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How To Win More Contests On Designhill?

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Webinar

Win More Contests

Last updated on September 8th, 2020

Like other professionals, freelance graphic designers too always look for new opportunities to earn more and more money. While many of them get big assignments to create visual identities of brands, but design contests seem to be the most popular with the freelancers. The contests challenge their creative powers to come up with new design ideas every time. But designers see the contests also as a regular source of income and a way to build a career.

Design contests are surely a resource that freelance graphic designers want to explore more. Each contest comes with attractive prize money attracting dozens of designers which makes it a fiercely competitive event to participate in. Still, there are designers who have won a huge number of contests. On the other side, many from their fraternity just fail to impress the customers and end up losing most of these opportunities.

So, what exactly could be the reason for a majority of designers failing to win the contests? Despite they participate in so many of these contests, the result are the same. It is surely a big issue for many designers.

Designhill Addresses The Issue

Considering the designers’ issue, Designhill decided to address this problem for its community of designers. The leading marketplace organized a free webinar on “How to Earn Money from Designhill’’ on June 26, 2019. The guest speaker was Designhill’s co-founder Mr. Rahul Aggrawal. Since he is a co-founder, he knows the marketplace inside out. Therefore, he is in the best position to pinpoint the problem and provide effective solutions to the designers.

During the webinar, Mr. Aggrawal elaborated several of issues related to earning money on Designhill while answering the questions from designers. The webinar lasted for 1.5 hours.

Check Out The Webinar Video

However, in this blog, we are particularly dealing with the portion of the webinar where Mr. Aggarwal discusses why many designers fail to win contests.

Here Are The Excerpts From The Part Of The Webinar Where Mr. Rahul Deals With The Problem And Suggests The Designers Some Effective Ways To Win More Contests

01. Why Some Designers Win More Contests?

We tried to analyze why some designers are winning more contests than others. The most common reason was that the majority of such designers submit designs in many contests. So, if you attempt more contests, your chances of winning many of them increase.

designers win more contests

But that does not mean that you should be attempting many contests simultaneously. The correct approach is to take up one contest and complete your work on it. After you have submitted the design to the customer, attempt the next contest of your interest. In this way, you will still be working on may contest per month.

02. Create Just One Design Per Contest

One of the mistakes that most designers make is to create more designs for a single contest, sometimes five or even more designs. That is not the right approach.

One Design Per Contest

Instead of creating many designs, create just one. That is the way for focusing on the quality of the design as you can dedicate your time and energy to develop an idea. That way, your chances of winning a contest increases significantly.

03. Quality Is The Key

Whether you are working on one or many contests, quality is the constant parameter you must adhere to in order to win more contests. It is to be noted that while participating in many contests, the contest winners did not lose their focus on quality.

Quality Is The Key

04. Read Design Brief Carefully

When the designers pay attention to quantity instead of quality, they usually do not read the design brief properly. Such designers do not check the reference, images, and attachments the customers are uploading.

Design Brief Carefully

We, at Designhill, have made it very easy for designers to understand what the clients want. We ask the clients to select certain designs and individual styles before they post a contest with us.

But a common issue with most designers is that they are not going through the design brief properly. They are not checking the images, references, and attachments. Most of them do not break down the description and understand it.

05. Consider Taking These Four Steps

You already have the design skills. All you need to do is to adopt a careful approach to win more contests.

Taking These Four Steps

So, focus on these steps:

i. Read the design brief carefully.

ii. Check for reference images / attachments.

iii. Breakdown the description and understand it.

iv. Focus on quality and not quantity.

06. An Example Of Designers Not Adhering To The Brief

We can take an example to illustrate our point.

Recently, a contest was launched and closed successfully. The client Rina was looking for a professional organizing company logo. Overall 18 designers participated in the contest, submitting as many as 37 designs. The client then finally picked a design that she really liked.

Now, the interesting thing here is that her design brief, when we broke it down, had five major pointers. She wanted that the logo design should have a genie. It should be a woman; the genie should be wearing a shirt or a vest. The genie should have shoulder length hair and should appear blue in color. She also put up a reference image of blue genie.

Not Adhering To Design Brief

Many designers did not care to follow these pointers and reference. Most designs submitted had no women, no shirt or vest, no shoulder length hair, and many designs had no slogan. These designers failed to provide the very things that the customers wanted in the brief.

Genie Logo Design

Ignoring all such designs, she picked a nice design from the designer Krishanu. This particular design had everything the customer wanted. The winning design had a women genie wearing a coat and a vest and has a blue color, and her hair is long. This designer fulfilled all the five requirements of the customer.

Winner Logo

In this case, only three designs out of 37, could come anywhere near to meeting the design requirements of the customer. This means that if you follow the brief carefully, your chances of winning more contests go higher.

So, these are the crucial tips we can offer to our community of designers for winning more contests.

Designhill is the marketplace where hundreds of business owners from across the world launch their design contests. These are your earning opportunities. As a freelancer, use your skills to win as many contests as you possibly can with hard work and dedication.

Wrapping Up

Design contests are earning opportunities for freelance graphic designers. To win more contests, Mr Rahul Aggrawal, co-founder of Designhill, in the webinar suggests designers to take four steps. They should read the design brief carefully, check reference images / attachments, break down the description, and focus on quality. Also, take up one contest at a time.

Participate In Design Contests

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