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Top 51 Cool & Creative Food & Drink Logos For Inspiration

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Food & Beverage

Drink Logos

Last updated on June 13th, 2024

Are you planning to launch your food and drink business? If yes, then you must first have a unique food and drink logo that can drive potential customers’ attention to your business. Such a logo should be capable of sending out your business message and engaging the audience. Well, there are plenty of inspirational food and drink logos that you can look at before designing the one for your small business.

When it comes to getting food or drink logos for your business start-up, it makes sense to ensure that you aim for a design that pictorially depicts your business’ taste, quality, and appeal, all at the same time. Your logo must be appetizing enough to make foodies and epicureans make a beeline for your products and services.

If yours is a new and small business then you do not worry about spending much on creating soft food logos, drink logos or fast food restaurant logos. You can use a logo maker, which is a helpful DIY tool. It lets you pick your choice of colours, fonts, and other design elements and guides you in designing your logo. You can create a logo in minutes without any prior experience in creating graphic designs.

Food and Beverage logos not only promise a yummy experience to food connoisseurs but also these logos are a feast to watch. So, let’s dive headfirst into the tantalizing collection of creative food & drink logos.

Top 51 Cool & Creative Food & Drink Logos For Your Inspiration

01. Familia Food

Familia Food logo brilliantly captures the essence of the food outlet and targets customers who love to spend together with their families and loved ones. No wonder, this simple yet powerful logo never fails to tickle the fancy of food lovers.

Familia Food logo

02. BarCode

The BarCode logo is yet another one of the amazing food and drink logos that inspires and impresses in equal measures. With its soothing color scheme, simplistic fonts, and amazing symbol, the logo is certainly a treat to watch.

BarCode logo

03. Eat & More

The Eat & More logo is rather simple and unique. With its catchy colour scheme, simple and bold fonts, and unique use of the negative spaced symbol of a fork making the letter ‘E’, this amazing food logo makes it easy to understand why it is so popular amongst both seasoned and novice designers looking for unique ideas.

Eat & More

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04. Cook Finder

Yet another simple yet powerful logo design, the Cook Finder logo uses orange color, simple fonts, and the image of ‘spoon chef’. The logo exudes oodles of inspiration for anyone who is looking for a creative and unique logo design idea.

Cook Finder

05. Love Sip

The Love Sip drink and beverages logo evoke the feeling of romantic dates. With its unique purple-black color scheme and the symbol of a wine glass, the logo makes it easy to understand how even the simplest of elements can be put together to make a creatively inspiring drink logo.

Love Sip

06. Fish + Chips

Fish + Chips logo design is another interesting logo design that marvelously uses images of fish and chips served on a platter. A rather unique concept in itself, this is one of the food and drink logos that truly captures the essence of America’s staple food.

Fish + Chips logo design


07. Homespun Chili

A minimalistic logo design, the Homespun Chili logo packs in enough punch to win over the hearts of even the most discerning of foodies. With an interesting sketch of a chili, simpleton logo fonts, and brilliant use of subtle colors, the logo indicates how a cleverly made logo can weave an entirely new personality and characteristic for a typical food and drink logo and their business.

Homespun Chili

08. Safari Bar

Safari Bar logo features a giraffe to illustrate how this bar serves sundowners who love to spend their evenings over a glass of wine taking after a thrilling day full of jungle safari. This is also one of the drink logos that features exceptional use of negative space technique. No wonder, this logo remains a valuable source of inspiration for many designers.

drink logos

09. Sweet Cakes

An exceptional logo design, the Sweet Cakes logo reflects the specialties of business aptly through the image of cupcakes. In addition, the subtle color scheme adds glittering stars to the overall appeal of the logo.

Sweet Cakes logo

10. Food Boutique

The food boutique logo uses the negative concept to illustrate the images of the fork, knife and spoon gathered together in a vintage frame. The unique concept and classy look of the logo make it a hit amongst foodies and gluttons as well as designers.

Food Boutique


The burger bar is a simple design that uses the bar’s name as inspiration. There is a hamburger design shown along with the band name in big black capital letters. This logo targets customers of all ages.


12. Rustic Bean Cafe

The Rustic Bean Cafe is a rustic but contemporary and minimalistic logo. It shows a fallen cup of coffee with a sketch of a coffee bean on it. The entire logo appears to be in pencil drawing to give it a rustic look as the cafe owner had asked for in the brief for designers. It is one of the unique drink and beverages logos.

drink logo


This cafe sells gourmet coffee and donuts. Its logo shows both these elements with the cup of coffee in the middle and a hint of donuts on the edge. There is a cleverly designed smiley sign underneath the cup, giving the message that the cafe serves high-quality coffee and other food items.

drink logo

14. RL Spoons

The RL Spoons logo is in the business of selling food and drink-related products such as custom wooden spoons, charcuterie boards, cheese knives, cutting boards, etc. So, the business logo has a saw blade that signifies that the company creates wooden kitchen products.

RL Spoons

15. FreshOade

The FreshOade logo conveys the message that the brand offers fresh juice. It is in green letters and an image of an orange. The logo successfully signals freshness and enticing taste.

FreshOade logo

16. Late Night Bites

This business owner targets people’s habit of eating food late at night and it is not fine dining but bar food. So, its logo targets college kids who order through delivery apps. Therefore, the design looks like a monster and has a dark background indicating night.

Late Night Bites Logo

17. W & J Wine and Spirits Brooklyn

The W&J Wine logo is a memorable design as it depicts a large jug of wine. It has the shop’s name designed in the middle in bold and black serif fonts to evoke trust and authority. The logo helps customers recognize the wine shop.

drink logos

18. Loose Goose Coffee Company

This coffee shop allows customers to bring their dogs. So, the logo has a proud dog in liner art within a circle. This design is memorable and builds brand recognition.

Cafe logo

19. Haugen Competition BBQ

This logo design immediately drives attention due to some elements from the kitchen popping up from the main circle. Green and white colors make the design look unique.

Haugen Competition BBQ

20. Frutoniq

The Frutoniq logo is for a tonic beverage with a refreshing fruit essence of lime or orange. It shows two lemon fruits with a leaf prominently to drive the attention and convey the brand message of freshness, ‘all-natural,’ and taste.

Drink logo

21. Logan’s Craft BBQ

Craft BBQ is a movement for hand-selecting the best meat, spices, and other ingredients and is prepared with love and passion. So, the logo gives this message with a fire burning and two big chopping knives, which are traditional symbols of hand preparation in a kitchen. Also, the logo is in black, giving a retro feel to the design to convey the message of standard preparations.

Logan’s Craft BBQ

22. Texas Pit Shark

The Texas Pit Shark logo is for an Instagram account. The Instagram account focuses on the promotion of backyard BBQ enthusiasts. You can notice that the designer got inspiration from the account name and designed the logo as a shark with its fin at the top.

Texas Pit Shark logo

23. Better 4 You Meals

This company provides school meals that include breakfast, lunch, and after-school meals. So, the target audience is students, teachers, and parents. Green and yellow colours convey the message that the food is fresh and healthy.

food & drink logo

24. Designer Tea

This is amongst the simplest drink logos that you will come across. The designer created a leaf inside white space in the letter D. So, this vintage-style logo creates a brand message for the premium tea company to deliver healthy and natural tea.

drink logos

25. Door No. 8

The company’s name Door No. 8 is derived from one of the eight gates of heaven known as Ar-Rayyan, meaning thirst quencher. So, in turn, this means that the company’s food and drink products are for exclusive people. The drink logo successfully conveys the concept.

drink logo

26. PS Food & Lifestyle

This is amongst the simplest drink logos for a company that provides food to health-conscious people. Its logo is a text-based design only to depict the message of strict food quality parameters followed in the company.

food & drinks logos

27. The Beer Chronicles

The Beer Chronicles logo is for a blog dedicated to different aspects of beer and its business. Due to the word Chronicles in the brand name, the designer incorporated conventional elements.

Beer Chronicles logo

28. Paper Street Coffee Co.

The target audience of this coffee company is the adult and post-college professionals who like to have quality craft coffee and enjoy the ambiance. To send this message, the designer used just a nice brewing cup of coffee and a street element in the white space.

Paper Street Coffee Co.

29. Greco’s Daughter

Graco’s Daughter is an Italian specialty food distributor company. The owner is a female who takes pride in being the only such businesswoman in this type of business. That is why the company’s logo shows a crown and classic style embellishments.

Greco’s Daughter

30. Craft Collective Brewing Co.

Craft Collective Brewing Co. intends to do something different in the field of the craft wine business. Its logo has wine leaves shaped as a large jug of wine. The designer used dark colors for the quality and authenticity of the wine served.

Craft Collective Brewing Co.

31. Go-Go Water

GO-GO Water sells a premium hard seltzer alcoholic beverage, which is low in sugar and calories and it targets diet-conscious people. This is one of the simple drink logos that use a fine combination of text and an image.

drink logos


Poke INC serves colorful food and so its logo depicts a colorful fishbowl, which looks like a unique design. Two chopsticks and a circle further add to making it a memorable logo.

memorable food logo


Spice Ballers serves high-end spices and seasonal blends in glass jars. Its logo has the brand’s initials S and B at the top of the design and the full name underneath. The logo also comes in a circular shape looking like a stamp of authority.

Spice Ballers

34. Mirë Snacks

Mire Snacks serves roasted salted organic sunflower seeds. Therefore, this unique logo has a smiling sunflower and the brand’s name in yellow. The logo conveys its brand message immediately with the use of the sunflower. The customers know what they should accept.

Mire Snacks

35. Pizza Pair

Pizza Pair is an online pizza delivery service. That is why its logo design is a location icon shape. There are three large dots and a slice for pizza.

Pizza Pair

36. La Buena Mesa

La Buena Mesa sells a product called La Reserva which is a chili oil made from smoked Mexican chilies that are blended with spices. Its logo, therefore, has a Mexican traditional face mask with chili and lots of colors.

food company logo

37. GreenPot

GreenPot is in the business of serving its customers with vegan food. So, its logo is in green to indicate that the cafe specializes in vegan food items. The logo is in green color with a cute cat figure to draw attention.


38. Juice and Go

Juice and Go logo is amongst the most attractive drink logos as it looks bright with the use of yellow, green, orange, and white. These colors represent the freshness of the juice served. The logo also reflects the slogan Closer to Nature. It is surely a clean and sophisticated logo.

attractive drink logos

39. Munchlist

Munchlist logo is for an app to locate different cuisines to buy food from passionate cooks. A key feature of the logo is its M letter shaped and a root and two green leaves. The app’s name is in stylish handwriting font to indicate a high-quality food service.

Food Service logo

40. Detroit Brothers Pizza and Smoothies

The Detroit Brothers logo is one of the food and drink logos that look unique due to its classic lettering style. It evokes trust because of the old handwritten letters used and the entire restaurant logo is in a circular shape which looks like a stamp of authority.

food and drink logos

41. Ray Allan Baker & Confectioner

This business owner wanted a logo that has a traditional feel with a modern twist. So, the designer came up with this retro-style design that depicts a conventional way of bakers and confectioners back in the 80s. The logo looks impressive in black and white as well.

food & drink logo

42. Big Gay Food Truck

The Big Gay Food Truck logo is attractive due to the pink truck and a drag queen heal. It also has a cartoon drag queen on the roof of the truck. A circular rainbow and dominating pink color make this logo stand out.

food logo

43. Mix Makery

Mix Makery has people of 18 to 50 years of age as its target customers who are health conscious. That is why the designer used green color generously in the logo.

drinks logo

44. Palm Beach Meats

The Palm Beach Meats logo designer used the graphic along with the brand’s name. A cow head shows that the brand offers fresh meat to its customers and the palm tree stands for the company’s name. It is a nice black and white logo that hints at the company’s business.

Palm Beach Meats logo

45. Husky Ice Cream Sandwiches

Husky Ice Cream Sandwiches serve ice cream sandwiches. Since the company’s name has Husky in it, the designer drew inspiration from it and incorporated it ahead of Husky dog howling in the night. Black and blue are the dominating colors while brown and green of ice cream hint at what is on offer for the customers.

Husky Ice Cream Sandwiches

46. Planty of Nosh

Plenty of Nosh targets customers of 25 to 45 years of age who are already consuming plant-based food. The designer incorporated a fork to hint at the company’s food business while two green leaves are for freshness and great quality of the food. It is surely one of the simplest food and drinks logos.

food and drinks logos

47. The Scarlett Monkey

The Scarlett Money is amongst the most amusing food and drink logos. The business owner wanted something in the logo that invokes a smile when seen. So, the designer drew inspiration from the company name and incorporated a baby monkey with a long curly tail. The brand delivers meals prepared with organic ingredients.

amusing food and drink logos


This logo of the special coffee roasting company has a conventional coffee roaster figure as the prominent design element. The red color evokes the passion, which also stands for the company name. Such food and drink logos are unique due to the use of retro figures.

food and drink logos

49. Chicano Kitchen

The Chicano Kitchen logo is for a YouTube channel. Chicano is Mexican culture and so there is a sketch of a typical Mexican man. Then there are spoon, fork, and star elements to convey the message that the channel is about food preparations.

food logo

50. Nutly

Nutly logo is surely amongst the food and drink logos that draw our attention instantly due to its unique design. This business is about creating a nutrient-dense variety of nut-based milk and butter. The logo design conveys the brand’s business by incorporating some nuts in a smiling figure and the use of bold but sleek typography.

food and drink logos

51. JazzVee

JazzVee serves coffee out of a trailer/truck. So, its logo is one of those food and drink logos that we can locate from a good distance. The logo appears big on a trailer or truck to drive people’s attention. A coffee cup and brewing pot, and coffee beans convey what the business is all about.

drinks logo

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Logos play an important role in your business success. And, if you are in the show business like food, drink, travel, and so on, you need to get a competent logo to promote your business. After all, people choose an attractive element to make their decision. We hope these logo design ideas helped you to make your mind on how to design your logo. If still in doubt, try our logo maker for free.

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