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Dynamic Logos – Use Them to Depict Different Contexts

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

Dynamic logos

Last updated on November 22nd, 2017

Dynamic logos are the ones that can be used to depict different contexts. Just minor changes in their design is enough to make them suitable to a particular situation. While the basic logo design remains the same in color, lines, shapes and appearance but the logo seems to be doing something as per the demands of a new circumstance or situation which makes it a dynamic logo.

Here are some example of the dynamic logos.

Google logo is a glaring example of dynamic logo. We all have seen this logo changing its colors, lines of the letters and putting some action in the letters to suit a certain context. This helps the company to be one with an occasion in order to send a message to the users. So, for example, Google logo will be dressed adequately on a festive occasion like Christmas or some environment themes and games carnivals.

Similarly, French tire manufacturer Michelin’s Michelin Man logo is another famous example of dynamic logo design. This logo has a cartoon figure which can be presented in different contexts such as drinking, eating and playing sports. This helps the company in using the logo for promotion of its tires on various occasions. MTV logo also is a dynamic as the company has created varied images as per different occasion inside the letter M.

Coca-Cola logo is a dynamic logo. In fact, the logo has such ribbon lettering that the logo looks the same even in non-Roman scripts such as Arabic.

A business should opt for dynamic logos only when it needs a design that can be changed over time to suit different settings. Generally, the companies which find connecting with the people all the time opt for these types of logos. But that does not mean that these logos are a must for businesses. Static logos are equally successful in bringing the customers in larger numbers to businesses.

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