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Christmas Logo Design & Color Palette Ideas to Boost Your Brand’s Holiday Spirit

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Christmas Logo Design & Color Palette Ideas

The holiday season is upon us! It’s the perfect time to get a Christmas logo for festive branding. Having a seasonal logo helps connect with your audience on a personal level. People’s attention spans are shrinking, and as a business owner, you need to adapt to it or face the risk of lagging behind your competitors. 

Embracing seasonal branding is the best idea to attract their attention. Adding Christmas imagery to the logo and choosing the right color palette will give your emblem a refreshing look and your prospects a solid reason to look upon your brand.   

In this blog, we are going to share the secrets of Happy Holiday’s logo design and color palette ideas. You can consider these ideas to ignite your festive branding campaigns. These Christmas colors and design ideas are sure to help you convey the festive warmth. 

Christmas Logo Design & Color Palette Ideas to consider this festive season

When designing a logo or tweaking your company logo for Christmas branding, brainstorm some new Christmas logo ideas. Think of creating the logo with a new set of colors and imagery. 

Here are some ideas and colors to try: 

Turn your logo into a snowman

logo in form of a snowman

Snowman is a popular and iconic anthropomorphic snow sculpture of a man. It is a typical sculpture that people build, especially in those regions with heavy snowfall. The snowman also has become a symbol associated with the celebration of Christmas. So, your brand logo can have some snowman elements added to it to match the festive mood of your target audience. 

Add snowflakes to the background

Snowflakes are popular with designers and artists to express festive joy during Christmas. Add snowflakes to your company logo. You can showcase the snowflake image on one side of the Merry Christmas logo or somewhere in between aesthetically. But ensure that the flakes are visible clearly. 

Design your logo as a bobble hat

logo as a bobble hat 

Can you recreate your logo with the Christmas bobblehat design? That will instantly make your logo look festive. Just tweak the logo a little to put the hat on a suitable letter of your company name appearing in your modern logo. Or place the red and white hat on one side of the brand name. Since people love wearing bobblehats in winter, they can quickly relate to your logo.

Include more ice or snow

Include more ice or snow to make an integral part of the imagery

Since Christmas falls during the winter season, ice and snow make an integral part of the imagery. It would be helpful if you consider incorporating ice strategically in your tweaked logo design. That will encourage people to know more about your brand.

Incorporate a Santa image

Incorporate a Santa image

Santa Claus is one image that instantly comes to mind when thinking of Christmas. Consider including the Santa image in your logo to celebrate the festival. People will instantly connect with the image and, hence, with your logo design for the day.

Add glitters

glittering elements Christmas logo

Some glittering elements, such as sparkling stars, can convey the spirit of Christmas through the logo. However, the best way to add glitter to the logo is to go to the logo-making tool and find the options to add glitter to the text. 

Add holly or mistletoe

holly or mistletoe Christmas logo

Holly and mistletoe are plants associated with Christmas traditions. Your company logo can also have these trees or their leaves only to mark the festive season. Including these trees and their glossy and green leaves will convey the holiday message to your audience. You don’t have to go overboard; just add trimmed branches using the negative space for relevance. 

Frame your logo with wreaths

Christmas wreaths  element holiday logo

Christmas wreaths are yet another element that you can add to your holiday logo. They have been an integral part of the traditions, representing eternal life. You can use the wreath element in Christmas colors your company logo for the occasion. Just put your logo in the middle and surround it with the wreath. Design the wreath with dark and shiny green leaves and red flowers. 

Alternatively, use the wreath as the fundamental layout for the time being.

Include Christmas trees Christmas tree logo

The essence of Christmas lies in the Christmas tree. You get another element that is quite famous amongst marketers for their festive logo revamp strategies. Showcase a pine, fir, or spruce tree using your logo to give off the holiday vibes.

Christmas Color Palette Ideas You Should Consider This Season

You have seen the elements that are perfect for adding to your logo for Christmas. Now, let’s look at the Christmas color palettes for festive branding. Whichever color you like, find the right color palette hex codes for easy color transition.


Red is the color of warmth in the winter season. This Christmas color palette conveys the celebration and cheer of the holiday mood that people eagerly seek. So, recreate your logo with red and its shades. 

Find a Christmas red hex code that gives you the precise set of colors you want to create a logo or other visuals with. 


Although the golden color symbolizes wealth and prosperity, its addition to your festive branding gives a clear view that Christmas has arrived. By using this particular shade, you can give your logo an organic touch. Make sure to complement the golden with emerald green for a dramatic look. 

Pastel postcards

Pastel postcards are quirky Christmas colors that build playfulness in any design, including a logo. With pastel green, for instance, you will add a bubbly flair to the design.

Chocolate brown

Rich chocolate brown is the color of warmth and intensity during winter. This color will create a strong Christmas appeal through your logo and other visuals.

Cobalt blue 

For a fantastic Christmas color palette, choose cobalt blue with a combination of gold and twinkling stars. That will give a luxurious look to the visual. 

Black and gray 

A black and gray combination will give the visuals a classic, strong look. You can try out these two colors to maximize the impact on viewers. You can also add a hint of red to evoke a feeling of warmth. 

Ornamental colors 

Try some complementary ornamental colors that pop out in a design. These colors will help your logo stand out and get noticed immediately. 

Brown hues 

Brown is a commonly found color in cookies, gingerbread, and other festive food items during Christmas. You can add brown hues to the visuals and experiment with different shades.

So, these are logo ideas and colors you can consider while designing a Christmas logo to make the occasion big and memorable. But ensure that the design stands out to make it look refreshing. It should look different than the logos you created last year. Remember, in a report it’s projected that this year, 3 out of 10 US marketers are planning to spend more on holiday branding as compared to the previous year. 

Designhill can help with its online logo maker if you want to create it yourself. This tool has hundreds of colors, fonts, and Christmas images. You can pick these elements for the logo revamp. The logo generator also comes up with multiple ideas to choose from. Select the one that matches your interest and customize it for the Christmas branding. 

Wrapping Up

Christmas is around the corner, and you must prepare hard to make the day memorable for your family. As a business owner, you can mold your brand logo into a Christmas logo for the occasion by incorporating Christmas imagery. That will refresh the logo to engage your target audience with your brand even more. Consider the above ideas and color palettes for a refreshing take on your logo design. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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