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13 Inspiring Event Management Logo Designs

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design

Event Management

Last updated on December 10th, 2022

Event management is today a tool for marketing a business. It is no more about organizing an occasion for the sake of joy and celebration. Now, the management is more about the exposure of a brand in front of thousands of people who are potential customers. An event management logo, therefore, reflects the changed perception about organizing an occasion for businesses.

Event management sector has hundreds of small to big organizer companies in a city. They are responsible for professionally conducting an event to make it memorable. The organizers take care of every bit of details. Because of their professional approach, more and more businesses look forward to event management companies to conduct an occasion from business promotion angle.

Increasing number of businesses plan events as part of their marketing strategies. According to a survey, 80% of the successful businesses increase their live event budgets. This figure shows the significance of event management. The survey also reveals that 28% of the companies assign more than 20% of their marketing budget for events.

The budget allocation will only go up in the future. What is more, an overwhelming 80% of the marketers said that live events were critical to the success of their companies. Overall, this shows the influence of event management companies on the marketers.

Events have become a way to reach out to target customers. In B2B marketing, the importance of events is recognized even more. For example, most companies organize events to create a buzz about a newly launched product or service.

They position a brand properly during an event for lead generation. But event management companies also need to draw the attention of their potential clients. For this, they create visuals like logos, brochures etc to promote their business of organizing an event. Of all the visuals, a logo is the most seen symbol of a company.

A unique logo design of an event management company makes a good first impression on the prospects. Such logos are mostly simple designs. There are only one or two colors and fonts used to create an impressive logo that is an aesthetically appealing logo.

Here Are Some Event Management Logos That You Will Find Inspiring

01. Waters Edge Events

The client wanted a sleek, clean, and sophisticated event logo that looks elegant and chic. The company specializes in curating corporate and social events. It is a uniquely designed symbol for the company and it stands out due to its many square figures that appear to have some shape overall.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

02. Larosa

This company is in event planning and wedding decor. The company name Larosa means the rose, which is in the middle of the logo design. There are flowery designs also on the upper and lower end. In fact, the designer uses some classical elements of design to create an impression of happiness during an event.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

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03. International Kimberlite Conference

This logo was created for the 12th International Kimberlite Conference (12IKC) society. The society sought a logo for the 2021 conference that will be held in Yellowknife, Canada. The maple leaf, which is a Canadian symbol, finds the place in the center of the design in a prominent way. Black is the color of power and authority, reflecting the conference’s importance for spreading knowledge and research.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

04. Finishline

Finishline organizes events related to racing sports. That is the reason for black & White checkered flags in the event logo design. It conveys the message at first glance that the company is in the business of conducting the sports events. A chequered flag gives some vibrancy to the design. The designer used red sparingly to catch the viewer’s eye. Both red and black are powerful colors to show authority.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

05. Fair Thee Well

The Fair Thee Well event management logo looks professional and modern. It is a clean design that follows minimalistic principles. There are only a few elements in this design to express the company’s business. Such a beautiful design will look impressive also in your advertisements. Even if you create a flyer design and put such simple but elegant logos on it, you will make a desired impact on the audience.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]


06. Corporate Cup

The company wanted a logo for a corporate ski event it planned to hold at a 5-star resort in Norway. The designer created a bright and clean logo that featured a skiing concept. You can notice the skating figure in a movement from looking at the two thick curves and the skater’s action. It is surely a graphic design inspiration due to its brilliant use of color, letters, and action.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

07. MKG

MKG is one of the leading event management companies. It deals in concept and campaign development, interactive/tech integration, and experimental innovations. The letter K is designed in a deceptive style to give the company’s logo a unique and memorable look. Bright red with a pinkish hue color attracts the viewer to this logo. Such bright logos also enhance the look of a website.


So, if you created a professional website design for your business, make sure that your logo is also a unique design to make an impact on the viewers.

08. Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie organizes all types of events including large-scale corporate occasions and private affairs like a wedding. The company’s logo depends on the use of serif fonts. This type of font is usually incorporated in a design to give an impression of a formal and professional work environment. This font is quite common among wedding logos.


09. Matter Communication

Matter is a brand elevation agency that conducts social events to build public relations. The company helps businesses in launching content-rich communication campaigns.


Its logo is a letter based design that speaks about the company’s serious approach to organizing such events. The logo is surely an impressive work from a professional graphics designer who used red color to catch the viewer’s attention. Red is also a color for passion and energy.

10. Basset Events

Basset Events specializes in events such as professional meetings, site and hotel selection, and other negotiation related things. Given the nature of the events it organizes, the event management logo of the company is a powerful design.

Basset Events

It has only the company’s initial letter B in a conventional circular design. Look for graphic design jobs and services of the designers who are capable of creating such impressive logos

11. Nextera

The Nextra event management logo is surely a graphic design inspiration. It is in the shape of a crown, which is a classy design. The crown here becomes a symbol for the festivities involved in celebrating an occasion.


12. Debi Lilly

Debi Lilly is in the business of planning and styling events. It provides all the things like floral decoration, lighting, rentals, and even designs such as brochure design ideas to promote an occasion.

Debi Lilly

So, the logo has stylized letters and a woman figure. These elements give the design a classic touch.

13. Wonderland

The Wonder Land logo draws your attention because of its unique design. The designer made a brilliant use of colorful dots. We can say that despite multiple colors, this design looks impressive. The dots and multiple colors hint at the festivities associated with events and celebrations.


So, when you look for online graphic design services, search for the work samples of the designers. Pick a designer whose work is unique like the creative work that the designer of this logo did.

These are the inspirational event logo designs that you should take note of as a designer and business owner. Creating a perfect logo can be a good source to generate leads and sales as well. Make sure that your symbol of business is unique and impressive like the ones mentioned above.

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These inspirational designs are a remarkable example of how an event management logo should look like. The designers used fonts, colors, and every other element to send a desired brand message to the potential clients. Also, all of these logos follow minimalistic design principles.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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