Logotype or Symbol – Which One Is Better for Your Brand?

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Last updated on December 14th, 2017

Often, logo designers find it difficult to decide which type of logo will be appropriate for a client’s business. They often complain about the problem of plenty when it comes to selecting the shape and size of a logo. But perhaps the very first thing that designers must mull over is if they should settle for a logotype or symbol in order to create a logo for a particular business. Sometimes, this choice is not easy to make as both the option carry some merits.

What Is Logotype And Symbol?

A logotype, also called as wordmark, is the logo that has its company name on it. The company name is designed in a unique way and is often visually delightful. So, if the logo design just spells out the company name, it is a logotype. But a symbol as a logo is entirely different concept. A symbol is a logo that has just an image to represent the business or company and has no company name.

Here are just some of the many examples of logotypes and symbols.


Following are the logotype of global brands. All of them bear their company names and bear the direct representation of their respective companies. The logos of CNN, Coco Cola, IBM and Ray Ban indistinctly feature their respective business’ names.


In the following example, we have the symbol logo of global sports shoes company Nike. Instead of the company name, there is only a swoosh sign as an image representing the company.

Nike Logo symbol


Other famous example of symbol logos is that of popular, global technology giant, Apple. The company logo is an apple with missing byte. Other examples of symbol logos include Starbucks, McDonalds and Mercedes.


So, Logotype or Symbol, Which One You Choose for Your Business?

You should consider logotype only when your company name is unique. In the above examples of logotypes, you can notice that CNN, Coco Cola, Ray Ban and IBM are all uncommon names and attract the viewers easily. Since they are unique names, it helps in achieving the goal of attracting the people towards the logo. Due to the name, the logo also looks unique. So, if your company name sounds unique, you can safely opt for a logotype and create a logo by incorporating your business’ name.

An advantage of logotype is that you do not have to spend much to advertise your logo. The company name in the logo itself is an advertisement for your business. The onlookers get to know about your company and business by simply looking at your logo. This also means that you will not be spending a lot of money on educating people about your logo and its meaning and purpose.

But in case your company name sounds like a common one or has nothing unique in it, then a symbol will be perfect choice for your logo. You can create the symbol in many ways after carefully analyzing the nature of your business. In the above example of sport shoes maker Nike’s logo, a swoosh sign becomes the symbol. Apple logo has an apple as its symbol. But make sure that you choose a symbol that conveys the intended message very well.

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However, a disadvantage for smaller businesses in having a symbol for logo is that they need to market their logo extensively. Big corporate houses launch a campaign to educate the people about their symbol logo, its meaning and purpose and how it represents their respective business. But smaller business may not afford such massive campaigns.

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