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9 Best Social Media Trends That Will Boost Your Business In 2023

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Social Media

Social Media Trends

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023

There are tons of possibilities that social media brings in when it comes to reaching to bigger audiences, distributing your content effectively, or creating a following around your brand. It is where you’ll find people who will engage with your content and view your brand, thus, making it one of the convenient marketing platforms. Unlike other marketing techniques, it has built-in analytics which gives you a concise and clear picture about your initiatives.

With this it can easily be considered that social media platforms are fast becoming an advertiser’s first choice. Year 2023 is going to start, and speculations about the social media strategies have already taken full swing.

But, before you move ahead with strengthening your social media design, it is crucial to keep an eye on the trends that will have the major impact.

Here Are 9 Best Social Media Trends That Will Boost Your Business In 2023

01. Personalized Content

There would hardly be anyone who likes to see irrelevant content online. Let’s just say, when you have the liberty to choose, why just consume anything.

With audiences demanding more personalized content online, it will become a challenge to present them. Nonetheless, it will also reap the most benefits.

When you want people to interact with your brand, the last thing that you would want is a piece of generic content that doesn’t deliver value.

Anything unique which has interesting news, knowledge story or something related, usually strikes a chord with the people. In fact, if your website or social channels isn’t giving what it is supposed to do, nearly 3 out of 4 visitors will disengage permanently.

Personalized Content

Improvising on presenting more personalized content is becoming a major social media trend. As these platforms evolve, their features that serve the business will get more personalized and you have to stay sharp on that part.

Taking use of analytics data, you can guide your marketers and graphic designers to craft better and personalized content for their audiences.

It can really uplift the creativity level of the marketers too, as new means of content distributing and tricks will get revealed in the due course.

02. Platform Feature Overlap

These days the trend of overlapping social media platforms to showcase an event or a launch is picking up. For e.g. you might have seen brands using both Instagram and Snapchat live video features to engage their audiences in both the platforms.

Same thing happens with stories features on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. While the content could be the same in all of these, the main area where it differentiates is the reach and audience interaction.

It could happen that your brand has a better reach on Instagram, and you can use stories to tell them about your new launch or for sharing a workplace picture. But, wouldn’t you like the audience on your Snapchat to see the same? It’s where social media overlapping comes in.

Platform Feature Overlap

As per many social media influencers, when it comes to live viewing of their stories, Instagram performs the best. Roughly, about 10 percent more viewership than other platform on a daily basis.

On the other hand, several others have said that to engage a younger audience, Snapchat has shown favorable results.

As more platforms offer similar features, brands and marketers will have to be increasingly selective about which ones they invest in.

Take advantage of analytics and reporting features to identify which platforms could offer you the best return, and plan your social media design which can be easily made with the help of social media templates.


03. Messaging Online Through Social Listening

Everybody loves to open up in front of a good listener, and that’s precisely what social listening is all about. With the use of data, you can find out the users who want to interact with your band on a regular basis and you can communicate with them.

This will improve your social presence, as more people will be mentioning your brand in their conversation. This works really well than spending your time finding out what your competitors do.

Letting people talk to your directly also shows how easily approachable you are, and that you care for recommendations and suggestions.  This would help your firm to build its brand identity.

With broader mentions and messaging, you can easily see other metrics in your analytics and social media benchmarks like conversions, sign-ups, and cart fulfillment etc., all grows significantly.

 Online Messaging

Using web monitoring, you can collect data that can be used in your marketing strategy. When you start reverting to your customers’ questions you can safely see a bright growth of your brand on social channels. It can also tell what people don’t like to see on your brand.

It could be particular product, or the theme of the videos you’ve been posting lately. Social listening can give you valuable information about your competitors’ performance and your own audience that you can use to your advantage in your content strategy.

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04. Take Advantage Of Videos

Video will only take a stronger place in online content, and can be the #1 social media hacks. Therefore you need to include more of it in your strategy.

Video content are highly popular and it will continue to grow in 2023, providing more engagement and helping you build a huge following.

Video content, especially on Facebook receives a good response. You can see a good number of people commenting, sharing and liking them. And, the more they do, the more it gets popular.

Using Facebook’s reporting feature you’ll be able to know how your video content is performing compared to your competitors as well as your other posts.

With deeper mobile penetration and better internet availability, more people are viewing videos than any time else. The age bracket of 18-34 are the highest consumers, who could also be about half or may be more of your average customers.

So, get out there! Brainstorm some creative ideas and make some amazing videos to engage your customers.

Take Advantage Of Videos

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, and landing pages with a video have been proven to see an increase in conversion rate by up to 80%.

Whether you’re marketing a service or a product, incorporating your vital information and selling points through video format could be a great way to help boost your sales.

Not only that, but creating high quality video content for your social media ads and channels will help you stay on top of the wave, rather than be caught under it.

Instagram’s Stories feature and Snapchat’s entire platform also give brands the chance to create video content and share it immediately with their followers.

Obviously, video is only becoming more important. Having the ability to create that kind of content using media kit maker can be important for your business in 2023.

05. Responsive Social Content

Is your social content responsive? If it isn’t then you better start looking for ways to make it more mobile-friendly. This is because, platforms like Facebook is fast becoming almost entirely mobile.

It is predicted that more than half of Facebook’s current users will turn completely towards its mobile or app features by 2023.

Since, almost 80 percent of the company’s revenues come from mobile ads, imagine all those mobile users you could engage with. Therefore, a responsive social content is essential.

Responsive Social Content

By responsive it means that irrespective of the mobile device being used – a tablet, a phablet, or a small screen phone – your content delivers the same user experience across.

If you see other popular social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, or YouTube; all of them were or fast adapting to the mobile parameters. Since Facebook is a huge social media channel, it will be no time when it gets just limited to mobile phones.

06. Leveraging Influencers

Your brand could gain more followers if you treat your influencers as equal partners instead of someone asked to deliver a marketing campaign. It is imperative when it comes to social media strategies.

Take a look at Netflix in India for e.g.; the company is doing a commendable job by roping in stand up comedians and Indian YouTubers who are popular among its target audience.

Taking help of influencers in order to generate awareness in the social media space is definitely a great idea. Whether they are bloggers, video creators or digital brands, you can work with them closely and create relevant content for your business.

Leveraging Influencers

There are few influencers who are not only capable to not only drive awareness but increase ROI too. You need to develop an influencer marketing strategy that would yield high ROI for your brand.

Mega, micro and macro level influencers who can collaborate with your brand to create textual or video content that appeals to the target audience.

07. Leveraging Instagram Stories

Instagram stories and polls have gained immense popularity in this year. According to reports, over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, which is over 50 million more than those who use Snapchat.

By this rate, almost half of all Instagram users will be using Stories by the start of 2023. Therefore, if you’re interested in connecting with Instagram users you need to start learning the tricks of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories allows that users to post pictures or videos that stay available to all of their followers as a ‘story’ for 24 hours before disappearing.

The platform has gradually edited the functionality of their stories feature to almost mimic Snapchat’s entirely, offering filters, stickers, location tags and other nifty options originally coined by Snapchat.

Instagram Stories

The difference with Instagram, especially from a business perspective, is that you’re posting your stories to an audience that you have already built thanks to your photo content, which means you already have an engaged pool of potential customers or viewers to digest your stories.

You can also have your website design in a way that you can show your Instagram and social media post on it. On Snapchat, you need to actively promote your account and get people to specifically follow you in order to see the content you’re creating for this purpose, with Instagram, your audience is already there.

08. Live Stream

In 2023 live streaming will boom in popularity. All major social media channels have worked hard to implement live streaming functionality into their platforms, with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allowing you to live stream to your followers either as a personal account or as a Twitter.

Facebook offers you an easy live streaming function that will notify your followers that you’re live. Twitter partnered with trendy live streaming app Periscope for you to stream live to your audience.

Live Stream

Most excitingly of all, however, is that Instagram have very recently developed a functionality where you can collaborate with another account to do a joint live stream, as well as the classic live streaming functionality.

Whether you are following Twitter trends or Insragram Reels, if your brand is on any of these platforms – you’ll be able to live stream to your audiences.

With social media platforms favoring and encouraging the live streaming type of content, we predict that generally, live streaming will become much more popular next year.

09. Using Social Media As A Publishing Tool

Social Media platforms are increasingly exploring options for users to move beyond simply sharing content by allowing them to publish their own content.

Over the last year, LinkedIn has been growing in popularity as a publishing outlet, with many companies using the platform to boost their B2B marketing from influential articles.

Social Media

Snapchat and Instagram are also evolving to allow linking features that allow users to swipe to read articles.

Additionally, Facebook’s Instant Articles is becoming increasingly popular with many content creators using the feature to publish their pieces directly to the Facebook App.


Embed Social Media Widget On website

Although not directly related to a social media trend, embedding social media widgets on websites has emerged as an indirect trend that business owners are following. A social media widget is a small program or plugin that businesses integrate into their websites, blogs, and mobile apps to display features or content from various social media channels.

Over the year the buying behavior of people have changed enormously. They now tend to buy the products or services that they see on social media. In simple words, they buy only those products that are socially approved. One of the reasons is that social media platforms are designed to look friendly.

And why not? After all, they are the icebreakers between the brand and its target audience. As a result, a lot of brands are now preferring to embed social media widgets on their website because a social media widget helps them establish credibility and social proof.

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Content marketing is no longer just about creating great content for your website. It’s now become about getting your content in front of consumers where they already are, and using social media as a publishing outlet is an effective way to do so. Social media presents so many opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences, create and distribute better content, and build their following. To take advantage of all that opportunity, you’ve got to understand that these shifts happen frequently, so staying ahead of the social media trends is necessary.  Let us know any of the trends that we missed by leaving a comment below.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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