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Top 15 Freelance Poster Designers For Hire In 2022

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Poster Design

Freelance Poster Designers

Last updated on September 12th, 2022

Posters are amongst the most visible marketing materials for advertising or brand promotion. They usually do not target any specific audience as the intention is to communicate a message to masses. But now, marketers have turned posters also into an effective tool for increasing your customer reach. This is where the importance of poster designers comes to the fore.

Posters are used for a host of purposes, including advertising a gathering of artists or film release. Propagandists and protesters also have been traditionally using posters to communicate their message.

For brand promotions, marketers have using posters due to many advantages. They are cheaper in costs as creating and distributing them is well within a small budget of companies and event managers.

Posters are easily visible from a distance. People walking on a roadside can quickly notice these materials pasted on walls.

But being a poster designer, you need to be extra cautious while coming up with a design solution that works for your client, even if you’re using the best online poster maker tool.

Here Are Some Useful Tips

i. Use Bold Typeface

You should think of making the poster readable from a distance. People should get information about an event while they look at the poster from a distance.

The headline above the text should be clearly visible and readable. Make sure that the poster has all the details that a viewer wants to know about an event.

ii. Use Contrasting Elements

Contrasting elements will help grab the attention of viewers. Avoid using a monotonous color palette. Instead, opt to use bold colors, and you can use too ‘crazy’ colors as well.

Use colors as background, if your printer allows. Consider the location. Where is your poster going to be placed?

iii. Consider The Location

Location where the poster will appear matters a lot to determine the contrasting effect of a poster. The location will also be a crucial factor for setting the poster size. For example, if the poster will appear on a green wall when you design a poster, it will have a different color scheme for contrast.

iv. Create One Big Visual To Drive Attention

A dominant image in any design, including in your poster design is vital, making an impact on the viewers. You can try creating some close-ups of faces or other elements. Think also of using illustrations, novelty typography, and such elements that look big.

v. Use Space Wisely

There should be enough space left between elements. The extra spacing makes a dramatic impact on viewers, and it also enhances readability from a distance.

Leave space between individual letters, lines of text, between images and text, and even around inner margins of the poster.

vi. Ensure A Compelling Call-To-Action.

When people see a poster, they should be encouraged to take the desired action such as visiting a venue of event, or gathering at a contact point.

With these points in mind, you can create unique movie poster designs or other posters that follow the basics. Such posters will win your clients and help you meet your target.

However, even the best online poster maker tool will not help much if you have not a basic training of creating unique designs. Therefore, do not try to create a poster on your own if you have not a sound training to do the job.

Hence, it is always advisable to hire a professional graphic designer who knows how to design posters.

Here Is A List Of Top Freelance Poster Designers Whom You Can Hire To Work On To Create The Posters You Need

01. Aby Johnson

Aby Johnson holds ten years of experience in working on unique design ideas in various design categories, including poster design. Aby is specialized in digital & print media, corporate branding, and User Interface designing. No surprises that this India based designer has won 14 design contests.

Aby Johnson

02. Leveragecraft

Leveragecraft is a Romanian graphic designer since 2009 and has worked on many poster design projects as well. Just a look at the designer’s portfolio will impress you with simplicity and uniqueness of the designs. So far, the professional has won 12 design contests.

Poster Designer

03. Dunja Bosanac

Dunja Bosanac is a trained graphic designer from Serbia. She has also expertise in the illustration that comes handy in creating the best poster designs. This promising designer has so far two contest wins in her name.

Dunja Bosanac

04. Callbud

Callbud specializes in brand identity designing and has created posters as well. This Uganda based designer can give your brand identity by creating unique posters for your business.


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05. L.a. Creative

L.a. Creative is another promising poster designer who has a keen interest in creating outstanding design pieces. This Ukraine based designer can be your pick when you wish to hire a professional graphic designer to work on your poster designing project.

L.a. Creative

06. R I V A L

R I V A L is a Romania based poster designer who has created some eye-catching posters for different clients. The designer can be your excellent choice to work with for designing your posters of business and events.

Poster Design

07. Infinium-tech

Infinium-tech is yet another India based designer who is just a perfect choice to work on your poster design ideas. The designer has so far won 12 design contests in different categories, reflecting the wide range of skills required for creating unique posters.

Poster Designers

08. Marouane Hmaili

Marouane Hmaili is a promising poster designer from Morocco. The designer has won 4 design contests and carries a good experience in designing of posters and other designs.

Poster Design Inspiration

09. Kreative Fingers

Kreative Fingers is one of the ideal poster designers you can hire for your upcoming projects to create visuals as your posters. The India based designer has so far won 19 design contests in different design contests.

Kreative Fingers

10. Anchy.mat

Anchy.mat is one of the promising freelancer poster designers who can be a good pick for your poster design project. This Serbia-based designer has seven years of experience as a professional who has worked on various design projects.


11. Ivan Cliff Alcantara

Ivan Cliff Alcantara has experience of working in print and web-based design projects. He is a Philippines based freelancer who has won 8 design contests in different categories, including poster designing. His experience as a digital artist and illustrator will be valuable in designing posters.

Ivan Cliff Alcantara

12. Stefanos Pateras

Stefanos Pateras has more than 18 years of experience in working on different design projects, including posters. He is based in Greece and is a professional freelancer.

Stefanos Pateras

13. Nimfreeda

Nimfreeda works as a freelance graphic designer who has shown interest in a wide range of designs, including poster designs. This Malaysia based designer has also won 2 design contests.


14. Tbitdesign

Tbitdesign is a graphic designer from Germany and has more than ten years of experience in helping companies have great design solutions. The designer is the perfect choice when it comes to working on your poster design.


15. Rayhan Sumon

Rayhan Sumon is a Bangladesh based designer having experience in various categories of designs, including poster designs. So far, the designer has five contest wins in his name, which reflects his skills and professionalism.

Rayhan Sumon

So, these are the top freelance poster designers whom you can confidently hire to create poster designs as per your brief.

You should go through their design portfolio to find out their specialty and skills. Each of these designers has a unique style, which you may like to include in designing your poster for brand promotion.

Besides contacting these designers to work on one to one project, you can also get various poster design ideas by launching your design contest on Designhill – a leading creative marketplace.

Wrapping Up

Posters are a great marketing tool when it comes to building a convincing brand identity of a business. This is where the importance of poster designers comes to the fore. They are instrumental in designing a poster after evaluating your brief and nature of the business or an event. These professional posters designers can deliver you the right design ideas that help convey your message and brand personality.

Find a Poster Designer

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