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20 Fonts to Bring the Nostalgia of the 90s

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Design

Last updated on January 27th, 2024

Many retro styles are trending as consumers want to bring back the memories of bygone days. Numerous logo designs and company identities incorporate fonts reminiscent of the ’90s to target a particular audience and evoke nostalgia. A visually captivating retro font is critical to crafting a striking retro design.

Fonts are crucial design elements as they infuse graphic compositions with personality and help convey messages effectively. Picking the right font is seamless, as specific fonts can transport you back to the nostalgia of the 1990s, evoking emotions associated with the vintage era.

What Are Retro Fonts?

The term “retro” refers to typefaces produced in the 20th century. Such fonts are taken directly from the era or were developed by designers in the present day to imitate one of the styles of those bygone days.

The inspiration for these fonts comes from various sources. These include signs, posters, covers, advertisements, TV shows, video games, and logos. Even well-known businesses from the 1990s or previous eras could be the inspiration. The vintage solid fonts in print designs, emails, or other digital media looked unique in their typical huge sizes.

During the 20th century, each decade was brimming with its personality. Plenty of 90s font styles were available in those times. While the 1950s were known for comic book fonts, the 1960s were for the bubbly scripts. The fonts turned playful and cartoonish in the 1990s.

Here are 20 fonts from the vintage 90s for your inspiration

01. Puffypuff

Puffypuff is one of the popular aesthetic and highly versatile 90s fonts. It can give designs a playful look and energy. Designers especially explore this typeface to create unique posters and t-shirt designs, and it is used in many other design projects. 

The font has letters with rounded edges that make it look unique and memorable. You can access it in many alternate characters to have multiple design options. So, it is your ideal font choice to create a design project based on the 90s theme. It can also be a retro-inspired website or branding campaign.

02. Comicon

Comicon is a perfect font to give your project a cool, calm look. Created in bold letters, this font can drive people’s attention quickly to your project. You can use the font to your advantage in designing posters, old-school events, websites with a retro theme, or a comic book.

Its bold and blocky letters remind views of the iconic 90s typography and retro feel of those times.

03. Gumzilla

Gumzilla retro typeface is one of the popular 90s fonts to take us back in time. It is a unique retro font that has a vintage feel about it. Its blocky letters with rounded edges make it an ideal choice for comic books and to depict fun characters.

This font has condensed letters with wide line spacing for a solid visual impact. So, the font is ideal for designs that reflect tradition while still looking modern. The font is also good from a readability point of view, making it a perfect choice of vintage fonts for designing logos, banners, posters, headlines, etc. The font also offers multiple customization options to create desired effects for viewers.  

04. Blobie Typeface

Blobie Typeface retains its modern look despite being an old-school font. It has a bold, rounded, and swirly appearance. Its multicolored shapes of letters and geometric patterns also give it a unique retro feel. 

This eye-catching and expressive font is perfect for creating design projects requiring pop or pizzazz.

Despite being from the 90s, this is a versatile font you can explore for various design projects, including digital signage and web design.

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05. Funk Gibson

The Funk Gibson Retro typeface is a vibrant font combining classic and modern styles. It should be a choice to create strong, thick, and curvy lines for a classic 90s feel.

The letters tilt slightly, giving the font a fun and playful look. Thick lines of the letters make them readable even when they are reduced to small sizes. It also works well in both bold colors and black and white. You can confidently use the font for logos, apparel, posters, etc.

06. Retrio

Retrio typeface was the 90s font to create the impact of neon colors and old patterns. It is a layered font for a textured look of a design. You can evoke nostalgia and the retro feel of the era.

So, use this font to create posters, websites, and comic books. You should explore it for the retro feel of that era.

07. Retro Volt

The Retro Volt is a vibrant typeface that creates a unique style in a design project. You will like this font for its bold characters, swirl patterns, and memorable flair. It is a classic font that can take the viewers to old groovy days.

The stylized letterforms and distinct make this font ideal for creating catchy headlines, t-shirts, logos, and posters. It can also be a good font choice for digital and physical design projects.


The Lico retro typeface is a timeless classic font known for its unique vintage style. So, use this font in creating designs that set your project apart.

It has geometric letterforms and looks unique due to using a single line weight. You can also use the font for visual contrast since it combines bold and thin strokes. This is also a great font choice for creating headlines and titles. You can also include the font in your branding strategy to create body text and a lot of visuals with modern designs.

09. Retro Chimps Vintage

Retro Chimps Vintage was amongst the popular 90s fonts, and today it captures that vintage feel of the era. It had intricate letters, which gave a unique personality to the design. The letters have an elegant and playful style.

Since this vintage font has retro elements and looks vintage, it is often a good option for creating posters and headlines. This is also an ideal font choice for creating comic characters. Such designs need bold and impactful uppercase and lowercase letters to get a glimpse of the past.

10. Block Marys

Block Marys is a retro-inspired font with a nostalgic aesthetic. It is a blocky retro font ideal for making a solid impact while bringing the views to the 90s. You can explore the font to give your design project a unique look.

This impactful font can be a choice to work on attention-grabbing design projects involving longer texts such as articles, websites, and books. You can design a retro-themed website and other projects using this font.

11. Standie

Standie is an old-school bold font. Its bold letters give a timeless retro charm. It has multiple stylistic alternates to create custom designs.

Standie brings back memories from the 90s with a modern look. It is an excellent option for posters, branding, packaging, and t-shirts. Different businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bars, and fashion sector, and even wedding invitations or scrapbooks can explore this typeface.

12.Retro Boldy

Retro Boldy is a typeface that looks retro and modern both. It has bold and blocky letters, making it an ideal choice for creating posters, headlines, and other designs.

You can use this font to design impactful visuals for books, articles, body text, and websites. Your branding campaign will get a vintage flair using this font.   

13. Ballore Grayson

Ballore Grayson typeface is another typeface from the 90s era. It has vintage-inspired letters that look stylish and have a solid modern feel. Due to the font’s versatility, it is a nice font for branding, packaging, posters, website headers, and t-shirts.

This is an ideal font to create unique visuals for fashion brands, restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. You can also make eye-catching headlines.

14. Magic Retro

Magic Retro has the elements to make it worthwhile for vintage and modern designs. It has a look of a nostalgic and contemporary era. The font comes in unique blocky shapes and swirls. These elements can make a design look special.

You can explore this font when creating personal projects such as scrapbooks and wedding invitations. Being a flexible font, designers can use it in lowercase characters to meet a design requirement. You should prefer it also to add a touch of authenticity to a design or visual, besides bringing a sense of nostalgia.

15. East Garage

East Garage is a stylish font inspired by those 90s-era elements and visuals. Like most fonts from the era, this one also has swirly letters to make a design project look outstanding. Its bold but slanted lines and sans-serif letterforms give us a nostalgic feel.

It has a prominent lowercase ‘g’ with subtle curls and swirls. You can opt for this font also due to its heavy weight of the letters to create a commanding brand presence. For its timeless appeal, many graphic designers have used this typeface in branding materials, posters, logos, etc.

16. Balgin

The Balgin is another font from the ’90s to take you on a nostalgic journey. Its bold swirls and elegant lines have a substantial impact on viewers.

This font family gives you multiple alternate characters for design flexibility. You get incredible options to explore for multiple design projects, including web, print, or mobile projects, for an aesthetical appeal. Its highly legible font makes it a good choice for articles, reports, and books. It is also one of the best logo fonts from the bygone era.

17. Break Snooze

Break Snooze is another retro style from the ‘90s that combines elegance and impact. The font has a whimsical and playful feel due to its bold shapes, thick lines, and exaggerated curves.

Its unique style is ideal for posters, t-shirts, headlines, etc. You can convey a nostalgic feeling in a design project. It is also an impressive font for fun due to its bulky lowercase and uppercase. 

18. Wasted Youth

Wasted Youth should be your font choice when looking for letters with an edgy and grunge look. Use this font also for creating versatile designs. This customizable typeface has thick strokes, uneven letter spacing, and rounded corners.

This 90’s font was the favorite of designers during the era to create album covers for brands such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana. You can choose this font to create eye-catching designs and to stand out.


The Strippy retro typeface has exaggerated serifs which evoke retro charm. It’s angular lines and geometric shapes. You can explore this thin font to give your designs a vintage flair and the impression of a 90s graphic design.

Designers use this typeface for logo designs and print materials such as posters, postcards, and billboards. Due to its smooth curves, you can give your design project a timeless aesthetic.

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20. Tumb Ink Trap

Tumb Ink Trap is one of the best retro fonts that give your designs a unique style. Its thick and blocky font with round edges of lettering gives it a distinctive look.

The grunge aesthetics also gives an urban feel to the design. You can use this versatile font confidently and explore multiple design projects. You should opt for this font also to give your design a distinctive and fun style.

So, these are the significant fonts from the 90s that modern-day graphic designers can use in multiple projects. They should choose these fonts based on their design requirements.

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Wrapping Up

Retro fonts have their unique ambiance and feel of the bygone eras. Fonts from the 90s are mostly bulky, thick, and swirly. Such characters make them suitable for some designs related to fun and entertainment. These fonts are good enough to create attractive, attention-grabbing body text, headlines, posters, and websites. Such design will look unique in these times and can convey a brand message.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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