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Dynamic Logos – Use Them To Depict Different Contexts

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design

Dynamic Logos

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Logos are to some extent responsible for a company’s brand identity. People see logos and then they make an opinion about products or services delivered by the company. But dynamic logos serve companies even better. Such logos can evolve in different forms and styles, giving the marketers flexibility to make a range of impressions on the potential customers.

What Is A Dynamic Logo?

A dynamic logo is the one that has the ability to change its shape, color, and wording. Such a logo can recreate itself to suit to a particular context. Sometimes, the designer can simply use a few elements of the logo to make it appear different in a new light as per the requirements of the brand.

So, unlike usual logos, a dynamic logo design goes through the transformation in a big way. Generally, the official logo of the company is not used often. Instead, its dynamic versions are the ones frequently used for marketing purpose. There are in fact various components or variants of such a logo.

logo design

Therefore, we can say that dynamic logos are the business symbols that can be put to use to depict different contexts. All a graphic designer need to do is to make some minor changes in the logo design. That is enough to give the logo a new look as per the demands of a new situation.

So, the basic logo design remains the same in terms of appearance, shape, colors, and lines. But each time there is a need to depict a different situation, the logo changes itself in different styles, which makes it a dynamic logo.

Take for example the City of Melbourne Dynamic Logo. The company’s main logo design is in one green color with its shades visible. But that logo does not appear so frequently. Instead, its dynamic versions are used when the company introduces something new. You can see all those variants of the main logo here.

Here Are Some Example Of The Dynamic Logos

Google logo is a glaring example of a dynamic logo. We all have seen this logo changing its colors, lines of the letters and putting some action in the letters to suit a certain context. This helps the company to be one with an occasion in order to send a message to the users. So, for example, Google logo will be dressed adequately for a festive occasion like Christmas or some environment themes and games carnivals.

Similarly, French tire manufacturer Michelin’s Michelin Man logo is another famous example of dynamic logo design. This logo has a cartoon figure which can be presented in different contexts such as drinking, eating, and playing sports. This helps the company in using the logo for promotion of its tires on various occasions. MTV logo also is dynamic as the company has created varied images as per different occasion inside the letter M.

Coca-Cola logo is a dynamic logo. In fact, the logo has such ribbon lettering that the logo looks the same even in non-Roman scripts such as Arabic.

Who Should Opt For A Dynamic Logo?

While every company has a logo to represent its business in its niche market, not all of them have a dynamic logo. So, who are the businesses that should have dynamic logos? Generally, the companies that need to reach an audience should opt for dynamic logos. If a company has to come out with different services more often, its logo can be tweaked a bit for a new occasion.

Dynamic Logos

For example, Google frequently changes the shape, colors, and fonts of its logo to use it for expressing the importance of a particular occasion. By shaping up the logo in the elements of the occasion, Google highlights the presence of an occasion for the people. So, find out if your business logo needs such frequent changes in its appearance.

Tips For Designing A Dynamic Logo

01. Research The Organization’s Goals

You must be sure of your client’s goals of the business. That will help a graphic designer in picking the right elements that are responsible for conveying a brand message. The research will also enable a designer to develop a series of graphic design solutions for the client.

Dynamic Logo

A better understanding of the target customers will be useful in creating a logo that can be stretched to its limit. This way, a dynamic logo can be applied to animation, signage design, products, architecture, and more.

02. Simplify Your Design

It is important that your dynamic logo is a simple design. Remember that simplicity is the key to design a logo for branding. Consider a few elements of color, typeface etc. You can then mold a simple logo into any form to create its many version as per the demand of the situation.

graphic designs

A simple logo design will add value to your other marketing materials and their designs. For example, the logo will enhance the attraction of your business card design. The logo becomes part of the card design and other graphic designs that your company needs for business promotion.

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03. Know The Message

Focus on the brand message that the client wants to deliver to the customers. That is important to know. When people see a dynamic logo, they should be getting the right signals from the logo and business. Each of the logo variants should also be conveying the message. So, incorporate those colors that evoke an intended emotion, which translates into your brand message.

dynamic logo

04. Consider Core Logo

When creating the variants of your logo, make sure that they all look like they are from the same family. At the same time, they should not look identical. So, do not try to create a new logo when designing the variants.

company logo

People should immediately recognize the main company logo when they see the variants. That is actually the whole purpose of creating other versions of the same logo.


05. Make The Logo Versatile

A dynamic logo will appear on various marketing materials. So, a company can create a memorable advertisement design for its marketing campaign. The dynamic logo and its variants should all sync with all the graphic designs of the company.

The logo must be scalable, which implies that it should not lose its proportion when scaled up to big size advertisements such as billboards. It should also be clearly visible with details when printed on small promotional products.

dynamic logo design

Moreover, a dynamic logo design should be able to make an impact also in its colorless version. It must appear impressive in black and white versions. Sometimes, the designer wants to deliberately create a black and white version of the original logo.

06. Make Sure It Looks Good On Website

When creating a logo, think of your client’s website as well. Most of the businesses are online today. So, it is understood that the logo will surely appear at the top of the website and its several web pages.

Website design

However, not all the logos appear impressive and gels well with website design. This means that when placed on the web pages, the logo should not look out of place. If you want to promote a particular product, service or an event, its logo should still look great on the same website. So, test the logo so that it fulfills the website requirement.

These are some key features of a dynamic logo design. If you can perfect the art of creating such logos, there is nothing more impressive than these logos.

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A dynamic logo is a design that can be tweaked frequently and recreated to some extent as per the requirement of a new situation. These logos look impressive in their different variants and add value to brands.

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