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How To Create Education Logo Design

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Education Logo Design

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Education is all about receiving or giving systematic knowledge, skills and beliefs etc. at a school, institution or university. There are plenty of interdisciplinary educational institutions around us, offering varieties of courses. Students can pick one institute out of them to pursue their dream program. With many institutions available, educational institutions, therefore, need to compete with one another to acquire maximum business volume. Unique and eye-catchy education logo design can help them stand out from the crowd.

A logo is a face for an educational organization amongst its students. This means that an institution can make a good impression on the audience using the logo. If a logo is a memorable design, people are impressed and they take the organization in a good light. They get a message that the institution is run professionally. A great school logo design helps in projecting the school as an educational brand in the market.

Therefore, the logo design must stand out if it has to make a long-lasting impression on the audience. A unique design concept is a basis on which you can create a logo for your organization. But it is not easy to design an impressive logo that conveys your business message effectively.

Here Are Some Tips To Create An Education Logo Design

01. Know The Institution And Target Students

First, you must have some insights on the educational institute that needs a logo. Many clients provide a design brief that states the design requirements. Read the brief carefully. Remember that you are creating a logo for the client and not for yourself.

creating a logo

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

So know as much as you can about the institution and its business. If the brief does not provide enough details, meet the client personally or send an email for the information.

Find out more about the customers, which are students in this case. A logo for a primary school will be differently designed than a logo for a university or college. This is because of the different profile of the students. So know more about the type of students the institution wishes to target.

02. Get The Institution’s Core Message

You must also be aware of the institution’s message to its target customers. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know a precise message of an institution. In that case, research the institution and its future business targets.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Talk to the institution’s officials to have some insight of the future plans. Know why the educational organization was started. Then, make sure that your logo design reflects the message clearly.

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03. Simplicity Is The Key

Your education logo design is your way to communicate with your audience. But an effective communication and interaction through a logo are possible when it is a simple design. A complicated design with too many colours, fonts, complex shapes, lines etc will be ignored. Such designs may have a place in an art museum. But people usually like simple logos that can send them some message instantly.

education logo design

A symbol logo is a simple design as it is just one element. A letter based logo is also a good option, as it has your educational institution’s name only. But when using a combination of symbol, letters and other elements, be careful that it does not become a complicated design.

04. Make It A Memorable Logo

Your education logo may be a simple logo but that alone does not make it a memorable one. Any meaningless lines or a shape can be a simple logo. So, it is important that the logo is unique and memorable. To make it a memorable logo, a simple logo should have a purpose and message. It should be based on some concrete and meaningful concept.

Memorable Logo

For example, McDonald’s logo is a simple yellow arch logo. But it is memorable because of the arches remind people of the traditional architecture. They can relate to the logo easily due to the arch element. So, find out the concept and elements that people can relate to easily and use that in your school logo design.


05. Use Minimalistic Design Principles

Minimalistic design trend is fast picking up with the designers. It helps your graphic design communicate with your audience. Under this graphic design services principle, you will incorporate only those design elements that are just enough to send the message to your audience. All the additional elements are mercilessly removed by the designer.

So, a minimalistic design is the simplest form of graphic designs. Your education logo design will convey its brand message using just one or two lines, a simple shape, few colors, fonts, and other elements. Just one or two of them is enough. The idea here is to send your message to the audience just by viewing the logo at a glance.

graphic designs

Minimalist design is everywhere these days. Even an effective website design is the one that has fewer design elements such as images, colours, fonts, etc. So, think of this trend while creating your logo.

06. Avoid Using More Colours

Colours are extremely important if your logo has to catch viewer’s eye. They will form an opinion about a logo and the brand behind it by getting an impression from the logo colors. Remember that colors evoke our feelings and emotions.

Logo Colours

When we see red color, it fills us with some sort of aggression, love, passion, and energy, depending on the design’s message. Similarly, yellow is a sunshine color that stands for hope, positivity, and happiness. So, use those colors that can evoke a right emotion from your target audience.

But avoid using multiple colors, unless it is a requirement. For example, you can use multiple colors for a school logo belonging to children’s school. But use only one or two colors for a university and college logo.

07. Pick Fonts Carefully

Fonts are crucial design elements. You can form a certain brand personality by using right fonts in your logo. Viewers see fonts along with colours in a graphic design to form an opinion about the design and the brand. So pick fonts carefully. One thing to consider is to incorporate the fonts that match with the brand personality of your company.

Logo Fonts

For example, if a company makes or sells toys, its logo can have handwritten fonts to depict its message for children. On the other hand, if the logo is for a law firm, the fonts should express the formal environment of the office. So, the designer may use sans serif fonts.

Similarly, if the logo is for a kindergarten or primary school, use hand lettering in its logo. But if the logo is for a university or college, the logo should have formal fonts.

08. It Should Be A Scalable And Versatile Logo

Your client will use the logo in a variety of ways. The logo will be used in different types of advertisements. Sometimes, the logo will appear in larger sizes and other times in smaller sizes. For example, an educational institution would like to put a billboard ad. In that case, the logo design should look equally impressive when printed in a greater size as part of a billboard design.

Similarly, when printed on a small size on a business card, the logo details should still be clearly visible. It should also be equally effective when printed on a promotional product like a pen or even on key chains.

Versatile Logo

A logo is an admirable design when it looks impressive also in black and white. Many newspaper ads are in black and white. A logo also will be printed in its colourless version on photocopies, stationery, fax copies, etc. So, make sure that the logo is a versatile design.

If you pay heed to these basic but crucial tips, you will design a creative education logo that stands out. Make sure that your logo is memorable so that people can recall it instantly at first glance.

Versatility also means that your logo should look great online as well. You will use the logo on your social media pages such as Facebook page and Twitter pages.The logo should become part of these pages.

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Your education logo design helps you in attracting prospective students. You can send your institution’s brand message using your logo. Therefore, create your logo design in a simple way. Use only a few colours and fonts that stand for your brand. Make sure that the logo is memorable due to its unique concept.

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