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Designhill vs Canva: Which One to Choose?

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Design

Designhill vs Canva: Which One to Choose?

When creating a logo design, brochure, business card, or brand kit for your new business, you may opt for Designhill or Canva. These are popular sites amongst business owners and individuals to design logos and many other graphic design pieces. Both platforms let you turn your ideas into a memorable visual asset representing your brand well.

Both sites have their own specific features. But deciding which one is good — Designhill or Canva may seem a bit challenging if you’re unfamiliar with the particular advantages of these two.

So, if your brand has‍ decided to pick from Designhill or Canva, you should compare them extensively. Find out what key advantages they hold for you in creating a graphic design.

What Is Designhill?

‍Designhill is the world’s leading crowdsourcing marketplace catering to business owners’ and individuals’ creative requirements. They can source various high-quality graphic designs under different services of the marketplace.


The site allows business owners and individuals to launch design contests or work one-on-one with professional designers. So, they get dozens of creative logo ideas in response to their logo design contest.

Designhill is home to over 125+ designers specializing in creative designs, such as logos and business cards. So far, the marketplace has delivered more than 10 million designs.

The creative marketplace offers all the essential services for business owners, individuals, and designers. Here is what it offers:

What Is Canva?

‍Canva is a graphic design tool that anyone can use for personal or professional use. As it’s free, you can sign in and start designing. So, if you have an idea and want to know what your design should look like, then Canva helps create unique designs.


You can create blog images, website banners, Facebook covers, posters, flyers, invitations, multimedia, booklets, presentations, etc. It is widely seen as a cheaper source of having a piece of graphic design.

Now that you know what exactly Designhill and Canva are all about, comparing them extensively for their services and other benefits will help.

Here Is A Quick Comparison Of Designhill And Canva

‍‍Both Designhill and Canva are dedicated sites for creating graphic designs. Business owners and individuals explore these two for different reasons. Here is how these two have different parameters: 

How Does It Work?


Designhill lets you launch your design contest for its global community of graphic designers. First, fill out your design brief and post a project. So, if you need a logo, describe your creative logo ideas or any other design ideas, mention the colors, fonts, or specific symbols that have to be used, or leave it to them.

designhill contest

Once you make your contest live, it gets exposed to designers. Whether your brief is about a website design, logo design, business card design, or brochure design, you get dozens of submissions for the same from designers. Once the contest reaches its deadline, you need to check each submission, filter out favorites, give feedback, and announce a winner.

Then, the contest goes into the handover process, where you and the designer collaborate for file transfers or edits. Once you receive the files, the designer gets the award money. Under handover, you get all the exclusive copyrights. That’s how it works.


Canva is a graphic design tool and platform that individuals and designers use to create designs, including social media graphics, flyers, posters, banners, logos, presentations, and many more.

All you need to do is sign in to Canva and start designing using its templates. You can also import your own element to the design frame for customization.

Customization Options

Today, we are living in an era where personalization has a crucial role to play. Let’s check out what customization options do Designhill and Canva have to offer.

Customization In Designhill

Designhill renders customization for all. You can personalize your design brief according to your needs. The flexibility to add references also simplifies your brief and lets logo designers or graphic designers know what exactly you need. Based on it, they create custom designs for your brand.

customization in designhill

You can even contact the designers during the design process and guide them toward your business logo design or any other creative requirement.

The DIY logo creator tool of this platform also comes with ease of customization. Another way to get a personalized and customized graphic design at this marketplace is by working with a designer of your choice. Just go through their portfolio, check their work sample, and choose the one whose style best suits your brand personality. You can then work with the professional designer on a one-to-one basis. Later, you can guide them to get your design customized per your needs.

Customization In Canva

Canva also provides customization to all its users. But their customization features are limited to templates. A user can change the graphic used on Canva anyway they like. But to get a wide customization feature, users need to have a paid subscription or premium elements.

Quality Control Options

The quality of a graphic design, such as a logo or any other design, matters the most. Only a high-quality design can leave a lasting impression on target customers. So, choose a design platform that gives you more control over the quality per your brand’s values, message, and personality.


Designhill is known for its strict quality control over various graphic designs created on its platform. This site has set its own high standards of quality for the designers. That compels them to abide by the high standards. Here are the design standards that Designhill has set for the designers on its platform.

  • To submit (100%) original work
  • Save/Send files in approved formats (EPS, AI and PSD)
  • Designs must be high-quality vectors
  • Highly professional, it must match the design brief

Those designers who fail to meet these standards are promptly removed from the site. That ensures that the business owners and individuals get quality work. Moreover, Designhill’s team also monitors the design quality by minutely checking designers’ profiles.


Canva, on the other hand, is a DIY tool. This means Canva has no control over the quality of graphic designs. So, the quality of a graphic design solely depends on how skillful the user is. If the user has no or low experience and skills, making a quality design is a complicated process.

How Much Do They Cost?

Small businesses and individuals generally look for cost-effective design solutions. But if they opt for a too-cheap solution, it compromises the design on the quality front. So, pick an option with a good mix of quality and affordability. Here is how the two sites compare on cost.


Designhill gives you several pricing plans per your budget. However, these plans are devised differently for graphic designs, such as logos, business cards, stationary, and billboard designs. Here are, for example, pricing plans for logo designs.

Fast Track – This is an initial pricing plan that lets the business owners pay the minimum amount and get several benefits. You pay $249 for launching your logo design contest under the plan and have 20+ designs from designers.

Standard – With the Standard plan at $399, you can access unlimited designs, but you can expect 40+ designs from logo designers. The plan lets you promote your contest and design on social media and in Designhill’s newsletter.

Executive – The Executive plan comes at $699 with many handy features for business owners. They can expect 60+ designs from expert designers. 

Premium – The Premium plan is valued at $999 and gives you access to exceptional designers. While you get unlimited designs in response to your logo design contest, you can expect 80+ designs. All the promotional features are also available to the business owners.


Canva is much cheaper due to its low costs for business owners seeking logos and other designs. But lower prices come with low design skills since you are left alone to create a logo.

Here are the Canva pricing plans and their benefits:

Free plan – You can, with a free pricing plan, access 250,000 free templates and 100+ design types. In addition, you will get thousands of free graphics and photos. Also, you can invite your team members to work on a design piece.

Pro – The pro plan comes with a monthly payment of $12.99 and has all the features of the free plan. Also, you will get millions of premium graphics, photos, videos, and graphics. You also get 420,000 free templates and a host of other features.

Enterprise – The Enterprise plan is available on monthly payments of $30. This includes all the free plan’s features and empowers your team to manage your brand. It also equips your team to manage your content in one place.

Project Management

A graphic design project is not easy to handle and manage successfully to get the desired results. The designers should focus their creative time and energy on the design project. Here is how the two sites compare on this front:


Designhill will manage your graphic design project entirely. So, it will have a certain control over your design contest, which is your project on this site. It will keep a tab on the designers working on your project. If, as a business owner, you have any issues, Designhill will promptly resolve them to your satisfaction.


A disadvantage with Canva in managing a project is that you are solely responsible. You will manage the project all by yourself from start to finish. But it may not be a practical solution as it will consume your valuable time. It may also be overwhelming for a business owner like you.

Communication Options

Communication with the designers is extremely important for businesses when they hire a designer or run a design contest. Here is how the two sites compare:


Designhill offers all the modern communication means to business owners who need logos and other designs. Design contest owners can establish robust communication using all means with designers while they work on the project.

You can instantly chat with them to instruct, guide, or provide feedback regarding the design.


A disadvantage of Canva for users is its limited communication tools. So, you might find communicating with your team and others challenging. Know that as a designer, you will be communicating with your team constantly to get their feedback.

So, this is how Designhill and Canva compare their helpful features to create graphic designs.

Both platforms are helpful depending on the design requirements of businesses and individuals. Designhill is a better option for those who want talented designers to create logos, business cards, etc. The designers know how to design per the brand message and values of a client.

Canva should be chosen when the user knows how to design for brands. Otherwise, this site is less helpful when maintaining high-quality design standards in case the user is not a hardcore designer.  

Designhill Or Canva?

After the comparison if it still feels challenging, which platform to choose, ask yourself these questions.

Stats And Facts


Wrapping Up

Designhill and Canvas are two popular sites for various graphic design projects. There are no hard and fast rules to choose any of the two. But before you make a selection, check out the features, values, and quality you get. Compare them thoroughly and then decide the one that matches your needs and budget the best.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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