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How To Design Custom Images For Blogs

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Blog


Do you own a blog? It’s crucial to design custom images to communicate with your audience. Sometimes, photos tell more than words. They play a vital role in engaging the audience and leaving a lasting impression. If your blog lacks custom images, people won’t find your content as impactful as it should be.

So, revisit your blog if it is not driving the desired results per your expectations. Ensure your content displays at least one relevant custom designer image to help drive attention and build your brand.

But when you design custom photos, you must consider your niche. The images should be relevant to what your blog is all about. You cannot afford to mismatch the image and text content. That will confuse your readers only to harm the very purpose of your business website and blog. 

Tips To Design Custom Images For Blog Posts

Custom images are those unique graphics or visuals that have been explicitly crafted to meet an individual’s specific requirements. They’re meant to match a specific design, style, or purpose, usually giving them a distinct look and feel. You can design a custom image from scratch or personalize one from pre-created templates to align with your blog. But don’t just rush to design images before finding out how to do the job correctly. You should pay close attention to the best ways to create images. This is because the success of your blog will depend a lot on the quality of the images. 

Here is how to make a custom image: 

Know The Purpose Of The Image 

What precisely is your motive behind creating the images? What do you want to achieve from the picture? Answer these questions accurately so that they guide you while designing the image. 

So, create engaging images for blogs. Do not include a picture just because you like it or for the sake of it. Such an image might even go against the core content of your blog, jeopardizing your credibility. Avoid selecting a photo just because it looks good. Instead, first, find out if the image mixes up with the blog’s content or not. 

Know the purpose of the image

Your selection of images might be different if you need them for your landing pages. Then, you will design custom images that help in conversions. Look for pictures that help you understand a complex topic. 

Pick The Correct Type Of Images

Next, determine what type of visuals will best express your blog content. You can choose from photos, illustrations, and textures. These types of images are best used to convey a brand message effectively. So, choose the one type of visual that will do justice to your blog in representing its content for the readers. 

So, for example, you can include photos in your blog to make an emotional connection with the readers. Illustrations are a great choice to add humor to your blog post and make the readers see its lighter side.correct type of imagesBut consider your logo your core visual identity as a guide to picking the right images. For example, if your coaching business has an impressive coach logo, use its color and font in your blog images. This will ensure visual consistency across your blog posts. 

But do not worry if an expensive logo designer is out of your reach. You can use AI to create your logo. AI for logo design is a popular way to create your brand’s visual identity.  

Add Text To The Images 

One of the best tips on how to design images is to add relevant text to the visuals. Merely putting some visuals is not going to yield the desired results. Such visuals may be of little help in conversion. Instead, add some text to the images. The text will also help readers understand the visual and blog content at a glance. Add text to the images

The use of text will also make your content and message clear. With some text added to the visuals, you can improve the reader experience. But use the right font and font size. 

Use The Right Design Tool 

Custom images are much easier to create due to design tools. Many such tools are readily available online. Some of them are paid, while others are free tools. These tools combine different elements to create a visual with a message. Design software such as Designhill Image Maker and PlaceIt are great options. You can create an image in a few easy steps using these tools.

right design tool


Designhill is also the marketplace to access a logo generator for multiple new logo ideas in response to your design brief. Such software works based on AI. Every logo design step automatically considers the brief. So, an AI logo generator is your best bet to instantly access a wide range of logo ideas

Significance Of Designing Custom Images For Blogs 

Before you set out to create custom images for your blog, it will be good to know why you need them. Each blogger may have their specific reasons for including pictures. But most use custom photos to drive attention since eyeball competition is increasing.

Here is why your blog must include quality images. 

Grab The Attention 

Images catch our attention immediately as compared to text. A custom image for the blog underneath the blog title catches the readers’ eyes immediately. So, a relevant image will drive the attention first and much before the text used in the blog. 

Grab The Attention images

Sometimes, grabbing attention becomes a problem if the title needs to be catchy. Images can compensate for a formal title, which may sound cliche. However, a photo will compel the visitors to read the blog. So, even if your blog is about NFT, it should create unique, attractive NFT Art images. 

Convey A Message Visually 

Most blogs today have multiple images to convey the content message visually. When designing images for blogs, ensure that the visual carries your blog message. Looking at the top picture, people can immediately know what the blog is about.

Convey A Message Visually  image

Your blog should also have the option to include AI images that are trendy these days. These images are created with the help of Artificial intelligence software and look impressive. But first, have an understanding of how to use AI images creatively. 

Stand Out From Competitors 

Many carefully selected custom images also help make a blog stand out from hundreds of blogs from a similar field of business. Custom images will help your blog posts stand out, making your brand appear distinct and valuable. 

You must turn your blog into a well-recognized platform for valuable information. While your blog content will play a key role, choosing customized images will build it into a trustworthy brand. With such a blog, then, your business can grow steadily. 

Stand Out From Competitors  image

You can make your own logo all by yourself without having any experience. All you need to do is to access a logo generator online and provide it with your input. Give your business name, tagline, color font choice, etc.; it will generate multiple logos based on the information provided. Then, customize one such idea further to make it your brand image. 

But to stand out, your logo must also be a unique design. Your blog with great images will drive customers only when your logo at the top is also equally impressive. And do not worry about hiring an expensive designer. 

Many small business owners save money in this way. They explore a free logo maker, an AI-based software, to create the logo yourself. But first, know how to use a logo-maker tool

Go Viral 

We all like images as they are less stressful on the eyes and have their entertainment value. So, the likelihood of a photo going viral is significantly higher than plain text. This is because people like to share unique images featuring custom designs

If an image in your blog is exciting and connects well with people, it may go viral on social media. Such custom images should, however, must be optimized well. 

Go Viral images

So, these are the tips for designing custom images for blogs. Do not forget to experiment with different image types. You can then create the right mix of text and images to make your blog user-friendly. When looking for a platform to create custom images for blogs, Designhill is your ideal marketplace to source icons and pictures. This is also a marketplace to source your logo-making tools, such as Discord logo maker.

When creating images for blogs, take extra care to make them look unique for your brand. Besides blogs, images in businesses across all platforms are increasing manifold each year. 

Wrapping Up 

When you design custom images for your blog, the visuals help drive traffic to your business. The images drive attention to your blog content and visually summarize the lengthy content. With a custom designer image, the chances of the visual and blog post going viral are higher. Also, such photos help make a blog stand out in its niche. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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