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31 Best Fitness Logo Design Ideas For Gym Trainers In 2024

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

31 Best Fitness Logo Design Ideas For Gym Trainers In 2024

Last updated on February 9th, 2024

With a uniquely designed fitness logo, a newly established gym business can drive customers’ attention. However, before creating such a logo for your business, you must closely examine some inspirational gym logos from a diverse range of personal training businesses. These remarkable emblems will help you pick the right colors, typeface, and other elements for your logo.

A well-thought-out fitness logo design can enhance the reach of a gym training business amongst its target customers. The logo sends the right signals about the type of physical fitness training that the gym facility offers.

People are today more conscious about how to keep fit and remain in perfect shape. A healthy and well-shaped body is the key to meeting life challenges in the modern, busy, competitive world.

That is why gym training is such a roaring business today. People throng these training hubs to do tough exercises for utmost health. If you, too, are planning to launch a gym training brand soon, think of having a unique logo. First, take a look at some inspirational fitness logos.

31 Fitness Logo Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

We give you an extended list of inspirational fitness logo designs that you should look closely at. Find out how the designers have explored fonts, colors, icons, and other design elements to create these unique logos for gym training businesses.

Here are the logo designs of gym training businesses:

01. Root & Flow

The Root & Flow logo uses the kettlebell to represent the brand’s physical fitness business. It is a beautiful design with the kettlebell figure and the brand name on one side. This combination logo instantly tells the viewers about the company. The versatile logo appears impressive on all fitness clothes like hoodies and accessories like a cap and looks OK as the signage outside a shop.

Root & Flow logo design

02.GYM Butiken

This impressive fitness logo stands out for its use of typeface and colors. It has bold and thick letters that give the logo a robust personality. The red color evokes athletes’ passion for fitness, while black is for power, the authenticity of the brand, and strength.

GYM Butiken logo design

03.Triple P Fitness

This logo design is triangular with three ‘P’ letters inside, in purple. The three Ps are from the company tagline preparation, process, and purpose. A weight-lifting bar hangs on the triangle, showing the company’s job. The creative gym logo looks equally impressive in black and white.

Triple P Fitness logo design


This logo shows a kettlebell as a significant feature depicting the company’s fitness training job. A fire element in the middle stands for the company’s name. The design has a clean and professional look to it. The client got 200+ design ideas in response to the logo design contest. 

Looking to own such a professionally curated fitness logo design? Don’t worry! You can access professional logo designers to get unique fitness and gym logo designed by launching your design contest at Designhill.

Reignite logo design

05.TWO 3

A dashing young boxer in the middle of the TWO3 logo conveys the brand message instantly at first glance. Bold and black letters of the brand name give the design a masculine look. The white ‘O’ letter gives the logo a distinctive appearance and drives attention.

06.Featherweight Fit

Like most fitness logos, this one also is predominantly black with a touch of white. It is a logo for a boxing training club, which is clear from the name. Two boxing gloves hanging in the middle.

Featherweight Fit logo design

You might also be looking for one such impressive logo for your new gym training business. But while offering the design job to an agency, ensure it is a trustworthy logo design ideas. Only such a design marketplace will take care of your design needs appropriately.

07.Real Power Coaching

The company’s acronym ‘RP’ is formed to look like X, symbolizing mystery and power. It is a trendy gym logo with an athletic man in the middle being the chief feature. It is undoubtedly an impressive fitness logo.

Real Power Coaching logo design


The COZO logo is a wordmark in capital letters. This gym logo has a weightlifting barbell. This is a compact emblem that conveys its message cleanly. It has weightlifting equipment depicted on both sides of the brand name.

COZO logo design09.Brahma Fitness

The Brahma Fitness logo is in the shape of a kettlebell in red and black. Red is the color of passion, and black evokes power and strength. So, the logo conveys the zeal of physical fitness enthusiasts.

Brahma Fitness logo design

You might not be a professional designer; still, you can create a gym logo for your business all by yourself. Just try out a coach logo maker. This tool has a vast library of colors, fonts, and icons for your gym business. Just drag and drop those elements to customize a logo per your design needs.

Ready To Make Your Logo?

10.Lab Kreated

The Lab Kreated logo is another unique and impressive design that drives our attention. It features multiple colors, including red, green, white, and gray. Since the company has the lab in its name, the designer created the logo in the laboratory testing tube shape.

Lab Kreated logo design


The NBD logo is in the shape of a stamp for authority. The wordmark is nicely placed in between the two sets of weightlifting disks. The fitness club’s name, No Bad Days, appears at the top.

NBD logo design


12.The Athlete’s Edge

The Athlete’s Edge logo is primarily gray with a hint of red to catch the viewer’s attention. The club’s logo is also in trophy shape for win and authority, making it one of the best logo design ideas. This powerful emblem conveys the message and encourages people toward physical fitness. Before attempting to create a logo, find out how to get a unique gym logo design for your gym training business.  

The Athlete's Edge logo design

13.Maine Athletic & Performance

The MAP logo may look clichéd due to its conventional use of the gym logo elements. But this creative logo design is in white which makes it stand out. The use of a barbell is a typical logo inspiration for fitness coaches. 

Maine Athletic & Performance logo design

14.Republic Of Athletes

The Republic of Athletes logo has a crowned logo, symbolizing authenticity and power. This logo conveys its message instantly through the use of the lion image. Both the lion and fitness are known for muscle strength.

Republic of Athletes logo design


The Limitless Fitness logo design is a minimalist wordmark. Two flowy lines in the creative gym logo evoke the rhythm that a well-built body of an athlete usually has. The blog is in light green, which catches our attention. 

Limitless Gym logo design


The Zurifit logo features a mix of orange and black colors. But this logo also has an athletic track resembling a running athlete. The two contrasting colors become the identity of this fitness logo design.

ZURIFIT Gym logo

17.The Hive

The Hive logo is one of the most attractive gym logos as it uses the brand name to create it. There is an aggressive and angry bee flexing its muscles. The brand name is also in bold letters. Incorporating black and dark yellow tones in the color palette adds to the logo’s dynamic and energetic appeal.

The Hive Gym logo

18.F5 NYC

A triangular shape and weightlifting equipment in the middle in red is the chief attraction of this personal training logo. Both the red and black are the colors of power and strength. It has the brand name in black at the bottom of the triangular.

F5 NYC Gym logo

19.Jumping With Gee

This unique gym logo has a human head and brain as its chief feature. It connects mental health with physical fitness. The green color evokes the health benefits of workouts. This is undoubtedly an exciting logo that catches the eye.

Jumping With Gee Gym logo

It would be good if you first go through physical fitness logo ideas and inspiration. Compare these ideas and get motivated to have one such logo for your new gym training brand.


Flowarriors is a brand that encourages people to keep their physical fitness level high through dancing moves. Two male and female dancers are shown here in a dance pose representing the rhythm and happiness of a well-built body.

Flowarriors logo

21.Dew It

The Dew It logo is another uniquely designed piece that drives our attention immediately. It has a sleek barbell in black and gray. Both these colors evoke bodily strength.

Dew It Gym logo

22.Dark Cloud

This is another impressive fitness logo in a stamp style. The circular shape conveys that it is a reliable fitness brand that athletes can subscribe to. Its dark black theme evokes the authority and strength this brand wishes to command.

Dark Cloud Gym logo

23.ZAP Training

ZAP Training logo has the brand’s acronym ZAP on the top and the brand’s full name underneath. The letter ‘A’ is abstract in the middle, and the color scheme is attractive with black and light yellow combinations.

ZAP Training Gym logo


The Blackwolf logo is a tastefully created design that catches our eye with its outlines that give the hint of a wolf. This logo for the personal training brand is also attractive for its unique typeface for the brand name.

Blackwolf Gym logo

25.UP 4 Movement

There are only a few fitness logos that are sleek designs. The wordmark is in thin letters, which stands for the fitness of an athlete’s body. The logo has no other element, making it a clutter-free minimalist design.

UP 4 Movement Gym logo


The Balancing logo has a person sitting on a giant rubber ball and trying to stay there well balanced. This logo in blue depicts the fitness of a person who is athletic and fit.

Balancing Gym logo


The M&G brand provides functional fitness to its subscribers. This gym logo design has some sophistication since it does not use loud colors. It has conventional barbells with the brand name in the middle.

M&G Gym logo

28.Palmetto Peaks

Palmetto Peaks is a gym that uses climbing techniques to achieve fitness. Its logo, therefore, has hills, a tree, and a moon, which stand for the climbing of hills. The brand name is broad and bold in letters to evoke the authority of its fitness services.

Palmetto Peaks Gym logo


The Warstori logo is outstanding because it uses the letter W to convey the brand message. The one half of the letter ‘W,’ the brand name’s first letter, has a bodybuilder’s shoulder and hand with flexing muscles.

Warstori Gym logo

There is no need for your small business to hire an expensive designer. You can easily access a free logo maker that does not require you to be a professional logo designer or any particular skill set. The software will generate numerous logo design ideas based on the design brief.


The Crossfit logo conventionally uses a kettlebell as its symbol to convey that it is a brand that deals in physical fitness. Five stars are incorporated in the kettlebell’s handle, indicating the brand’s high-quality fitness services. 

Crossfit Gym logo


Every athlete wants to be in form with excellent body fitness. The ProForm logo uses two blue lines forming an athletic track. This fitness logo nicely combines the acronym and the brand name stylishly.

ProForm Gym logo 

So, these are amongst the best gym logo ideas that will inspire you to have them for your gym training business. First, you should know what the logo should express regarding your brand personality, values, and message. Then, consider those when designing a logo or asking a designer to do the job.

You can visit Designhill—a leading creative marketplace, for more inspirational designs and also to get your logo job done by professionals.

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Wrapping Up

The gym training business is highly competitive today and requires attractive visuals to drive attention. A unique and impressive fitness logo can help win the trust of potential customers. These inspirational gym logo design ideas give you a glimpse of how the design should look like. Make sure that the fonts, colors, and icons choice is perfect, just like these logos have.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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