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The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Social Media

Instagram Marketing

Last updated on February 8th, 2023

Influencers are now widely considered as an effective means of brand promotion. A word or recommendation from a celebrity goes a long way in influencing customers’ buying decisions. Instagram influencer marketing is one such huge modern-day platform for businesses to build their brands.

In a new survey, it was found that businesses had more trust on Instagram when it came to using social influencer for marketing.

The study revealed that the influencers considered Instagram as a superior platform, as compared to other social media channels, to collaborate with brands.

The study showed up that an overwhelming 80% of social influencers had trust on Instagram as a way to build relationships and brands.

There is another statistics to show the significance of Instagram in marketing. According to a study, social influencers had posted more than 1.5 million posts worldwide between 2016 and 2017.

The importance of Instagram can be highlighted from the fact that the survey placed blogs at the distant second. Blogs were the priority of only 16% of the respondents.

Other social channels like Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube performed worst as per the survey.

A reason for social influencers depending on Instagram could be that it helps in boosting their followings. Also, the users can generate content easily and post it with the product. They can create a strong visual appeal of the product with the help of an Instagram template.

Most enterprises, even larger ones, look for the best ways to connect with their target customers. They have to project their brands as trustworthy and authentic amongst broad demographics.

It is now a common knowledge that consumers look for authenticity as the number one characteristics when they search and buy products or services.

You can create ads for your products and services with the help of Instagram ad templates which will help you to sell your products easily to target customers. Most consumers buy from the companies or brands that they trust.

So, how can enterprises win the trust of consumers using social influencers on Instagram?

Here Are Some Ultimate Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing In 2023

How To Pick An Instagram Influencer

For Instagram influencer marketing, the next step to take is to identify the right influencer on this platform. It is not advisable to partner with just any influencer you see on the social media.

Instead, partner with the one who can help you yield the results. This is just as you pick the right professional graphic designer whose design style matches with your brand personality.

You must target only the right influencers. This is a challenging step to take not just on Instagram but all platforms. You should have a clear idea of what you really want from the influencer.

Write down the characteristics that you want in an influencer, keeping your brand in mind. The influencer should be relevant to what your product is all about.

Instagram Influencer

However, before you set out to explore influencer marketing, make sure that your company’s logo is a unique and memorable design. The logo is the most visible symbol of your business. So, first, take the help of a designer to create a logo that reflects your brand values.

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Once you have defined your influencer, it becomes much easier to narrow down your search for the right influencers. You can then make a precise list of them for your brand promotion.

So, consider these things:

01. Spot The Influencers

The first step to take is to identify the influencers in your niche. There are plenty of them in every business and industry. To spot them, you need to categorize them broadly as macro and micro influencers.

Macro influencers are the celebrities who are known to almost everyone and worldwide. A large section of the population is familiar with them. Such Instagram influencers include film stars, musicians, and sports people.

Most of them are also social media celebrities as their appeal to the masses is exceptional. Such stars of their fields have followings on social media in millions. For example, singer celebrity Selena Gomez has boasted of a following of more than 135 million on Instagram, which is the highest in the world.


Similarly, Desi Perkins has a large following, and she is a household name. She builds her mass following by providing useful fashion and makeup tips on Instagram. A firm recommendation of your product by such celebrities can take your brand to millions of prospective buyers.

These are the influencers with a vast number of followings. If they say a word about your product, it gets the widest possible audience.

Then, there are micro influencers also. These are the people with a comparatively smaller worldwide following. But they have a massive following at the local level. They can influence the purchasing decisions of consumers locally.

Bloggers are categorized amongst such influences. A well-respected blogger may have a small audience, but their recommendation of your product can go a long way in building your brand identity.

02. Use The Right Tools

To make your search for the right Instagram hashtag of the influencer easier, you can use some tools as well. These tools produce the search results based on the keywords you use. You can also do the search based on category.

Right Tools

Some of these tools include BuzzSumo, BuzzWeb, Ninja Outreach, and With the help of the tools, you can also filter the results easily by location and follower count on Instagram.

03. Size Of The Followings

Another critical step in Instagram marketing is the size of the influencer’s audience. Generally, businesses tend to go with the influencers who have a massive following.

This is because they take the largest following as a guarantee of reaching out to those people. Businesses hope to convert the influencer’s following into customers.


While the influencer’s audience matters a lot, you should aim at getting the highest ROI on the marketing. This means that the investment in made on the influencer’s recommendation should reward you with handsome returns.

So, while most influencers have mass followings, not all of them are the same for you in terms of ROI.

When you promote your brand with the help of an influencer, you are exploring the massive fan following of the celebrity personality to your advantage. In turn, your own fan following base increases manyfold in a short period.

Remember that once you have more than 10,000 followers, you become eligible to access the Instagram Creator Account feature of the social channels. This feature helps you to control your online presence.

04. Calculate The Engagement Rate

To find out if an influencer on Instagram is right for your brand’s marketing, evaluate and calculate the influencer’s engagement rates. In order to calculate the rate, know what average amount of engagement they get on their posts.

You can understand it by seeing the comments and likes they receive on their posts on Instagram. Then, divide the average engagement by the overall number of followers they receive.

Going by this method calculating the engagement rate of the influencers, an influencer with a million followers may have on 0.1% rate if the likes or comments received are only 1,000.

So, it is recommended by experts that you should pick the influencers whose engagement rate is more than 0.5%. When they recommend your product, the chances are that people will buy.

Engagement Rate

When preparing for marketing, make sure that you have a professional website design. This is because the audience will click on your site link on the influencer’s Instagram page. When they come to your website page, they must get a good first impression of your brand.

05. Consider Your Brand

You must also consider your brand before picking an influencer for marketing. Which influencer’s personality will be good enough to promote your brand? Answer that question precisely.

So, for example, if you run a retail business, you will probably not like to use an influencer from the science field for marketing. The important thing is to consider here is that the influencer should not be from an entirely different demographic.


If there is a mismatch between the brand personality and influencer’s field, the people are unlikely to follow the recommendations.

It is also equally important that your brand image itself is remarkable. For that, hire a freelance graphic designer, who will create visual identities of your brand that the influencer will endorse.

Social Media

06. Brands An Influencer Endorsed In The Past

Find out which brands and products the influencer has endorsed in the past. This information is important. You should search for the right influencers who have supported the brands that fall under your category of brand or product.

Make sure that the brands endorsed by the celebrity have the similar values that you wish to see in your business. They are in line with your business; the next step is to know if those brands share some.

Such research will give you a sense of how much an influencer will bring value to your brand marketing.

Influencer Endorsed

You can also visit the social media page of the influencer to find out his or her activities regarding the brand endorsements in the past. So, you should search for the influencer’s presence on many other social channels.

07. What Cause They Support

Find out also if the influencer you have identified has also supported a cause. There should not be a mismatch between the cause supported and your brand personality. So, know their endorsement history as well.

If the influencer has supported the cause of protecting the environment, your brand should also have something to do with the environment.

The chances are that such a celebrity will not endorse your brand that has nothing to do with the cause supported. Even if the influencer supports, the audience will not be convinced with it, and your brand will not benefit from the Instagram influencer marketing.


If you want to involve influencers in a cause related to your brand, it becomes inevitable for you to make sure that the logo design has been entirely created for the occasion. The logo will promote your brand in the presence of the influencer.

08. How To Form A Partnership

Once you have pinpointed an influencer on Instagram for marketing of your brand, the next step is to build a long-term partnership for them.

When the audience finds influencer endorsing the products time and again, trust builds up within them. That is how the influencer marketing works.

Get Their Emails – Most Instagram influencers have their contact information on their Instagram page. You can have their email from the site.

When you contact the influencer, there is some monetary compensation involved. But the influencers will agree to work with you if your product matches with the type of content they post.

Take a look at your own email also. You will be sending emails to the celebrities when they enquire about your business. So, make sure that the design of your email is remarkable and it makes a good impression on the celebrities.

If your email does not stand out, it is advisable to get online graphic design services to give it a professional look.


Send Them Your Brief – When contacting an influencer, send them your brief. The brief should contain the type of content you want to them to mention in their posts.

But do not try to pose anything on them as they are creative people. Just give them an idea of what you want them to mention in their posts. Tell them about your brand in a general way.

You can also send them your website link. To make your website look impressive, get online design services of an experience designer. The influencer will like to have a look at your site to know a little more about your brand.

Prepare A Mood Board – It would be good to prepare a mood board which is a collection of photos. Send them the board to give them a sense of the images that they should be posting.

In this way, they can convey your brand’s message. This is the way to make your Instagram influencer marketing successful. The mood-board tactic is used by the designers to create an advertisement design and many other design products.

Pay Your Influencer – Also, be prepared to pay your influencer for the services. The influencer may charge you for creating the content and promoting.

And they may also be asking for money for usage rights over the content that they have created for their audience. The cost will depend on the size of the audience.

Once you have paid the charges and have the rights, you can repurpose the content for your own blog, Instagram page, product page, and Facebook page etc.

The payment you make the influencer is part of your overall marketing budget. The budget includes the payment you will be making for sticker design and many other designs for marketing.


09. Measure The Results

You must also know how to measure the results you achieved from your Instagram influencer marketing. Put in place an excellent framework to know about these results.

When marketing on Instagram, it is better to create some traceable links so that you can find the influencers. You can use the tools such as Rebrandly URL Shortener to create multiple links to track each influencer whom you wish to target.

Also, you can request the influencer to put the link in their bio on their Instagram page. The link can also appear on the image caption. But taking this measure, you can track the traffic the influencer is driving to your page.


So, these are the key things to keep in mind when launching your Instagram influencer marketing. If you go by the basics, Instagram is the platform to give a push to your brand in your niche market.

If needed, you can buy Instagram followers to spread the word about your products or services.

If you need design material for the marketing of your brand, you can crowdsource the work to Designhill. At this platform, you can have a wide range of designs at an affordable price in a short period.

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Instagram influencer marketing will yield the desired results for your brand promotion. But target the right influencer whose personality and past endorsements match with what your brand stands for. You need to adopt some strategies to make the influencers work for your brand promotion.

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