints to match them with a woman’s dress.

Bucket Hats for gift

09. Custom Phone Case

A personalized mobile cover with her photo, artwork, or any image that you think can please her, and a heart-touching quote can be a great gift to a woman to recognize her importance in your life. Customization gives the regular phone a chic look to flaunt personal style. Creating a custom phone case is effortless; you can do it online in just a few clicks.

Custom Phone case for women

10. Professional Makeup Kit

One of the most sought-after gift ideas for women is to give them a nice makeup kit. If the woman is a professional makeup artist or she is a makeup enthusiast, give her a makeup kit that she’ll carry with her everywhere. If she’s into makeup profession, such a kit would help her a lot.

Professional Makeup Kit

It has all the things such as blush, nail polish, brushes, eye shadows, pencils, sharpness, and many others. Not just for Women’s Day, makeup kits always make excellent birthday gift ideas too.

11. Skater Skirts

Skater skirts are casual skirts with a waistband that flares to make a circle. Due to its cut, the skirt’s flared circle shape is categorized as A-line shape. These custom skirts make a great Women’s Day gift since women wear them more often for their flattering looks and elastic waistbands. The skirts also suit any body shape.

Skater Skirts

12. Handmade Preserved Flower Rose

Women love to get fresh flowers, especially roses as gifts. But a problem with these best gifts for women is that most of them wither away in a short while. Therefore, you should buy handmade flower roses that are well preserved. They look bright in colors due to their treatment of environmental chemicals.

Handmade Preserved Flower Rose

13. Hand & Body Lotion

Hand and body lotion is another pleasing gift that women would love to receive. These products work as moisturizer that keep women’s soft skin well nourished. Mostly, these lotions/creams are semi-solid emulsions of oil and water.

Hand & Body Lotion

14. Customized Notebook

The customized notebook helps women jot down things at their workplace. They can remember their busy schedule of the day and note down many other elements of life. Buy an attractive notebook with floral pattern or any design she likes

Hardbound Life Planner

15. Aroma Oil Diffuser

An aroma oil diffuser is undoubtedly one of the exciting Women’s Day gift ideas. There is a wide range of aroma oil diffusers in the market, available in many styles. Pick any stylishly designed oil diffuser as it will make a great Women’s Day gift for her.

Aroma Oil Diffuser

This will create a charming home or office atmosphere when lighted. You can find many such fragrance-based gift ideas for wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, and sister.

16. Coin Purse Pouch Set

Buy her a coin purse pouch set which is good to keep coins and small jewelry. It is amongst the best gifts for women. The purse comes with a zipper for keeping the coins and jewelry safe.

Coin Purse Pouch Set

17. Travel Wallet

Give her a travel wallet so that it can hold her cards, ID, coins, and photo intact. Because it is a small wallet, women can carry it easily in a bigger purse. Or, they can carry it as a clutch.

Travel Wallet

Along with a travel wallet, another gift for her will be a custom t-shirt that has some special message on it. Both of these items are useful while traveling.

18. Cross Body Shoulder Bag

A cross-body shoulder bag is amongst the most sought-after Women’s Day gift ideas. This useful bag can hold big items as well as smaller ones safely. The bag comes in a variety of designs with many open slots and zipped pockets. Buy a durable leather bag.

Women's Day gift ideas

19. Perfumes

Every woman likes perfumes. The sweet fragrance makes her personality even more charming and attractive. There are so many blissful floral accents and extravagant scents to choose from. Pick one such special gift to make her feel special.


20. Flip-flops

Flip-flops are among excellent Women’s Day gift ideas for any woman. The market has an uncountable number of styles and colors of flip-flops. You can even customize a pair of flip-flops for her using her favorite color, design, or pattern.


21. Pen Stand

Working women will find an attractive pen stand as a unique and useful gift. Choose a wooden pen stand for a classic look for the office or home desk. It will help her organize her pen and pencils, and office essentials.

Pen Stand

Remember that if you run a business, you can gift pen stands to the women in your company. But make sure that your company’s logo design appears on the gifts.

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22. Handmade Crafts

Handmade stuff is always an attraction due to its earthy touch and feel. Buy these items from some handicrafts website or local artisans. You can choose from jewelry, home decor to wall art as women’s day gift ideas

Handmade Crafts

23. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are great Women’s Day gift ideas that you can explore to please a woman. Gift her some special kitchen appliances. Or, give her gadgets such as juicers, mixer grinders, processors, blenders, and coffee makers that make her kitchen chores easier.

Gift Ideas

24. A Book Collection Or A Movie

If a woman likes to read books, give her a book that inspires her to move ahead in life. There are so many books on all topics that she will love to read in her spare time. Give her a book that has tips for makeup or anything that revolves around her interests. If she is a movie buff, take her out for a movie that she is talking about so often.

Women's Day Gift Idea

25. Photo Frame

Often ignored, but photo frames are actually an exciting gift idea. A personalized photo frame gives a new life to the photo. Just write your favorite quotation and lines that she likes. Every time she sees the frame, she will remember you. It is also one of the great birthday gift ideas for her.

Photo Frame

These key Women’s Day gift ideas will surely help you make a good choice of a gift for a woman. But buy something that she finds useful and exciting.

But if you are looking for something unique that requires some graphics design, then outsource the work to Designhill. This leading marketplace lets you have cost-effective design solutions.


Many Women’s Day gift ideas only confuse a man who wants to buy something exciting for a woman. The web and physical stores are full of gifts. But some gifts stand out with their usefulness and attractiveness for women. Buy them gifts that they can keep with them for a long time.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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