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How To Use Designhill AI Logo Maker Tool

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AI Logo Maker Tool

Last updated on March 31st, 2023

No matter whether you’re an entrepreneur or a solo freelancer, you need a logo for your business that speaks about your brand. No one can deny that a good, eye-catching logo leaves a long-lasting impression on viewers who may become your consumers later. A logo plays a pivotal role in the overall process of establishing a brand and to get a business being recognized. Designhill AI Logo Maker Tool helps you generate an ultimate logo for your business.

Businesses around the globe keep renovating their logos every now and then to give their brands a fresh look. Even the search engine giant Google has been following the suit since its inception in 1998. See below how it changed over the period:

But being an entrepreneur, it necessitates you to conduct a comprehensive research and find out what your competitors in the marketplace look like. This investigation would surely help you position yourself well and stand tall in the cut-throat competitive market. Designhill’s logo maker is one of the best tools available using which you can create a logo of your own at a competitive price.

Designhill AI Logo Maker Tool: A Brief Introduction

Designhill’s logo maker is a simple yet powerful logo creator tool. The algorithm used in the tool is embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), therefore, allowing the tool constantly learn how different elements work well together. So each time a user uses its service, Designhill’s logo maker gets better.

The tool is quick, efficient and creates hundreds of unique logo designs in no time. All you need to do is just provide some information like your business type, style of the logo you want, colors, and a selection of icons; and on a click of a button, dozens of unique high-quality logos are generated specifically to you.

Designhill’s logo maker tool is capable enough to comprehend users’ preferences and their inputs and based on the past leanings and creations of similar users, it creates amazingly high-quality logos in few minutes. This becomes possible because the tool uses a combination of tens of thousands of icons, 10,000+ unique colour combinations, 2000 plus extremely high-quality fonts, and over 5,000 shapes and containers.

Designhill’s logo maker tool supports almost all operating system and doesn’t require a high system configuration. 1 to 2 GB RAM perfectly works.

How to Use Designhill AI Logo Maker Tool

Let’s get started and create your own business logo for free!

Using Designhill’s logo maker tool is quite easy. You are not required to have any graphic design experience and there’s absolutely no worry about any copyright issues. Another wonderful feature that this tool offers is the preview feature.

Users can instantly preview their logos on stationery, merchandise, and apparel irrespective of their business type. The Company doesn’t levy any charges on using this logo maker. You only need to pay for the design when you’re completely satisfied with it.

Here’s A Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Your Own Logo In Few Minutes Using Designhill’s Logo Maker Tool

Step 1: Go to Designhill Website and Access The Logo Maker Tool

On this page, you’ll have a text field prompting you to enter your company name. After entering your company name or the text/word you want to see in your logo, click on the Create your Logo Now button. This would take you to the next page.

online logo maker

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Step 2: Pick The Design Styles You Like

You’ll be asked to choose at least five design styles from a number of logos already created using Designhill’s logo maker. This helps system to understand your preference, based on which your logo will be generated.

Design Styles

Once you’ve made your choice, click on the Continue button.

Step 3: Pick Colors

Select colours from a list of colors you would like your logo to look like. After picking colours of your choice, click on the Continue button which will take you to the next page.

Logo Colors

You can skip this step for now by clicking on “Skip This Step” button and can edit in future.

Step 4: Enter Your Company Name And Slogan

Now, you’re about to create a tailor-made company’s logo for your business.

  • Enter your company name as I have entered “Designhill” in the first text box.
  • In the second text field, you can enter the slogan for your company; however, it’s optional and you can skip this field.
  • The next option is to choose your industry. I have chosen “Art & Design” for Designhill.
  • Once done, choose the company size and budget from the drop-down menus. Continue to move ahead in the process..

Company Name

Step 5: Search And Add Up To 5 Symbols

This step requires you to search and select as many as five symbols. This would be achieved by either entering symbol type in the field or then clicking the Search button or can make a selection by clicking on any of the tabs in the panel placed below the search button.


Once you made a selection of symbol type, numerous symbols will appear in the window to choose from a maximum of 5 symbols. After selecting symbols, click on the Continue button. Or, you can skip this step and edit further.

Step 6: Choose A Logo To Edit Or Download

Whoopee! A plethora of logos has been created using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can select any of them to make changes in Name, Slogan, or Color (if required). Once you click either on Edit or Download button, the system will ask you to Sign up/Login.

Logo Design

You can also add Symbols or Container to your logo or can perform multiple Settings.

If you found the perfect one which doesn’t require any changes, download it directly by clicking the Download button on the logo.

When thinking of how to use online logo maker tool to create a logo, the right choice of colors and other elements matter a lot. The logo maker also has a vast library of design elements that you should explore carefully, considering your brand message and personality.

You should also edit it to customize the design to your satisfaction.

Step 7: Sign Up/ Login

Wow! The system has created/generated awesome logos for your business now. You need to log in using Google+ or Facebook or Twitter or Sign Up with Designhill to either Edit or Download them. If you already have an account with Designhill, login to it.

Sign Up

Step 8: Logo Preview

Preview provides you an opportunity to view how your logo would actually look on different articles such as printed t-shirt, bag, paper bag, goggles, visiting cards, containers, bottles, letterhead, mobile app, shaving brush, tissue-papers, plates, cutleries, dining table mat, soap, sachet, envelope, signboards, and so on.

Apart, you can also visualize your website page if building a website for your business to fly over the internet.Search for the article from the list on which you wish to print. This would give you the closest presumption of your product before it’s finally released.

Logo Preview

Now that you have finally selected the design, click on the Download button which will take you to the pricing and payment page.

Step 9: Pricing And Payment

Now you have found the logo of your choice. Join the group of over 70,000 happy customers by purchasing it at the most reasonable price.


There are three packages –

(1) Basic: This low-resolution file is ideal for those who have a moderate budget and just starting out. This package is available on onetime payment of USD 20.

Under the package, users get PNG logo file only, however, they can upgrade to the Premium Package as and when needed, by paying UDS 50.

(2) Premium: It is the most popular package available at USD 65 only. You can get a high-resolution logo file suitable for your website, social media, print, packing and branding.

Including PNG, users get SVG, EPS (Vector) and PDF files under this package. EPS is an editable file and users can make as many changes as they want.

(3) Enterprise: At the rate of USD 199, this is entirely a different ball game. It is suitable for those who want an extremely high-quality, professional logo. Users can launch a logo design contest in which dozens of expert graphic designers from around the world participate and submit a number of designs as per the design-brief provided by the users.

In a typical contest, a user usually gets up to 50+ designs in 7 days. And each contest comes with an unmatched 100% Money-Back Guarantee under which if users aren’t satisfied with the designs, the company returns every penny paid by them. Also, users can ask for as many edits and changes as they want.


Once you have finally made your decision, you’d award the designer by purchasing his/her logo. You can choose either Basic or Premium package under the online logo maker tool.

After choosing a package and filling up payment detail, the system will redirect you to the PayPal payment gateway page. You make the requisite payment here using your either credit card or debit card.

PayPal payment gateway

Once the payment is successfully made, you’ll be brought back to the Designhill with an option to download logo file(s) as per the package you have been subscribed to.

Step 10: Download Logo

This is the final step towards having a breathtaking logo for your business. After successful payment, the following page will appear on your screen:

Download Logo

You can now download your logo files in the format given below by clicking Download Files button.

download logo file

Yippee! You have your dream logo now. These logo files come with full copyright ownership with the final source files.

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The Bottom-Line

It’s extremely hassle-free and exhilarating to design a logo for your business. Designhill logo maker tool doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy or graphic designing experience. It’s as easy as surfing the Internet.Hope you find this article insightful and can be able to create your own logo effortlessly.

Create Your Own Logo

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