3 Advantages Of Launching A Graphic Design Contest

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Last updated on November 14th, 2017

Are you still undecided over the issue of the launching of graphic design contest? If your company has not yet started the contest on some crowdsourcing platform, then here are some key advantages you will be reaping the contest.

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Brand Identity

First and foremost advantage of the contest is that you can build a reliable brand identity of your company and business. Your logo design contest, brochure design contest or any other graphic design contest will result in creating a competitive design that is impressive enough to represent your company in the market. If the design is memorable, it helps in gradually building up a brand identity which helps in ensuring a loyal customer base in the long run.


Many small business owners do not have enough funds to hire highly professional graphic designers. For such clients, crowdsourcing of graphic design contest is an effective way of getting logos, brochures, business cards, websites etc. within their small budget. A smaller package of less than $300 will get you started with most of the design platforms when you launch a graphic design contest. This small amount is in contrast with expensive fee charges of individual professional designers.

More Design Concepts

The contest allows you to have access to several design concepts. There are usually dozens of graphic designers participating in a design contest. They are interested in winning your prize money for the contest. So, they try their best to come out with unique concepts that are suitable to create a business message in your logo and other graphic design products. You can access dozens of design entries from the contestants as against only 3-4 concepts offered by an individual designer you hire.

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