How To Convince Client For Accepting Your Logo Design

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Last updated on October 8th, 2018

Clients of a logo design are usually not an expert and hence they may not be knowing much about a design and how it is going to work for their business. So, a client may simply reject a design for own reasons, which is perhaps the biggest fear of a logo designer. The art of presenting a logo before a client is therefore crucial to your graphic designer career. Here is what you can do to convince a client.

Concrete reasoning
Give your client some concrete reasons for designing the logo. Explain why you have used certain design elements such as colors and fonts. What does the color you have used represent and why is it there in the logo and what is its use for your business and brand image. Similarly, explain why you have used those fonts and not the other ones. Make sure that all such reasoning fulfills your client’s business requirements.

Be confident
A slight hesitation in presenting your logo design may create doubts in your client’s mind. Therefore, keep your confidence level high to the end and let the client have the impression that you are an expert and your word is final.

Benefits for business

Clients want to know how a logo design is going to practically benefit their business. We advise you to approach a client knowing these practical advantages beforehand. A mock-up of how your logo design will look on business card, brochure, letterheads etc will be useful to impress your client.

Two-way dialogue
Do not intimidate client with your expertise as logo designer. Your client may feel belittled and may feel undesirable in a whole of one-sided discussion. So, interact with client in an easy and comfortable manner allowing your client to have his or her say and let client disagree on some of the points you presented. Counter your client’s arguments with concrete reasoning in professional manner.

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