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Top 21 Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Techno-Freak Design Geeks

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gifts

Last updated on December 25th, 2021

Valentine’s Day is the one most-awaited occasion when we express love for our dear ones by greeting and presenting them with memorable gifts. Those gifts become more precious when they can benefit your giftee. Hence, when you buy something unique and valuable specially for your graphic designer friend, make sure it will help to make design work less stressful. To find the best gift for your designer buddy, we give you plenty of gift ideas that you can refer to buy.

Graphic designing is a creative job, but it is tedious and strenuous. The designers take many days before they finally shape a design idea. So, they work harder and often work overtime to meet the deadlines.

For some beginner graphic designer buddies, these devices may be expensive. But modern devices make design work much easier and give the designer more personal creative time. If you can offer these products as a Valentine’s Day gift, they will just thank you for that.

Here’s A List Of Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Gadget-Freak Design Geeks

01. Moleskine Smart Notebook

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift, the Moleskine Smart Notebook is sure to make your lover fall head over heels- in love with you. This unique notebook turns the otherwise complex, creative design process into easy-to-follow steps. It allows designers to instantly turn hand-drawn sketches into fully workable vector SVG digital files.

Valentine’s Day gift

Using unique markings on the page and affordable prices starting from $24.95. Moleskine Smart Notebook makes it easy for designers to tap the creative extremes without sweating it out.

02. Wacom Intuous Pen

Yet another beautiful gift for your gadget-freak designer beau. The Wacom Intuous, makes it easy for designers to draw and paint their imaginations on canvas. Most designers will agree that drawing using a mouse is too daunting a task. And, this is where this great graphics tablet comes into play.

Wacom Intuous Pen

With Wacom Intuous, creating digital doodles, illustrations and lettering are more straightforward than one would ever imagine. Priced at around $79, Wacom Intuous is a gadget worth its price! Quite naturally, it tops the must-have lists of most aspiring and seasoned designers who wish to tap the window of creative possibilities.

03. 3Doodler

So, do you feel drawing is the other obsession of your graphic designer lover? Why not give them the fantastic, new 3Doodler? It helps designers make their 3D imaginations breathe easily. Designers across the globe seek after this world’s first-ever 3D printing pen.


If you thought you would have to spend an arm and a leg to grab this, you’re wrong! It’s available for only $99. So, gift this amazing 3Doodler to your lover this Valentine and let them plunge headfirst into the ocean of creativity with inspiring 3D designs.

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04. Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

An ultimate gift for digital design artists, Artist Brush & Stylus by Sensu is a smart techno-gadget that offers an authentic painting experience on tablet or smartphone devices. This device provides real-life brush control and is the best friend of all careful craftsmen who understand and consider the subtle properties of hair taper, flexibility, and strength when drawing.

Valentine’s Day gifts

Besides, it comes packed with a second standard stylus nib to use, giving designers more choice and flexibility. Over the top, this device is available for just $40. Now, that’s one whale of a deal for you, this Valentine!

05. Affinity Designer

This Valentine’s Day is touted to be the fastest, smoothest, most special vector graphic design software. Affinity Designer is yet another fascinating gift for your techno-freak aka graphic designers. This magnificent software offers everything to make things easy for designers, from Icon Design to UI Design and much more.

Affinity Designer

This innovative, reliable software intuitively combines creative vector art with flexible layer management and an impressive range of high-quality raster tools for solid finishing.

Affordably priced at just $39 and packed with a range of unique functionalities, Affinity Designer makes it easy to understand why it is so hit amongst designers from across the globe.

06. Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop is a helpful book for graphic designers looking for solutions and meeting design challenges. It has 80 creative challenges that you need to complete within a set time frame.

Creative Workshop

The book trains designers by giving them challenges such as creating a typeface in an hour or designing web pages and interactive designs. Many background stories and other things help you meet the challenges and learn.

07. Sakura Pigma 30065 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set

With Sakura Pigma pens, graphic designers can draw on quality paper and other mediums. So, they can draw fine lines when doing technical drawings and ensure consistency in lines.

graphic designers gift

These pens are equally helpful for artists, writers, and illustrators. This set has six different pieces in black, red, blue, brown, and purple colors, and they do not clog or dry.

08. Sonneman 2050-69 Quattro LED Task Lamp, Multi

Graphic designers need lamps that can rotate. The Sonneman Quattro is a stylish, multifunctional lamp that turns to the designer’s right angle to work. You can pivot points on the lamp’s arm and base to cast light from the desired angle. It is not a messy lamp.

gift for graphic designer

09. ioSafe Inc 214-DISKLESS 214 NAS DISKLESS

The graphic designers who do high-end designing work require storing massive data. So, busy designers getting a lot of work from big companies will love this diskless data storing equipment. It can store up to eight terabytes of data.


10. Laptop Bed Stand

Many graphic designers work all night, and others like to work in the wee hours for focus and new ideas. They will find this Valentine’s Day laptop bed stand helpful.

Laptop Bed Stand

Some Key Features Of This Bed Stand Are:

  1. Made from aluminum alloy for firmness and stylish look
  2. Handy Usage: random height and multiple angle adjustment
  3. With 2 USB fans available in black, silver, pink, and purple
  4. Suitable for Laptop 17″ or smaller
  5. No assembly required

11. Workstation For Home

An entire workstation will be a great Valentine’s Day gift to any graphic designer who is busy and needs all things handy and within easy reach. Pens to big screens, everything the designer needs is accessible quickly sitting on the chair.

Workstation For Home

12. Power Dock

Most graphic designers have iPad, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and Blackberry to search, communicate, and design. With all such devices used, their charging requirements also go high and need a heavy chagrin station. This station will charge all of them.

Power Dock

13. Field Notes Notebooks

Field notebooks are crucial for graphic designers to carry them anywhere and take notes. They would like to have such a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Field Notes Notebooks

14. Deluxe Sketch Kit

Graphic designers are always sketching things to see how a graphic design idea will look like. The Deluxe Sketch Kit has an entire range of basic pens for sketching, drawing, and sculpting art. It will prove to be an instrumental Valentine’s Day gift.

Deluxe Sketch Kit

15. Handheld Scanner

A handheld scanner is one of the things a graphic designer should have handy. These devices can store pictures, notes, scribbles, and art in digital format in color or black and white. The designer can store files in a wide variety of formats. It can also convert written text into editable text.

Handheld Scanner

16. reMarkable Paper Tablet

While the Apple and Android tablets were already available to the designers, reMarkable Paper Tablet, which the designers think can revolutionize the way graphic designers work.

reMarkable Paper Tablet

This tablet acts as a smart notebook to convert handwritten notes into typed text and handles countless pages, and it does not need recharging for days.

17. The Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet

You can confidently offer a drawing tablet to your graphing designer friend as a Valentine’s Day gift. These tablets are frequently used around the world for graphic design works.

Valentine’s Day gift

The Wacom Intuos Pro tablet is super thin sleek, and it has many new drawing pen technology capable of 8192 pressure sensitivities to meet various design requirements.

18. Studio Designs Laminate Craft Table Comet Center with Stool

Another Valentine’s Day gift that the graphi designer will find highly useful is a design table. These tables help reduce the stress and strain that designers go through due to long work hours.

Valentine's Day gift for designer

19. Portable Storage Device

This Sandisk wireless portable stick can transfer files from multiple devices such as phones, tablets, and computers faster to where you want. It comes with a 256 GB storage capacity which is huge for a portable device. Also, it supports multiple platforms, including Apple, Windows, or Android devices.

Portable Storage Device

20. Swatch Book

A swatch book displays all the colors on a strip of paper. The strip has 1867 solid colors printed on coated, uncoated, or matte finish stock. These strips unfold and show the entire range of colors so that a designer can pick the colors going by the theories of colors and how they match.

Swatch Book

21. Ergonomic Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

Graphic designers mostly create their design pieces on computers using the mouse to navigate design elements. So, the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is undoubtedly a great Valentine’s Day gift to help a designer do design tasks with precision.

Graphic designers gifts

This high-end mouse has Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless interface. It runs for 70 days once fully charged. You can change between windows without using a keyboard.

Wrapping Up

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you might be looking for a surprise gift for your graphic designer friend. The devices mentioned above are perfect for making a great gift as this helps make designing work much less stressful. But first, find out which of these devices are not available with your friend and then give it out.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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