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Free Beginner’s Guide: How To Create Posters For Your Brand?

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Poster Design


Last updated on January 30th, 2023

Posters are one of the promotional gimmicks that catch people’s attention very quickly. They are big visuals with vibrant colors, graphics and texts that cater as a perfect recipe to customers towards a business. Generally, small businesses and marketers resort to using a poster for aggressively reaching out to the people. However, they are meant to design in the right way if they want to create a great first impression. Therefore, in this article, you’ll learn how to create a poster for your brand.

A majority of businesses include poster marketing campaign in their strategies to reach out to masses. These visuals are especially explored for their ability to grab the attention.

Most of the time, people are easily drawn to a static poster that has a big image of an iconic figure or of anything else. However, the text-based poster design with big and bold letters attract people immediately.

Both in traditional and digital marketing, this creative marketing strategy can convey a brand message to customers. Even brand marketers say that posters are irreplaceable marketing materials that most business can’t live without for brand promotion.

The Importance Of Using A Poster For Your Business

These are the following listed benefits for using a poster in the marketing strategies:

i. Budget-Friendly

When compared to print or TV advertising, they are much cost-effective for small businesses. Even with a small budget, your brand reaches out to a larger audience when using them as a means of marketing.

ii. Win Customer’s Trust

Since it has appeared in a public place, viewers place more confidence in the message (content) that they see on them. Subconsciously, we all trust posters as these have been in use for ages. So, customers can trust products or services more when advertised on a poster.

iii. Highly Visible Ads

Another benefit of posters is that they are highly visible to people. It usually have a big and compelling picture that conveys a brand message instantly. A larger poster is visible from a good distance to thousands of potential customers at once. Therefore, they are more likely to directly respond to your call-to-action.

iv. Versatile Designs

You can endlessly do some exciting graphic design experiments while creating a poster. A lot of space to try different forms of text is available to you when thinking of using fonts in your own unique way. Still, there is plenty of space left for any creative use of graphics.

v. Stick Them Everywhere

Business owners stick promotional or marketing types such as movie posters anywhere where is the heavy footfall. Such places include shopping centers, lifts, escalators, public places, eating areas and elsewhere.

vi. Works As A Social Media

Just as you use social media to connect with the world, your poster also becomes a social platform to promote your brand.

People take snapshots of the information on your exciting posters and share them on social media to create a buzz. This is the trick to make your poster campaign viral on social platforms.

Considering these benefits of a poster for brand promotion, no surprise that they are the best source of marketing.

According to a survey, 40 percent of consumers have admitted that they visited an advertised business after seeing its poster. Out of them, 24 percent of consumers purchased products or services from the businesses.

Poster Design

However, the impact of a poster on potential consumers depends a lot on its design. If the design is simple, unique, and impressive, it entices viewers to enquire more about the advertised business.

Such a poster must convey its message instantly to grab the attention right away. Therefore, the design part of producing a poster is key to driving customers’ attention and engaging them with your brand.

How To Create Posters? By Using Poster Maker Tool

A small business owner can create a poster by using a poster maker software tool. A little practice to explore various features of the tool is enough to design a unique poster for brand promotion.

The software is a big help to those businesses which lack sufficient budget to spend more on their poster campaign. They can save a lot of money by designing posters on their own.

Poster Maker

Designhill’s poster maker tool is amongst the best software that you can access free. This DIY tool is loaded with many helpful features to let you create your poster on your own without any trouble.

You can pick the right poster size, visuals, typography, colors, and other elements that match your brand personality while using the tool. It lets you access a wide array of inspirational and business-specific types to create posters as per your requirements.

You will have all the copyrights over the poster designs you create with this tool. You can also use free poster template for creating a poster on your own.

However, before you start using the poster maker software, you can have some insight on how to create a poster that stands out to make a lasting impression on people.

Follow These Crucial Steps To Designing Your Poster To Enhance Your Reach Amongst The Target Audience

01. Know Who You Are As A Brand

The first step you must take when thinking about how to create a poster is to know your brand personality. Most newly started businesses target customers blindly without first precisely defining their brand.

Consequently, their visuals such as posters become an aimless design that fails to engage people with their businesses. So, know your new brand from the inside out.

The kind of poster you create should represent your brand. That can happen only when you are aware of the identity of your brand. Note that your brand is the perception that people or your target audience has about your company, products or services.

Brand Identity

So, first, know, how should people take your business. What should they be talking about regarding your offerings in the market with their friends? Should it be about the high-end quality of your products or about your prompt customer service, etc?

What characteristics of your business do you want to project amid your audience? Come out with precise answers to such questions.

Once you get the answer to define your brand, then you choose a collection of elements such as colors, typefaces, images, icons, etc. These elements help your audience visualize your brand to make the desired perception of your business. This is known as brand identity.

When designing your posters, you use these elements, based on your intended brand perception, to define your identity of brand for your customers. This means that you will know your poster design elements well in advance. That will help you on the right track while creating your business’ poster.

02. Know Who You Are Designing For?

The next step to take is about knowing your ideal customer. Who is most likely to find your products or services more useful and buy them?

Remember that not all people can be your customers as they come from different social, economic, cultural, education, etc backgrounds. For instance, your new business is offering some low priced products, you cannot expect the upper middle class and affluent people to buy.

Poster Design

If you want to create posters that look authentic and impactful, then first know more about your target audience.

Here Are Some Key Questions You Need To Precisely Answer To Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer and Address Them Through Poster Design

i. What social, educational, economic, etc backgrounds does your customer come from?

ii. What are their dreams and aspirations?

iii. How do they relate to your business?

iv. What should be your brand voice while addressing the customers? Should it be loud and bold? Should it be moderate or corporate, or funny?

v. What design elements and poster types they are more likely to respond positively to?

vi. What are the key design elements you need to choose to catch their attention?

Ask many such answers until you finally have a crystal clear picture of your target customer in your mind. That will assist you in taking perfect design decisions.

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03. Create A Strong Message For The Audience

After knowing the target audience well, you need to send a strong brand message to the customer. Your poster may be for an event for fundraising, promoting a new store, launching a new product or service, etc. The poster design must convey the message instantly at a glance to the audience.

Therefore, you must first write down your message in a sentence or two in a piece of paper. After you finished designing the poster, read the message loud and see if the design expresses it or not.

Target Your Audience

All of your efforts to create unique posters are going to fall flat if you do not have the message in advance on your design table. The message will determine the tone and voice of the poster for the target audience.

Know that your message could already be in the form of your tagline, vision, mission statement, etc. If so, then keep that in mind when designing your business poster.

All global brands have their messages for customers clearly stated. For example, Starbucks.

To Create A Powerful Message Of Your Brand, Take The Following Steps

i. Define your brand values.

ii. Stand out from the crowds.

iii. Appeal to your target customers.

iv. Create a simple and influential message and avoid corporate numbo-jumbo.

v. The message should be authentic with realistic goals.

vi. Customers should find your message relevant.

04. Set Metrics To Judge Your Poster Success

How would you know if your poster design is a success in terms of driving your customers? Well, you can preset some metrics to judge if the design served its purpose or not.

So, put in place some measures. If your business poster failed in enticing the customers, then you can go back to the drawing board to redesign.

Judge Your Poster Success

So, how to create those success metrics? For example, if your poster is for driving ticket sales for an event, then add a custom URL or a QR code with logo so that you can find out how many ticket sales the poster generated.

Or, you run a restaurant business and wish to entice customers through a poster. Then, you can give a discount on a meal if people tell how they came to know about the restaurant.

05. Consider Your Small Budget

Since yours may be a new and upcoming business owner who ponders on how to make a poster, pay attention to your budget as well. Your budgetary constraints can come in creating expensive posters.

Therefore, you use a poster maker to design a poster. But even then, the cost of printing a poster may be too much for your small business. So, define your overall costs in advance.

Consider Your Small Budget

With the budget in mind, you can then determine how many copies of the poster design you should print and what type of print will suit your budget best. You will also decide on a suitable paper and ink options.

To know how much you will spend on producing one copy of your poster design, device your overall budget by the number of the poster you want to print.

This is the way to know how many posters can your budget afford. Though this measure is more related to the steps you take to print the poster, still have these details before starting the design.

06. Pick Your Branding Elements

When choosing the design elements to create posters for your business, incorporate those from your brand. You must first set your brand design standards.

You may be trying to design something new and creative. Still, make sure that any design experiment you make is within the set boundaries of your brand elements.

Brand Identity

You should pick only those colors, fonts, etc, that define your brand personality. Therefore, first, know which elements make your brand identity.

You can even create a brand style guide that gives you an idea of what should go into making the poster for your business. If you already have the style guide, then consult it and be guided by it to use the right elements of typeface, colors, etc.

07. Design For Your Customers

Remember that you are designing for your audience and not for yourself. So, evaluate the design from the customer’s angle. What your audience wants from the design is more important. The goals you want to achieve from your poster campaign will depend on how your audience sees your poster design.

Therefore, your layout of the poster must make sense to your target customers. Keep them in mind while picking a particular layout. Find out if they will be comfortable seeing an image-based design. Or, should you provide them the information and create a text-based poster. Will the colors, fonts, etc you choose excite them?

Poster Design Ideas

Also, consider the place where will you stick the poster. Is the poster going to appear on the bulletin boards or on the side of a bus? So, where the people will come across to your poster also is an important factor to see the design from the audience’s point of view. The poster must make sense to your potential customers. It should also be able to engage them with the content.

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08. Have Images And Text Ready

Keep the images and copy of the content of the poster ready. With such material available in advance at the desk, you can know if the content is enough to create a text-based poster.

If there is a big image and then some other images that must go into the design, then you will probably set the layout for an image-based poster design.

Have Images And Text Ready

When preparing your copy, make sure that a catchy headline is in place to grab the viewer’s attention. Think of some subheadings also that go well to categorize the text. Other information that you need to ensure is your contact details such as a website URL and a call-to-action.

To create an impact, ascertain that your copy and text go well together. A good proportion of the images and text make the design attractive and purposeful. Both the images and text should complement each other.

09. Create A Simple Design

Many new business owners use the poster maker and create some complex designs in their enthusiasm to attract customers. They think that a complicated design will appeal to them intellectually.

On the contrary, the audience does not like a design that involves any explanation. They don’t want to waste time in understanding the purpose of the design.

Create A Simple Poster

If your poster looks like an all-over-the-place design, then it is only going to put off your audience. Redesign such a poster. A sign of such a design is that every element is everywhere on the poster.

A typical such poster has 3D effects, images, text, shine, glitter and you name it and you have it all in the design. Your target audience gets overwhelmed from such posters and your message too is lost completely.

A simple poster design is the one that has only the bare minimum elements to convey a brand message. Therefore, keep only a few colors and fonts as part of the design scheme.

The layout should be such that it cleanly bifurcates the images and text for a better understanding of the message. It would help the audience to know the purpose of the poster immediately.

10. Ensure That It Is Legible From A Distance

One of the reasons why businesses use posters is that viewers can read content from a good distance. This is in the case of traditional marketing.

Even if they just pass by a distance, they get important information at a glance. So, the design should be such that the key information is visible from a distance.

Legible From A Distance

To Create A Readable Poster Here Is What You Need To Do

i. Make sure that the headline appears in bold letters.

ii. The headline typeface should help grab attention. Then, the details should be highlighted in bold letters or colors.

iii. But give the information in a concise manner. The details should be under half the size of letters of the main headline.

iv. Use a contrasting technique for clear viewing of content from a distance.

v. Do not create a text that looks monotonous to the readers.

vi. Provide sufficient space between the two text elements for easier reading.

11. Use A Big Image

One of the surefire ways to grab viewers’ attention to your poster is to incorporate a big image. The image could be like photos, illustrations, or text. Such a dominant image is visible from a distance as well. Most event posters have a figure of a celebrity in the poster to entice viewers.

Use A Big Image

When using big images, think of cropping the faces or other elements. For instance, place a big picture of your product in the middle of the poster to catch the attention.

You can also include single item illustrations with a sharp focus point. The big image could also be novelty typography.

12. Make Use Of Space

Professional poster designers know the value of space in designs. They use space as a significant element in creating unique works. That is true also for a poster.

When as a new business owner you use a poster maker software, keep some space vacant between different design elements.

Make Use Of Space

In this way, each element can stand out from the others for the viewers’ attention. If there is no or little space, viewers cannot get the brand message instantly.

For posters, the use of exaggerated spacing is a good decision. If there is a lot of spacing kept between the two elements, it helps create a unique design. The extra spacing builds a dramatic visual impact on the readers.

Here Is What You Need To Ensure

i. Keep space between individual letters so that they do not blur when seen from a distance.

ii. Leave space between lines of text.

iii. There should be enough space left around the interior margins of the poster.

iv. Ensure sufficient gap between images and text.

v. Make sure that there is a good amount of space around the most significant elements in your poster design.

13. Design Unique Posters

Whichever design you choose to create a poster, make sure that it is unique. It must stand out from many other posters we see around. Your poster design idea should be original as people ignore the designs they see more often. So, the design should be different.

Design Unique Posters

You can ensure the uniqueness of your posters in so many ways. For example, create a contrast between the design elements. So, instead of a monotone pale color palette, use bold colors.

Similarly, try a typeface that looks crazy to the viewers. Do some experiments with the images as well. Find out what exciting things you can do to the design.

14. Use The Power Of Colors

Colors have the power to convey our emotions and feelings. For instance, yellow is the color of hope while red evokes passion, love, and aggression. Similarly, blue conveys friendliness and intelligence. The importance of color is in setting the desired mood for your poster.

In this way, your brand messages reach the audience easily. The right use of colors also is an effective way to catch the attention of potential customers for your new business.

Use The Power Of Colors

But, don’t use colors randomly. Instead, prefer incorporating your brand colors. However, that should not limit you to making strategic color choices. You can experiment with different hues of your brand colors.

When people go to your website from viewing your posters and find the similar colors, they have confidence in your business. So, do not deviate much from the colors you have already used on your website, business cards, and other marketing materials.

How about using a big color background. Many graphic designers prefer a white background. But think of using a high color background to look different.

15. Choose The Right Typography

Your choice of typography must be unique to create a poster that stands out. Remember that typography gives personality to design including a poster. But make sure that you pick colors depending on the backgrounds of your audience.

For instance, if your target customers are young, think of using clean sans serif font to create an informal environment in the design. In case you are in a fashion or beauty business, then use script font to convey elegance.

Choose The Right Typography

You should use fonts also to create a visual hierarchy to catch the attention of the readers. Perfect use of fonts helps in bringing the reader’s eye first to the most important details than to the lesser ones.

Also, a different typeface for headlines, subheads, and the rest of the text can give a personality to a poster. It also enables viewers to instantly categorizing the information.

16. Create A Catchy CTA

Your call-to-action is an important element on your poster. Usually, the CTA sits at the bottom of most designs including posters. This is because you let the readers have the information first and then entice them to take a desirable action of purchasing etc in the end.

Create A Catchy CTA

The point here is to make your readers visit your business. But the CTA should be a catchy design with words that encourage viewers to take the desired action. Therefore, make sure that your CTA is visible to the viewers clearly and is not buried somewhere in the design.

17. If You Want To Print, Choose The Right Printer

The choice of printers depends largely on your budget. While a top-notch printer is always desirable for its ability to deliver you high-quality printing results, but it is costly. It may be out of reach of a new business.

In that case, your choice may be a less-than-stellar printer. Such a printer gives you printing quality that is just satisfactory. You can manage your overall cost of producing a poster in this way. However, you should personally talk to a person who can give you some samples of printed posters.

Choose The Right Printer

By personally evaluating them you can have an idea of how your business poster will look. You can then ask questions to the printing professional and see if you can get your poster printed at reduced costs.

But keep the basics of poster printing in mind. Find out which is the best printing paper for posters. You can use card stock, cardboard, paper, etc material.

You should enquire about the thickness of the printing paper as well. Then, decide on the type of paper finish you would like to choose from glossy, semi-gloss, matte, etc.

18. Have Fun

Poster designing is one of the most creative activities as it gives you complete liberty to experiment with colors, text, images, etc. So, make it your fun activity as well.

Poster designing

You have plenty of things to consider and you can always go a bit crazy with designs. Therefore, try something funny. You can always use your imagination to come out with something amusing for your target audience.

19. Make Mini Versions

After you have finished designing your business poster, create its multiple mini versions in different sizes. No doubt that posters are primarily meant for printing and sticking them on walls across a place.

But think of using the poster as a means of promoting your business on social media as well. You can share your attractive and unique posters on different social channels to enhance your brand’s reach amongst the target audience.

Make Mini Versions

Considering that, create a mini version of your poster design by scaling down its image for sharing. You can make a postcard size of your poster image to hand out to people.

How about creating a poster version landing page of your website? Think of creating a poster version image that you can send via email.

So, these are the key steps you need to take while designing a poster on your own using the poster maker software.

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Wrapping Up

Posters are an excellent marketing strategy for business promotion. When using a poster maker tool to create a poster on your own for your business, consider some key points. You must first precisely know your brand identity, brand elements, and message. Then, use colors, typefaces, and images to convey the message and brand values of your company through the poster design. The poster should be a unique, simple, and impressive design with a big image or text as the main feature. Pay attention to printing requirements as well.

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