7 Reasons Why Visual Content will Dominate in 2018

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Last updated on May 14th, 2018

Interactive content helps businesses improve prospect engagement achieving 50% click rates, over 80% content completion rates and 40% lead form conversions. In fact, interactive content offers umpteen rewards to businesses. And perhaps the best form of interactive content that helps you beat your competitors to the punch is visual content.

In the recent times, an ever increasing number of marketers across the globe have started using visual content. Quite naturally, the number of blogs with interesting visuals dotting the Internet landscape have increased tremendously, over the years. Infographics now play a key role in promoting small businesses and startups, and videos have become the mainstream marketing secret for corporations.

Here are 7 major reasons why visual content is all set to rule the roost in the year 2015. If you keep these facts in mind, your professional blog website design and site laced with right kind of visuals will keep your visitors glued to your web content.

1. Visuals are Processed Faster – A survey reveals that our brain receives 90% information in visual form. Also, processing speed of visuals is 60000 times faster than text. Now, these stats are sure to make you understand why visual content has found a fair share of suitors, admirers and patrons across the globe. Quite obviously, it makes sense to use visual content in your marketing in order to turn your visitors into fans and admirers.

2. High Conversion Rate – According to a string of A/B tests, when videos are included on the landing pages, their conversion rates skyrocket by up to 86%. So, see if your landing page has a video, or even an interesting image is capable of converting your visitors into buyers. Do well to learn more about how to A/B test your landing page to maximize conversions to benefit from this approach.

3. Social Media Friendly – Visuals attract people easily and therefore they share it with others on social media sites. For your marketing efforts to become fruitful, social engagement is crucial, and images, videos and other such elements will only enhance the reach of your business amongst target audiences and potential clients.

4. Infographics Drive Traffic – Studies have pointed out that infographics have the potential to increase your website traffic by as much as 12% as compared to the content without visuals. With lesser text and more of visuals, infographics make it easier for people to grasp the information quickly and conveniently. In addition, infographics are cheap and quick to make. This means that you can create many of them frequently without having to spend thousands of dollars.

5. Blogs with Visuals Catch Attention – It has been found that blog posts that have visuals are capable attracting 94% more page visits than the ones without visuals. According to wishpond.com, Facebook posts with images get twice as many comments as compared to posts without any visuals. Photo albums on Facebook are also known for engaging visitors immensely. This should prompt you to include attractive visuals in your content.

6. More Clicks on Search Results – Studies have also revealed the power of visuals in making consumers click on the business links on search results. It has been found that 60% of consumers are likely to click on a business link on search results if it comes with images. So, make sure that your product name has alt tags in the product image.

7. Images Enhance Credibility – Another solid reason for incorporating visual content is that consumers, around 67% of them, are more likely to gauge importance of a product by seeing its quality image rather than reading customer ratings or product information.

With these reasons, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand why a fair share of marketers and businesses depend on visual content when it comes to driving traffic, generating leads and boosting the bottom line of the business. So, if you haven’t still decided to explore the potential of visual content, think seriously towards making a strategy around visuals to market your products or services. Do it before your competitor does and steals your clients and consumers.

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