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10 Creative Education Logos To Inspire You In 2024

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design


You might have come across various education logos, whether online or offline. And some of those logos might have left a positive impression on you, making you associate them with reputable educational institutions. That is the power of a thoughtfully-crafted education logo. So, if you’re considering starting a school for kids or grown-up students, one of your initial steps should be to create a logo that stands out and exudes trust and authority. 

Revisit your school logo design and see if it has the potential to grab your target audience’s attention. You should evaluate its design elements to know whether or not they convey your intended brand message. Such a business logo must also reflect your educational brand’s personality. 

So, getting some logo education to learn the design basics is advisable. Find out which colors, fonts, and symbols will best suit to grab attention and send the message. 

Most importantly, go through some logos of education institutes to see what element they often use. You can then know how to design something unique to stand out. 

Top Education Logos For Your Inspiration In 2024 

01. Homeschool Sprout 

The Homeschool Sprout logo design gets its idea from the brand name itself. It has a sprouted seed illustration and a book underneath. This symbolizes the kids’ education in a school. Green and brown colors are there to evoke growth. The school name is in a friendly sans-serif typeface. 

Homeschool Sprout logo design

02. Lil Voices 

The Lil Voices logo represents a school that teaches public speaking to kids. This logo design has a cartoonish figure of a happy child with arms wide open in joy while speaking. The designer used multiple colors to express the feelings of a happy child who knows how to speak. 

The Lil Voices logo

To access one such outstanding logo for your school, you should search for a reliable design service that handles a design job efficiently. They know what colors, fonts, symbols, etc., will help convey your brand message.  

03. Act Ed

The Act Ed logo is for an institution that offers education on stage acting. Its logo, therefore, has two masks that symbolize the acting business of the institution. Then, the tree also symbolizes wisdom, with its leaves representing the diversity of thought. Also, the green color of this business logo conveys the healthy growth of those who seek education. 

The Act Ed logo

However, if you intend to design one such logo for your education brand, avoid randomly creating something. Instead, it would be good first to have some insight into how to design a logo. It should look perfect to represent your school or any other institution.  

04. Code Is Fun 

The Code Is Fun logo is a unique design in a shield shape. Conventionally, the shield is the symbol of trust and authority. Many educational institutions and other businesses have shields as their school logos. There is a face and some connecting dots within the shield, which evokes trust. 

The Code Is Fun logo

05. Tutoring 

This custom logo design is for Tutoring Works LLC. It has the rising sun as a symbol of hope and progress. The tree symbolizes growth, while the drawing of a school with numbers and alphabets stands for the school. Orange and green colors give the logo a pleasing look. 

Tutoring logo

You might also be planning a school or any other educational institution. In that case, ensure you get a remarkable and educational logo from professional designers. 

06. Greater Gains

The Greater Gains logo depicts a compass that draws geometrical shapes such as circles and trace arcs. A larger compass illustration in the middle in red immediately drives our attention. To create a logo like this, you must first know which illustration or symbol can instantly convey your brand message. 

The Greater Gains logo

07. New Leaf

The New Leaf is a popular and universal symbol of new hope, growth, and prosperity. The New Leaf logo is a unique design due to its box shape. It is a clean design with no additional elements that usually clutter a small logo space. This logo is an excellent example of a simple and minimalist design that today’s logo designers look forward to creating. 

New Leaf logo design

08. Pine State

This ideal design uses fewer elements to convey its brand message. The designer explored line art to create this logo. Just a one-line stroke creates the pine tree and the sun shape. Then, two curvy lines indicate a book. Indeed, this is an excellent example of what a minimalist design should look like. The logo evokes the institution’s name and its field of business.

09. Hakibah

An illustration of a school bag shows us that the content related to the image is about education. That is why the Hakibah logo is such a remarkable design. It is just a big school bag in one blue color. The broad white band in the middle around the bag gives it a unique and impressive look.

Hakibah logo

The company name is in a big and bold serif font, which stands for the friendly educational environment of the school. 

10.  Literacy Wise

The Literacy Wise logo is a beautiful design in orange and black. The school logo design comprises a book with its pages and the brand name underneath. Small square-shaped dotted lines make the pages, which is also a unique and attractive feature.

The Literacy Wise logo

These impressive creative education logo designs inspire you to develop a fantastic logo idea for your education brand. 

Tips To Create Education Logos 

Know your audience – Before designing the logo, know its target audience. It may be kids or grown-up school children. You will then select the colors, etc., elements accordingly. 

Prepare your design brief – Make sure you have written down your brief for the designer. The brief should mention your institution’s name, purpose, message, personality, and any symbol you want to see in the logo. Prepare the brief even when you intend to create a logo with the help of a free logo maker

Consider trends – Do not ignore education logo design trends while creating an emblem for your organization. This will help you get a trendy visual that people like most today. An out-of-fashion design sometimes fails to speak volumes about an institution and may even create a negative perception.  So, consider taking a look at the ongoing trends. 

Keep it simple – Make sure your logo is a simple design with a limited number of elements. Include only a few colors, fonts, and symbols. That will clutter the space and make the design confusing to the target audience

So, consider these logo examples as your source of inspiration while planning to create an emblem for your educational brand. Ensure that you develop a unique logo that builds trust for your institution. 

Designhill is the leading creative marketplace where you can quickly source your type of logo in quick steps. You can launch your educational logo design contest, which designers from across the globe will try to win. They will deliver you dozens of unique design ideas. You can pick one winning logo idea to make it your brand identity. 

Alternatively, Designhill allows you to design a logo all by yourself. Just visit its online logo maker tool that comes with a library of colors, fonts, images, and symbols. Just give your choice of elements and provide your brief. The tool will generate multiple remarkable logos. Pick the one you find best to represent your brand. 

Your education logo is just one of the visuals that convey your institute’s identity. Your kids’ school should use various visual techniques when teaching your students. So, you should dive into the study published in Faculty Resource Network on “the importance of visuals when discussing a topic in the classroom.”

Wrapping Up

When designing education logos, first get some inspiration by visiting many emblems from this field of business. Find out what colors, fonts, symbols, and images designers today prefer. You will have an idea of how an education logo should look like. That helps in coming up with a design that stands out. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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